J-7D gets its PL-8's

A few months ago i made a post saying the j-7d in the chinese air tech tree(and the j-7e) should get its pl-8 or the j-7d should move down to 10.7.The j-7e is way better than the j-7d because the j-7e had good mobility and good dogfighting technology while the j-7d has none of that. And the j-7e is technically free while the j-7d is not. Now don’t get me wrong the pl-5b is great i love the missile, but i feel like the j-7d needs its actual armament. Now this might bring the j-7d up to 11.3 but i think this is reasonable because the New Bison in 12.0. The bison gets r-77 and it’s 12.0( i know its the dev server but we will see i guess). If the Bison is 12.0 in the final game this means the j-7d can fight the bison despite the bison literally having r-77. I think the j-7d suffers in terms of dogfighting(in armament its mid) but i feel like it needs better armament



No thanks.

It would be 11.3 and makes painful even more,

J-7D is a fighter bomber variant and its missing most of its payload, +1

The new bison is literally 12.0 lmao. They could atleast reduce the br lol

Which has decent SARH missiles and one of best IR missiles in the game.

Which is why the j-7d shoud get it’s actual armament.

Giving x4 PL-8 basically means it would gets higher BR and face against some ARH carriers.

There is already a Kfir C.7 sitting at 11.3BR for the Python 3, but even if the J-7D had it, it would never function as a decent counterpart because of flight models.

PL-8 is needed for J-7E rather than J-7D.

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So what you are saying is the j-7e that is completely free should get good missiles while the j-7d which is not shouldn’t wtf are u even saying dude

And if we are talking about flight models the f-4s is way less agile even with its modificatons and there is about to be an f-4 at 12.7.

I love balancing vehicles based on whether you pay real money for them or not!

And guess what!

J-7E never fitted PL-8, J-7D did

I’m pretty sure the J-7D would be able to sit at 11.0 with PL-8 just fine, idk what the issue PL-8 is, rear aspect, no irccm. Its fast, about it.

The current J-7E is the best aircraft at 11.0BR and is far better than the other 11.0BR jets, so it needs to be 11.3BR. However, the current loadout (x4 PL-5B) will of course be unplayable once moved to 11.3BR, so it must get a PL-8.

There is a big difference between J-7D and J-7E FMs, and since in most cases moving to a higher BR when receiving a better missile is happening, it becomes inevitable that J-7D will move to 11.3BR when receiving PL-8, which would be the worst 11.3BR plane.

Yes but what NestleKitKat is saying is stupid. The j-7d and j-7e have the same armament but only one of the planes should get the armament like bro what???. That’s like removing the aim-7 from the f-4e because the f-4s has its agile modification.

and apparently the j-7e never had the pl-8 lmao

It can’t, never mounted.

Also i wouldn’t call J-7E best 11.0, there’s aircraft that are better than it.

Why would it? Kurnass gets 6 Python 3 at 11.3, Kfir C.7 gets 4 Python 3s at 11.3, and it has a superior FM to the J-7D, especially since the J-7D is a normal Delta.

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Prove it.

I guess that’s J-7E

Most 11.0 aircraft still have rear aspect missiles and although the MiG-21bis has the R-60M it is the worst all aspect missile in the game. The Python-3/PL-8 performance is far better than the R-60M, and as long as the MiG-21bis is sitting at 11.0 BR for good reason, the BR will go up when the J-7D receives the PL-8.

BTW, I have a J-7D and think it is not the best, but not the worst premium either.
I bought it on pre-order and sometimes I still play it, but at least it is totally fine in the ARB game.
Apparently the OP is complaining in forum because he decided to abandon learning to play Jet RB and spam J-7D to skip the grind to Flanker.

As always, a rank 7 premium grinder moment 💀

I have multiple books that prove so.

Most 11.0-11.3 premiums have all aspects. J7D is stuck with rear aspect, and with it only having rear aspect PL-8 wouldn’t change much, as you would still have to use the same strategy.

PL-8 that we have in game doesnt have irccm so personally i think it would be fine.

Ok pls i woukd like u to tell me the most of the planes at 11.0 that have only rear aspect missiles.

Bro the PL-8 aint even that good its literally just an aim-9l with better features you can still flare that shit. It’s not even a radar missile for christ sake. The only reason i wanted the j-7d to have was because it was all aspect.