Japanese Tiger, Heavy Tank N6

In all the sources ive found i just cant find the Japanese Tiger having the hull launchers seen ingame actually on the tank, could Gaijin share their source because from what i see youre just unfairly nerfing the tank with something it did not have??

Now this is a VERY simple fix that you could do immediatelly so i hope you can fix this Gaijin, and onto the second topic of the tank, return it to the store as a pack premium for 30 Euros, the marketplace is a stupid idea for this tank as its price is overly inflated, Japanese premiums should not be marketplace exclusives, you released this tank as a pack premium back in 2016 so you can revert it to being one as well, and this would be a positive change so more people can actually get it instead of spending 100 bucks on the marketplace.


also the tank in the picture is the 250055, not 250455.

At the end of the post I attached photos of what might be the Japanese Tiger, namely Tiger 323 or 314, only problem is I cannot find any more information on those two tanks.


With just this its still clear it did not have the launchers on the hull, artifically nerfing a vehicle for no reason other than it being Japanese, unofrtunatelly Gaijin hates the Japanese thats why they keep getting forgotten, we still dont have Japans domestic heavy tanks that were made, or their other medium and light tanks that were made.

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It’s probably just laziness, they heard Japan bought a Tiger in 1943 and mixed the early hull with the late turret to create a “mid-producton” Tiger.

Why it doesn’t have APCR and smoke grenades is another reason.

It would be nice if they made it more accurate. I get that the tank is semi-fictional in-game, given it’s suppose to represent the hypothetical if it was ever actually sent to Japan (hence the 6th Tank Regiment camouflage); but most of it still doesn’t make sense in that context. S-mine launchers weren’t purchased along with the Tiger or any of the other German tanks and Japan didn’t have a stock of S-mine launchers to draw from. Though, being fair, the usage of track armour is equally fictitious in this regard since the Japanese never used any add-on armour in general.

Look at the actual pictures of the Heavy No 6 Tiger there’s several and all of them show it.

Pictures for the tank shows it didn’t have em however it did have a mounted MG-34 during trials.

This one?


You’d be right if this was the one they bought but it ain’t. The 055 seen on the hull are the last three digits of it’s serial number, the Japanese Tiger was 455. This tank, 250055 was inspected by Japanese officers and that’s it.

Screenshot 2022-12-09 at 19-16-38 reading-between-the-lines-the-tiger-i-tank-purchased-by-japan.pdf

Screenshot 2022-07-30 at 22-38-50 reading-between-the-lines-the-tiger-i-tank-purchased-by-japan.pdf

A late August -September Sd.Kfz.268 (Command Tiger 1) looked like this:


As for the whole MG thing, it doesn’t matter if it had them mounted or not, the total cost covered them

Screenshot 2022-07-30 at 22-25-59 reading-between-the-lines-the-tiger-i-tank-purchased-by-japan.pdf

And the original receipt


I don’t think it’s wild to assume it would have had it’s traversable grenade launcher given the use of the Late turret, the main problem is there are no photos of it or any other kind of information during and after it’s use by the SS Pz.Abt 101.

There may be a photo of the tank on a train next to the Panther that was also bought by Japan but I have not had any luck finding it, that and finding all this info about the Japanese Tiger sucked all the energy out of me.


Fair enough the commitment is still never the less very high.

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Still no hull launchers, where the hell is Gaijin getting their sources from? Id like an actual dev to answer this now ngl, they could fix this issue in like a day tops.

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Same place where they got that the Stug III is only 30 mm frontally, the VK 30.02 (M) is only 60 mm frontally, or that the Heinkel He 111 H-16 used the same external bomb rack as an H-11…their imagination. The funny part is that this vehicle receives launchers when it certainly should not, but then other vehicles that definitely should, do not receive them


Also this has been passed ago now, yet they still havent fixed it??

Yeah no, the No.6 was still the property of Japan during the fighting in France.

I’ll double down and say we should also get the M4A2 knocked out by Second Lieut. Michio Otani on Iwo Jima.


alright i guess screw the people who like collecting vehicles in this game then right? considering it did exist just that what it did and what happened to it is unknown.


It was forwarded as a suggestion a year ago.

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Still waiting on the Panther they bought and Panzer III to be in the premium side or regular tree.


Considering japan has a disgustingly low amount of premiums alone for being one of the oldest TTs 💀 Yeah, Gaijin needs to do like a 12 vehicle update for Japan ground, and same for Israel. Its embarrassing tbh

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Haha silly kuuuuki, another Sherman for the french tree

I mean, if it helps them then why not not lol

There’s a few more German vehicles as well. For Japan.