Japanese Suffering

Not debating the Type 99 Mod 2 is bad, its one of my favourite cannons to use, I know that thing like the back of my hand honestly. But a Mk5 hispano is much better, its same as the AN/M3 cannons on late war US planes, just feels much more potent to use. The low RoF on the Type 99s let them down a bit, especially when you get to top tier props. (still prefer them over the Ho-5 though)

Yeah, I didn’t enjoy spading the late Ki-61s. they just felt too slow and awkward to use. though Ironically I did enjoy the Ki-61-I-Hei, with the MG151s. that one I just felt worked well for me. Is it 4.7 material? highly debatable, but probably not.

Yeah its awful. Turns about as well as an F104, but isn’t even fast. The guns make up for it if you can get nose on, but getting nose on in the first place is the impossible bit. I was glad when I had finished with it

Ki-43-III is actually one of my favourites, I think its fine at 4.0, its so light that the low engine performance doesn’t really matter, and the only things it doesn’t out turn are literally just biplanes. 2x 250kg bombs make it stupid strong in GRB too.

Well, yeah. I was sort of discounting people who were literally just bad, and assuming that you were playing against people who at least know what a zero is and what it does.

I really like that feature, means you don’t waste all your ammo at once. Later Type 99 variants had higher RoF, but we don’t get them in-game. I never struggle with doing damage with them.
Ho-5s just don’t do enough damage AND they eat through ammo like crazy, worst of both worlds.

I never felt like the Ki-61-I Otsu with the 4x12.7s had any issues with firepower, so going for the 4.3 and 4.7 variants makes no sense to me. I think I spaded them both? But that was probably in Sim EC.

That’s the thing, doesn’t matter how good your guns are if you have what is possibly the worst flight model in the game.

Much like a Zero, you’re still preying on people who have no idea what you can really do. It’s still 2.7 flight performance at 4.0. It used to have the same engine as the Ki-100.

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The Japanese would suffer less if we had bushes for the zero.

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Bushes on a Zero would make it too op, they’re so slow most players would confuse them for floating scenery.

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I rather have a Katana

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