Japan and Italy have the worst premium tanks at BR 9.3; at the very least, they should be 8.0

I already have top tier in the United Kingdom, Russia, and Israel, and I can affirm that Japan is the worst nation to grind, mainly due to the horrible and extremely expensive premium vehicles.

The Type 16 should be at 8.0; it’s a completely nerfed tank with an incredibly long reload time, only having mobility and nothing else. Most of the time, it’s a one-shot when detected, meaning you have to play twice as much to reach the top tier.

Type 16 (FPS) and VRCC are the worst and shouldn’t be at 9.3; they are light tanks and can be destroyed by anything! My inclination is to ask for a refund for the Type 16 because it’s a terrible tank, but Gaijin doesn’t offer refunds, right?

Well, that doesn’t matter; my goal is the TKX, but because of this tank having a poor APFDS of only 292mm, while HEAT has 400mm, it significantly slows down my grind. You know what’s funny? The VRCC’s APFDS is also 292mm, it’s like a “Ctrl+C” and “Ctrl+V”. Anything at BR 9.3 is better than these tanks.

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The italian (and Japan too i think) TT requires some serious skills (i’m not saying that you have not). To play these TT you have to chage your playstyle. Focus more on flanking and the 292 mm are enough to kill some tanks on the side. Or aim to the weak spot of the enemy tank (turret ring on abrams, front lower plate russian ecc…).

That said, yes, I agree with you. Compared to other premium veichles the type 16 and the VRCC are the worst

These vehicles are absolutely still viable at their BRs, though it would be nice if M735 got reverted back to previous performance.

Italy and Japan need MBT premium on par with other nations top tier premiums (Abrams, Challenger 2, 2A4).
Some Ariete and Type 90 variants would be nice, even if C&P.


The VRCC has DM33 rounds which get 408mm of penetration, which is pretty good for 9.7.

You just don’t know how to play light tanks yet. You have to use maps to get kills, know hiding spots you can sit and wait for players. don’t play them like a MBT cause you’re just going to die.

I don’t have the VRCC but I do have the Centauro 105R which is pretty much the same thing and Its a pretty great tank.
For the Type 16, I cant say much about it cause I don’t have it cause I main Italy.


Unfortunately Italy has nothing more to give for a new tank, except for the Leonardo M60A3 which could be a fantastic premium vehicle around 10.3/10.7 BR. IDK if Hungary has something to add as premium

Look at other nations top tier premiums. Cover Ariete with a camo net and call it a day.

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you right


STC-1 would be nice


As a bonus, it can present the actual horrendous performance of arietes. If the WR didnt collapse the average KD can still speak something.

Here it is. our new shiny premium.

and this is the low quality one

Camo nets wont work since we just shoot anywhere and it explodes violently

There is also this variant:

Would be a bit different + can also have some decorations like camo net.

super low effort to do, i like it