It's time to stop trying to add flare resistance to missiles

For the aim-9L this is the case , they made it very flare resistant without changing any parameters this patch. For stuff like 9M and R-73 it is detailed flare resistance, with actual mechanics behind it.

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I’m saying that the only way IR resistance has changed is due to historical reports, either internal via staff or external via the dedicated website.
That and trying to get it just right in the code to get it as close to the source material they have on hand.

Ahh, I get it now. Thanks for clarifying :)
I hope they start to treat it as more of a soft stat. I really don’t look forward to what top-tier will be like once AAMRAMS and 9-Xs make it into the game.

9X will probably not make it into the game for a very long time. Same for the latest variants of R-73. They would be undodgeable if within range.

In the case of AMRAAMs, they’re always defeatable until late Cs, I forget where it starts in the 5 - 7 numbers.
I can’t speak for 9X Block 1 as I know little about it.

Or you can just dodge them, they’re not difficult, just preflare and don’t wind up in a bad position to get railed by a Magic 2, Aim 9M, or R-73.

I’d rather have missile that are useful for something other than grinding mid-map ai.

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Just reduce team size and it will be more manageable.

Just spread them out more on the map:

16 players per teams
2 airfields per teams set in map corners on EC maps

Force players to be spawning equally on both airfields (50/50) → 8 players per corners

The EC maps are large enough to do this, and make it viable for Top Tier (11.3 and+)

The only change required beside maps, is battle timer of 25min → 40min