Japanese F-14A - An alternate outcome of the 3rd F-X Program

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In the 1970s Japan began the 3rd series of the F-X program as they were seeking a future replacement for the F-104/DJ as well as some of the older F-4EJs.

The aircraft that the Japanese would survey (originally 13 but soon narrowed to 7) were the McDonnell Douglas F-15C/D (which would ultimately be chosen), General Dynamics’ YF-16 , Northrop’s YF-17 , Dassault’s Mirage F1 , the Saab 37 Vigen , the Panavia Tornado ADV, and finally the Grumman F-14.

An investigation team from Japan would test the F-14, it was noted by Keiichi Ito, Director-General of the Defense Agency that the team “investigated it in exactly the same way as F16 and F15”. They also flew with the Phoenix missile system on board though it was not launched.
it was noted that there were very few issues with the engine reliability but that “the U.S. Navy has said that they would like to improve this a little more.”

The Ultimate Decision:
In the end the F-14 and the F-15 were the final contestants, the Japanese felt that both planes were equal in terms of performance and avionics, but the F-15 was considered to have an advantage in climbing power, acceleration, and dogfighting ability, it was also considered to be more cost effective.

A Last Minute Gamble:
To that end the F-15 was destined to be chosen however in an last minute attempt to turn the tide Grumman and Donnell Douglas would have a have a final sales campaign in relation to a ongoing flight demonstration with USAF F-15s vs USN F-14s.
One of the F-14s was piloted by Joe “Hoser” Satrapa, a legendary pilot in the US Navy, he would manage to “shoot down” two F-15s via gun kill.
A photo of the incident would be sent to Grumman, supposedly this convinced the Japanese to give another look at the F-14 however by then the Japanese had already made a contract for 21 F-15s.


Type: Carrier-based air superiority fighter.
Crew: Pilot and Radar Intercept Officer
Powerplant: Two Pratt & Whitney TF30-P-412A or 414A engines of 20,900 lb. static thrust each
Length: 62 ft., 8 in.
Height: 16 ft.
Span (max spread): 64 ft., 1 in.
Span (fully swept): 48 ft., 2 in.
Span (overswept): 33 ft. 3 in.
Wing Area: 565 sq. ft.
Empty: 40,100 lb.
Gross: 74,349 lb.
Max Speed: 1,544 mph
Climb Rate: 30,000 ft./min.
Ceiling: 55,000 ft.
Range: 2,400 miles
M-61 20mm cannon; four AIM-7 Sparrow, four AIM-9 Sidewinder, or six AIM-54 Phoenix and two AIM-9 air-to-air missiles.


japanese tomcat





第3章 当面の諸問題


Legendary F-14 pilot Joe “Hoser” Satrapa tells the story of the gun kill on an F-15 that almost sold Tomcats to Japan

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Giving an F-14A to Japan would be great for enriching Japan’s top tier aircraft lineup.
It would give a plane with a completely different playstyle compared to the F-15J and F-16AJ and can even go in a different air tree line as the mentioned two other top tier craft take up two lines.
The interceptor/attacker lines ending with the Ki-83 and R2Y2 V3 at Battle Ratings 6.0 and 8.0 respectively could use a top tier craft that fits their niche and I believe the F-14A will do just that.


that’s just a camouflage. Also they do not own any


Thats not the point of the Suggestion.

True, but tested one.

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No, -1


Seeing as either Gaijin or Smin stated that other SEA Nation aircraft are now fair-game as additions for Japan, we really don’t need this.

Had Gaijin denied any sort of sub trees or sub nation vehicles for Japan, then maybe I could justify it. But seeing as that’s not the case, hard no from me


Sure why not I’ll give it a +1 but only as a squadron or event vehicle

I rarely disagree with some vehicles being added, especially for minor countries, but this is pulling the wires a little too much. While interesting (and technically meeting addition requirements), I’d have to say no.



Has more historical reason to be here than F-16AJ, but I don’t think it’s needed if Japan gets one or maybe even multiple SEA country subtrees.
It’s also basically an unmodified F-14A, so it’s not really an interesting addition like the F-16AJ could’ve been if it was implemented correctly.

Maybe as it could work as a rare event vehicle, being a “unique” airframe for the tree that might be interesting to buy/unlock, that wouldn’t really take away from the tree.

So +1, but a reluctant one heavily influenced by my personal bias of wanting to have an F-14 in F-2 camo.


As much as I love the F-14, I do not see its addition to Japan necessary at all. To me, this is stretching historical accuracy a bit too far and just dilutes the tree rather than add to it.


Same. Since additional contents or subtrees are confirmed there isnt a need.


-1 no just no, why even suggest this unless it is as a joke


Japan has already been blessed with F-16s…. Now it seems that the ridiculous German craze of demanding to have everything is spreading among Japanese players as well. These are indecent suggestions. You already have several models of F-15s and in the future, the F-2. Be satisfied with what you have, as you are already full of paper tanks and planes while other nations have been waiting in vain for years for equipment regularly used by their armed forces.


that could have been an early F-2, a plane that Japan owned.

We’ll have two F-15s in the future (one currently) with the 2nd likely coming next update with Fox-3s

Paper tanks and planes that were/are needed to make Japan not as empty? Sure Japan could do without the Ho-Ri Production and the V2 and 3 variants of the R2Y2 because they now have plenty of options that those BRs and Ranks, but what about top tier? Thailand can offer another Gripen which is definitely nice but that’s about it unless you wanna add another F-5 for Rank 7.

Edit: To add, there are nations like the Royal Malaysian Air Force which have planes like the F/A-18 Hornet (it’s a D variant so idk how that factors in balance wise), Su-30 (Russia still has Su-27s so like the Hornet idk), and the BAE Hawk (this plane seems quite good and would give Japan a great CAS option).

I won’t lie, that’s pretty much half my main inspiration for making this, I know this would be controversial to suggest but I really do think the camo potential makes it all worthwhile.

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Well, we are in the hypothetical of the hypothetical. ‘If my grandmother had wheels, she would have been a wheelbarrow.’……It could have been an F-2, but that’s not what happened.

Two F-15s are not insignificant, quite the opposite.

All the fanciful ideas about Japan and Germany need to be removed.

If there are gaps in the tech tree, it depends on the history of a nation; it’s a fact that needs to be accepted.

You’ve already been given the SEA countries, go through those.


One F-16AJ not enough? Straight no -1.


Even the camouflage in that picture has nothing to do with JASDF.


I am ok with copy and paste and also with this being in game but i think we should add the Mitsubishi F-2 first. Japan top tier air is so copy paste that you may as well play as china instead as at least low tier is not torture

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Though shall not interpret the VF-111 (sundowners) camo as a rising sun.
-1 just for that


It wasn’t my intention to do that, I just couldn’t find any photos of anything related to the aircraft that was tested. Didn’t think it would be right to use fanart or photos of models either so I just went with that photo, sorry about that.