It's time to stop trying to add flare resistance to missiles

I realize that missiles IRL have flare resistance, and that’s fine, but I don’t think I am alone when I say I don’t want to see it in the game. At all. Ever.

Aim-9Ms are a total joke and basically equivalent to a death sentence. It honestly takes all the enjoyment out of the game when I can missile someone and no matter how many flares they drop or how low they set their engine, it slams them anyway. And it’s obviously even less fun on the receiving end.

Gaijin has proven time and time again that they are completely willing to throw all sense of historical accuracy out the window for their own “balance purposes”, which are often counter to what the community actually wants. I think now it’s time for Gaijiin to throw historical accuracy out the window for something the community does want, which is a fair experience that doesn’t always end in favor of whoever has the better missile and launches it first. Every weapon system in the game should absolutely, unequivocally be counterable to someone who is aware and knows it is being fired at them. This is a consistent problem for lower BR planes that are not equipped with flares that are constantly being put in matches vs 30G all aspect missiles.

Flares and countermeasures should absolutely be effective and available against any IR missile and any form of non-pulse doppler radar (for chaff) regardless of historical accuracy.

Personally, I will not be spending another dime on this game until this is resolved. It’s unacceptable and takes the enjoyment and any remaining semblance of skill at top tier (lol) out of the game.

I expect better, Gaijin. You’ve been at this too long to continue making these silly and obvious mistakes.


No…just learn what to do to dodge them or not get locked (called pre flaring) I got 9M’s plenty of people dodge them they still have to be clueless and from all the Vipers I see Im sure Im dodging my fair share

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Hard pass lol. With 16v16 as a thing, it’s pretty much impossible to predict every missile that’s going to come your way. This is something that plenty of streamers and respected community members have already addressed.

I realize you may enjoy intentionally downplaying the effectiveness of these new high-end weapon systems so as to have an easy advantage for longer, but I’d rather everyone be able to have a good time with reasonable chances, not just those of us who have put enough time or money into the game to get the high-end stuff.

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Classic “you dont agree with me so you must be a bad person”

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In a dogfight, 9Ms are laughably easy to evade. See them coming, they’re laughably easy to evade. The issue is seeing them coming, which could be resolved with MAWS being implemented. The smokeless crap is the real issue. Apparently it shows you a diamond in RB, but I ain’t seeing it.

And in sim it is just horrible. But flare resistance wise, it’s fine of you just learn to evade it.

I’ve flared most of the 9Ms thrown at me so far.
Partially cause I’m off afterburner when I’m passing people.
And at the end of the day, if I want a break from IRCCM missiles I drop a BR.

I hope your experience improves, Pyrrhic, as it sounds like it’s been stressful.

Yeah, that’s fair, I did assume this person’s intentions and it was wrong to do so.

However, I still maintain my point, which is that we should not be downplaying the addition of flare resistance to these missiles. As others have pointed out, these missiles can be dodged which keeps the flare resistance from being an immediate and huge issue. However, I believe we are quickly heading toward a future where the average top-tier missile won’t be flareable or dodgeable, and I don’t see this as being healthy for the game at all.

I firmly believe that in the interest of balance and game enjoyability IR missiles should be very easy to shrug off if you know they are coming. I don’t see how 16v16 could ever lend itself to the opposite.

Have you never died to a missile you knew was coming and yet could do nothing about? Does that ever feel good?

Every now and then it happens. Most time, I die because I dont know it is coming. I would aslo wait until the next update or two. I know that it sucks but this is how gaijin likes to run things. They make the shiny new toys really good then they nerf them into the ground. Aim9L used to be very good against flares but now they love to chase flares.
I know some modern jets have auto-flaring which could help a lot. And some modern flares burn at the same temp as your afterburner which would help fool the temp sensors. Maybe make a suggestion and we can hope they get added.

good luck dodging them when mig-29SMT has 60 Countermeasures, you take flare chaff mix each press fires 4 CMs. 15 Pops total. impossible to dodge even 9Ms or even 9Ls from 1 F-16. Gaijin should have given it its 56 additional 56 CMs it has IRL.

That’s a good point regarding how Gaijin typically operates. I think what worries me most is that they’ve been trying to add these things for a long time and keep having to remove them because it honestly just isn’t fun to play with. I’m worried that eventually, they’ll give up and just add it however they want to “damn the consequences” style and we’ll end up with an even more unplayable top tier. I’d really like to avoid that eventuality and find something that’s a bit more fair and balanced.

I think we won’t need to worry about missiles that’ll break the game for a long while.
9Ms at least are still flare-able.

I’m done, didn’t log in for a few days, decided to play some mig 21 bis. Nothing but uptiers against jets I stand NO chance against. fkn done. over it.

You don’t really need chaff at that tier 90% of the time. Everyone’s going to be running PD RADAR with PD missiles, so no matter how much chaff you drop you aren’t going to spoof anything. The only exception is if you’re notching someone so they switch to non-PD mode, but frankly most players aren’t smart enough to do that (Even then, ground hugging will throw off their RADAR if you’re low enough).

That is a valid concern. However, gaijin has shown that they are more than willing to nerf/buff things if need be. Reload rates on tanks are a great example of this.

With the super modern stuff, it becomes much easier to balance in a way. This is because the more info on something is classified, the more they can customize the stats due to there being no legal way of getting the true info.

PD radars even the one on F-16C can be fooled with chaff when going cold.

Then stop rush to mid map without thinking maybe?

That’s called L2P advice,…

But 16vs16 allows players to get away from making this game a 32 player Furball fight in mid map,…

Learn to do more BVR fights
Learn to spread on map
Learn to not be the focused dumb spearhead

Tell that to the Leclerc lol
Jokes aside, you are right. Only time will tell.

I intentionally look for people who aren’t using chaff at top tier because they’re an easy kill with an aim-7 every time lol.

You’re right, you don’t need chaff most of the time. But I love it when people take that advice to heart lol

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Reload is the only example of nerf/buffing outside of BRs.
IR resistance isn’t a soft stat like reloads, it’s treated like all the other hard stats.

Could you expand on what you mean here? Are you saying IR resistance is basically just an “on / off” kind of thing, versus something much more variable like reloading rates that can be adjusted on a more granular scale?