Its about one-death-quitters in the ground-RB matches

Dear Gaijin-team. In my opinion all one-death-quitters in ground RB matches should receive an one hour game ban. This kind of gameplay is just unfair to the rest of the team, that plays the game to win and to have fun in thrilling matches. If half of the team is gone after one kill the matches are just boring.


Great idea. That would improve the queue times bigly. It wouldn’t fly…

If - you estimate - 50% of the teams are ODLs, banning them would cause, I guess, a 50% increase in queue times. Which is about the only thing gaijin care about.

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People say this, but the issue won’t stop, and is killing matches…

People aren’t psychic, and they are giving up WAY too easily…

It’s almost like we should start reporting those who leave after one death in the first 5 minutes of a match as playing passively because they sure aren’t putting any effort into it, compared to the reach to make excuses for them to do it, and why gaijin shouldn’t act on them.

It is their choice, but they are choosing to wimp out, and should be penalized.

(False flaggers suck)

I don’t agree with the punishment thing, as I have said on other threads on this subject. I still believe that making things ‘better’ for players would encourage folks to play longer. But then you have to define ‘better’. I would like to know the top two or three reasons why folks bail after just one vehicle is destroyed.

Having said that, nothing will get around the problem of new players buying a high tier premium and having nothing to back it up with in the lineup. I guess the free back-ups might do something to alleviate that problem, but I don’t have any evidence of that.



But any attempt to fix it, people will still find more reasons to be avoiding the actual issue that they can’t handle the game they actually want to try and play…

They also don’t have to run that premium first, or just run one vehicle. That’s by choice and commonly a bad one because they don’t last long enough to have effect on the match.

I agree, a solution could be to allow only players with certain experience to certain BRs, for example you would have to be level 80 to be allowed to play BR 6+ or something like this.

Don’t punish those who leave, reward those who stay. You will kill the game by doing things like that.

Increase rewards for those who stay the whole match, and don’t punish the ones that have to choose between 1DL and being spawnkilled instantly.

Imagine being a new player, wanting to get the cool post war tanks, and being locked out of it because you haven’t played enough.

What is this communities obsession with punishing the victims of gaijins horrible game design/mechanics?


I agree that ODL is a problem, but so is about 10 other things which cause ODL. You can’t fight a feaver by just taking Aspirin for the headache. By finally improving maps and game modes you might get some strategy back into the game which would make people spawn more than once for a change.


We have been asking for this since 3 months after they added Ground Battles. This will literally never happen as Gaijin has absolutely no incentive to change it.

Level doesn’t mean much in WT. I got to level 100 flying planes before ground forces were even implemented and coming to ground forces was actually level 0 for that game mode.

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pretty simple. Make it so that you can buy a premium when you reached that exact br in the techtree.

So many low lvl goblins with their cc tank who leave after 1 death or spawn in a low lvl tank what cannot do anything at all and are more of problem then help

For those who don’t have premium, there’s no point to bother spawn one than once if their first spawn they didn’t achieve much.

For those who have premium, sometimes there’s no point to spawn if all they’re gonna get is 0 for their efforts.

I don’t owe you to spawn one than more time if I don’t feel like continuing playing that map or match.

If I’m on a bad map or my team is getting destroyed then yeah I’m not spawning in just to suffer on an awful map or with an awful team. I’d rather take the crew lock which sometimes you don’t even get and just re-queue

It wont happen as it would significantly cut down premium selling. It their game selling point for players which don’t want to use older vehicles so they can jump directly into modern stuff.

All Gaijin can do is make some need to pass tutorials for new players to jump into high BR games.

One death leaving is incredibly based.
Why should anyone have to stick around after the game devolves into a CAS spam fest rapidly after the 1-2 minute mark?


so you are saying if there where no planes you would respawn ? and further help and kill/cap points

It would be more worthwhile.

ODL is a required mechanic for premium vehicles to function.

Gaijin has improved general ODL frequency by implementing dynamic repair costs.

The next thing that will help will be to flesh out support vehicles for NATO nations and to stop developing USSR vehicles until this massive gap has been filled.

Just be quicker to delete GRB. Would have the same effect but wouldnt take as long

Already noticing this rampant in Rank II and III matches. It is here to stay and all the time my teams hold W to one cap (usually the dumbest) over and over I will move on (not the rank II and III ones).

If the other players enjoy it then good for them 👍

Dont false flag…