Is it possible to give the Ah mk 1 Apache a better air to air missile or improve the Starstreak?

The only way to properly defend yourself in the Apache is to use the unreliable star streak missiles.

However, the missiles are great against lightly armoured ifvs and spaa, they lack the potency against air targets often fazing through enemies and generally against helicopter damage models either one-shot or require more than 4 missiles to take out.

The fix is either to add a new air-to-air weapon (I have looked and generally don’t know what the options are) or improve the existing Starstreak missile (which would be unfair for ground vehicles) with better damage and better hit rate.

I can play some games and create some sharable media to prove that the hit rate of the Starsteaks is abysmal.

Yeah, Starstreaks passing striaght through air targets is a known issue and discussed over on

It could be good for the Apache to recieve ATAS as well. Even if Starstreaks were good, an optional IR missile could be good as well.


Interesting. Although ATAS are not reliable missiles and would only be a stock gap solution. What if there aren’t any IR missiles available, does that mean Britain has to wait for the AH 64-E to get a decent

ATAS are only not reliable because they have 10g pull but should actually be 20-22g. But gaijin wont fix that bug for some reason.

Im not sure what A2A missiles the Apache D had available for Britain, Im guessing ATAS but im not sure. The issue is IRL, something like the Apache wouldnt really need proper A2A weapons as it would have air supremecy provided by other aircraft, like the Typhoon.

Its also worth noting that Starsteaks are underperforming big time in game. IRL they are very good

The best place to ask that question though would be over in


Thank you. I hope Britain gets more helis in the future. Meta helis.

Yeah, Wildcat with 20x Martels could be fun and the Apache E could have the option for a few Brimstones.

But its not just helis, The entire British TT (Helis, Air, Ground, Naval) has been neglected for years


From the pure theoretical view Ah mk 1 can also mount Martlets. Sadly it did not get them irl, or at least i dont know anything bout it.

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Probably like a lot of British stuff. It was probably tested just in case it was ever needed (not that far fetch to think that in a future conflict you might have Wildcats and Apaches operating from the same location, perhaps a carrier and a need to share missiles) But for most normal operating conditions, Hellfire and I guess in the future, Brimstones, would just be the prefered AGM

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Thats super sad. I say if it was tested it should be on it in-game

it “might” have been tested. I have no proof it ever was. But Britain has a tendency to test these things but the info on it is either classified or buried somewhere in an obscure report. Though Martlets are comparible to Hellfire

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You can use this missile to kill the spaa, it is fun. I love it

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You can use this missile at beginning of the game and kill the light tank

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makes Russian mains mad

Pgm2000 and ahmk1is crazy