Indonesian Sub-tree: Bhinneka Tunggal Ika!

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Maybe a sub-Tree to the Turkish Tech Tree?
Because of the Harimau/Kaplan MT.

you could use the Harimau to larp as a T-14 armarta from wish

Just a quick side note/fyi, no need to make a suggestion for the planes, as I’m currently making them. It’s just taking a bit longer than expected, but I’m almost done with it!


Forgot to put this here, but recently the 10 Harimau MT has been put in active service, with 9 being put in the YonKav13, they replaced the older AMX-13 tanks. Dunno where the other Harimau is being stationed though



For the Aircrafts, I already submitted the suggestion and its currently pending, so we’ll just have to wait and see


Its surprising that the Scorpion 90 is not more discussed. Just found out about it and its actually a unique variant that the British didnt adopt. It was actually Indonesia who adopted the most amount of units with about 121 units ordered in total.




Video from indonesian Ministry of Defense


A little fun fact of the PT-76, they’re equipped with a pintle mounted DShK, atleast during active operations on Timor Leste, could be useful ingame maybe



For the Yonkav 2, I recently suggested it with a lot more information, so if people wanna check it out you can do so here, i might miss something though so if any of you have corrections please do let me know

PT PINDAD AMX-13/105 Retrofit (Yonkav 2) - Indonesia’s modernization program for the aging AMX-13 fleet

Also, a question for Hisar-O, since Indonesia is going to buy it.

does anyone know whether it can function on its own or does it need a separate radar vehicle?
If its independent then it could be a good tier 8 SPAA I think

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Maybe a sub-Tree for turkish Tech Tree

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just a heads up, the aviation side is up and suggested, so if you want to see & discuss about the aircrafts you can go there. o7

Indonesian Aviation Sub-Tree: Bhinneka Tunggal Ika!


here are some additional tanks that I don’t think have been mentioned yet

PT-76 Roket (Palawa Tank) w/ BM-14-17 (colloquially called the TAPIR)

The name is most likely from the soviet name of плавающий танк or plavayushchiy tank, as usual with the naming scheme of the armed forces they take the first few syllables and call the tank that. some call it the TAPIR but the official museum label doesn’t call it as such

Standard PT-76 but with the cannons removed and switched to the BM-14-17 MLRS and apparently manned with 6 crews

This tank now displayed in the Marine Corps Museum in Sidoarjo


Yonkav 2 Pre-Production

Basically the testbed for the full production of the Yonkav 2 Tank.

The difference between the pre and post production is that The turret on the pre-production version seems to be the old FL-12 turret but with a CN-105-G1 installed. Meanwhile on the production Yonkav 2, the turret was changed to the JT-1 turret with the FCS made by indra Sistemas and was moved to the box above the ammunition storage

Another difference is that the hull is still the old AMX-13/105 Mle58s unlike the production Yonkav 2 with its own different hull

The difference between this one and the AMX-13/105 FL-12 G1 is that this one is just testing for the Yonkav 2, while the AMX-13/105 FL-12 G1 is an actually produced upgrade version for the older versions of the FL-12s


AMX-13/105 FL-12 SM1 (CN-105-G1)

Standard AMX-13/105 with the FL-12 turret but with an upgraded CN-105-G1 instead of the older 105-57. Doesn’t have the upgraded FCS

The easiest way to tell the difference between the 57 and the G1 is the muzzle brake, The G1 has one circular shape, while the 57 has two Bowtie-esque shape.

In the image below you can see three AMX-13/105 Mle58s, two on the left has the upgraded CN-105-G1s , while one on the right has the older 105-57


LAV-150 Mecar Gun 90mm (Cadillac Gage)

Cadillac Gage armed with the Low-pressure Mecar 90mm/L28 cannon capable of firing APFSDS-T, HEP-T, and HEAT with 350mm of armor penetration


LVT with a 75mm M8 turret (I think)


Anoa-2 6x6 PK20 (20mm autocannon)

Fitted with LRF, thermals, day camera. 20mm autocannon and 7.62mm secondary. The PK20 Turret is just a renamed version of the South-African LCT20 turret.


Anoa FSV 90mm (Cockerill Mk.3)

Precursor to the Badak FSV. Armed with the cockerill Mk3 gun same as the one fitted on the FV scorpion 90


Alvis FV601 Saladin (Retrofit)

Armed with the Royal Ordnance 76 mm L5A1. The Indonesian retrofit changes the petrol engine to a Perkins Phaser Diesel 160T with 6 cylinder 4 stroke turbocharged engine, although the max speed drops from 72km/h to 70km/h. Other upgrades include a periscope like the FV scorpion tanks and a winch


SBS Light Tank (R-HAN 122 MLRS)

Pindad’s “Light tank” armed with the 122mm R-HAN 122A MLRS


SBS Light Tank (20mm)

similar to the previous, but with a 20mm autocannon instead



also if you’re wondering, here’s a view inside the crew compartments of the harimau MT

Source: from twitter