Japanese Suffering

What prompted this? What bout of insanity made the team behind BRs decide this is a good idea? Yet more Japanese suffering because people keep trying to turn fight at low altitude…this plane is not amazing, it has a sub 1000HP engine and its performance worsens with altitude, and the guns are just alright, so WHY THIS CHANGE? If anything moving it DOWN would be a good move.




Unironically this is going to keep happening since Gaijin thinks Zeros are some sort of Wunderwaffen…


So, I don’t know if Japanese suffering is the right title for this, giving how powerful it is at high BR. This is a common trend in the lesser played nations, France, GB, Italy, Japan for example. The thing is. It isn’t that bad. It has a 16 second turn time (spaded), as cited here. I’m not sure about this, but if it is truly pushing under 1000HP in game, it’s inaccurate. As cited on this Wikipedia page, it has 1,115 BHP, or just about 1,100 HP (The NK1F Sakae 21). The cannons are mediocre, as you said, and even though I don’t have the stats for penetration, if you play it conservatively, the 400 rounds in it will be fine to take down planes. I don’t think this will be that big of a deal for the performance of the players, but I agree, it shouldn’t have been moved up.

Its only good because people keep feeding it kills, basic tactics such as NOT TURN FIGHTING THE ZERO have been lost to people…also youre trusting the war thunder wiki?? Those are numbers on paper, not ingame performance, the Jagdtiger says it can go like 45 km/h, does it actually realistically reach that? No.


Because people only turn fight. This meams that good turn fighters go up while energy fighters go down


Me when any American plane could make this things WR go to 10% if they just Boom and Zoom…


Are you telling me that the p47 and p51 shouldnt turn fight zeros?

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Absolutely no. Use power of western engines

Yeah, it is only good because of that. Now, thats the problem. People don’t play against it very well.That is the reason why I said this is a common trend with these lesser played nations because good players play them, or usually get higher KD in them because people don’t know how to play them. Also, I’m not talking about speed. I’m talking about turning rate. It would be way easier to show If I had it, but I don’t, so I can’t prove it. But lets say it doesn’t have that good of a turning rate. It out-turns every fighter at it’s tier, so it doesn’t get rid of the dominance of it in turn fights. Again, war thunder goes off of stats of players, not the actual vehicle specifications, being a reason this game is so unbalanced. Not saying it should have been moved up.


Majority of the Japanese mains are skilled players since many of us suffered yet learned through out the years. We can make a bad plane look soo good which explains why many Japanese planes are soooo overtiered. We just that dangerous players. That is why many of us are puzzled when we hear others complain about US or Germany are suffering. They don’t know what true suffering is and refuse to learn most of the time.

J2M5 4.7 to 5.0
A6M5 Ko 5.0 to 5.3
J2M2 4.7 to 5.0
J6K1 6.3 to 6.7 (will Fight more jets, it ain’t even that fast)💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀

meanwhile the others
4 of the P-51Ds 4.3 to 4.0
F4U-4 4.7 to 4.3

J2M2 was rightfully uptiered.

J6K1 is annoying af and I’m glad it was uptiered, the guns are insanely annoying to fight against.



I mean if you play top tier ground for Japan, it is NOT suffering.

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The like 3 top tier vehicles…riiiiiiiiiightt…

Yes, it is cherry picking, and I agree, your lower BR ranges involve massive amounts of suffering. i think the post could be made about the broader topic of how unbalanced the BR system is because of how they decide to balance it. Just saying.

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About what? Use your words. It’s a forum.

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J6K1 has 6 20mm’s, 2 13mm’s. Even if it faces jet the damn thing is a do not engage it to head, you will die.

top tier japan is fine for the most part.

its everywhere else where it starts getting stupid.

the A6M5 Ko specifically is not very good at 5.0. The only thing it can do at that BR is turn, every other plane it faces leaves it in the dust for climb rate.

It is still very strong in GRB, mainly because of that low altitude turn rate and the fact GRB forces everyone down low.

however in ARB its hopeless at 5.0, it cannot keep up with the planes it fights in that BR range. you are stuck playing catch up and its incredibly easy to just energy trap it because it cannot hope to catch up in a climb or a dive, so if you are doing it right the Zero player is stuck with nothing he can do except dodge to avoid your booms, while draining all the remaining energy he has, until you eventually get a hit in.

at 5.3 that’ll become even worse. the only way the Zero will get kills is because people literally give it kills by willingly dumping all their energy and turn fighting it. and thats the entire problem, people do that ALL THE TIME. Sure its great for the Zero pilot that those players do it, but why is it fair that they then get all their BRs raised because of it? people on a regular basis willingly choose to fight a zero and use its biggest and quite frankly only strength, despite it being a VERY WELL KNOWN FACT, and then decide the Zero is OP?

meanwhile P51s that eat the Zero for breakfast when played with even a tiny hint of intelligence are going down to 4.0 lol.

A6M5 ko is my favourite plane, I stopped playing it in ARB when it went from 4.7 to 5.0, and now will have to stop playing it in GRB as well since at 5.3 I can’t really make a decent lineup that includes it anymore.

side note: the ko has 250 rounds of cannon, not 400. 125 per gun.
Side side note: the A6M3 mod 22ko, which is so much worse in every respect to the entire A6M5 series it isn’t even funny, is also 5.0. Its significantly slower, and significantly worse in a roll, but its also 5.0 for some bonkers reason, it shouldn’t be above 4.3.


Gj is to stupid to program the japanese correctly…