Its about one-death-quitters in the ground-RB matches

To be honest I don’t understand those consistent ODLs** in tier 1-3. The costs per vehicle are (with some exceptions) quite low. And a few reserves are quite capable (BT5, A13) at zero cost. If I play in low tiers I always spawn plenty of vehicles unless the spawn is overrun. The rewards are proportionately higher too, in my experience.

Add in the free premiums from war bonds and you have a nice little earner for SL. And if you dislike the map - bail out from the lineup screen. You don’t lose SL (yeah, you get the lock) and you allow another player into the game.


**I can understand an occasional bail-out due to ‘issues’. But not game after game. Why play?

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And that is precisely why there’s an actual ‘issue’… If they do it that constantly, how do they even get a match that they even like.

They have so many excuses, that there’s not even any way to engage with them because they’ll bring up every other reason they can find to jusitfy their ‘choice’ and yet still throw it back on the game as to why they can’t function.

It’s not that they can’t, it’s that they won’t. Yet they’ll happily queue and join another match, just to do the same because of any reason that sounds right.

And when are they going to solve the damage model, the ricochets and shots stopped due to the poor implementation of volumetric bullets, and improve the penetration calculator?Because I see that many people want to punish those who leave the games, but they don’t talk about what makes people do that. First, let gaijin solve the problems that make leaving the games legitimate, and then if there are people that they leave the game, that they be punished, since they would not have any excuses other than that it was because they wanted to.

valid point and I agree whole heartedly havent played since june I think and when I look at the forum that was a good decision I guess

In the end I can just say more power to 1DLers

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For me the problem is that, you start a game, you shoot someone and the armor stops him without making any sense, he kills you, and since the maps are so extremely small when you take a second attack they are already waiting for you and you don’t arrive to move 400 meters, game after game, that’s why the game encourages leaving after losing a single tank.

You could highlight it, but thing is if someone goes from match to match complaining about the game, quitting out at the first spawn because they don’t see the point in continuing, that to me is passive behaviour…

I’ve had someone call the match at 3 minutes and berate me over how many matches I had played, proclaiming I was dumb to not be able to see that the match was over already, where we went and won the match in the 25 minutes…

Honestly, there is a stage where you find some players ‘antics’ to be really conducive of their own loss, and when challenged on it, they are merely wanting it to prove them right so badly…

Maybe instead of punishing them encourage them to play longer? I honestly cannot blame one-death leavers considering how scammy and totally unfun to play this game can be.

I have had absolutely zero issues facing T-64s and T-72s, any weird things that have happened, have either been my fault, or things that happen with every other tank.

T-64s and T-72s are easy kills if you can aim.

Also, they are meant to have an impenetrable UFP, its how they were designed. They can resist shells at their own BR, but when they are upteired, their UFP can be useless.

well most of the people leaving after one death are squadron and/or premium vehicles being used to grind a certain nation.