"It's time to update the simulator battles."

Hello everyone, I want to get straight to the point with this. It turns out that since the arrival of new TOP TIER aircraft, the simulator has been quite affected because the simulator is becoming very outdated, boring, and quite ugly. The main problems are: very small maps, little and low interaction with mission objectives, they are boring and outdated. Additionally, they do not take into account the need for space and reaction time to better organize before taking off. We no longer want to take off directly from the runway; we want starting points from the hangars, have a TAXI, have runway collisions to encourage learning in the simulator. We are playing realistically but in the first person; we want it to have new mechanics to feel like a simulator. The reconnaissance planes are often F84 flying at 1600 kilometers per hour, so what’s happening? You have drones in the game that can easily be used in the simulator as reconnaissance planes. You could make ground targets always remain until completely eliminated, not disappear after a certain time. It is disrespectful to those of us who have dedicated years and money. At the very least, they should try to deliver something better. The game has good mechanics that they are not taking advantage of. Laser-guided weapons are severely limited, and so are radars. It is stressful and boring to enter and see a bunch of Su 27 or F 15 camping the base when the mission just started. This can be corrected with large maps, respawn points from the hangars, ground collisions, having a taxi before reaching the runway. The problem of large maps can be addressed with an AWACS and tanker aircraft. How difficult is it to use simple things for significant changes?


Totally agree with everything said, made this thread a while ago, I need to update it at some point:


I completely agree with you, I would even add certain other aspects that would make the mode even more immersive.
. possibility to spawn with helicopters
. high value ground area/target defends by effective air defenses
. scalable maps (ability to capture airfields and bases on the map)