PT PINDAD AMX-13/105 Retrofit (Yonkav 2) - Indonesia's modernization program for the aging AMX-13 fleet

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Hello everyone! Today I would like to suggest the AMX-13/105 Retrofit by PT. PINDAD for the Indonesian Armed Forces. This suggestion is primarily to complement and add further information for the Indonesian Ground Vehicles suggestion by Yontzee and the original AMX-13/105 (Yonkav 2) Suggestion on the old forum by Blakir, where it was originally suggested. However, this suggestion is not the same as the one on the old forum, as I’m making it entirely from scratch with more information.

Often called Yonkav 2 tank, the AMX-13/105 Retrofit was a retrofit program completed in around 2013/14 to modernize Indonesia’s fleet of AMX-13s, featuring an extended hull with a reworked frontal glacis to accommodate a new diesel engine, transmission, torsion bar suspension. An updated fire control system with laser range finder and thermals, a new 105mm CN-105-G1 which can fire APFSDS, fitted on a Steyr JT-1 turret (the same as the SK-105A2). The only original parts left of the AMX-13 are the rear part of the hull and the roadwheels.

Indonesia has around 300 already retrofitted AMX-13s SM1 (Singapore Modernised 1) standard, which was upgraded in 1995. But, considering the expensive prices of newer light tanks, the Indonesian army decided that it would be cheaper to retrofit these AMX-13s again than to buy an entirely new tanks. PT PINDAD, arguably Indonesia’s most successful military Defense company, was tasked with the modernization program. The retrofit plan was originally started in 2011, but only begun in actuality in 2013, with it being finished and 13 units were delivered in October of 2014.

Original Plan of Retrofit

Its very hard to get an actual concrete source for some of the specifications, as this is just one version of the AMX-13 retrofits carried out by the Indonesians, with some sources mistakenly took specifications from the other versions instead. Additionally the vehicle is somewhat recent, with only 30 tanks retrofitted (both the AMX-13 and the VCI variant), so the manufacturer haven’t published any information regarding this (AFAIK). There’s quite a few speculations that I must perform, but I’ll try to include as much factual information as possible. Of course, I might not be 100% correct on everything, so if you do have any corrections, feel free to mention them

Why is it called the Yonkav 2?

The tank is often called Yonkav 2 because that’s the name of the cavalry battalion that uses the tank, Batalyon Kavaleri 2/Turangga Ceta (Cavalry Battalion 2 in English). Turangga Ceta is Javanese which means white horse

Now, this battalion has another name which might be the origin of the unofficial tank name :

Batalyon Kavaleri 2/Tank

The tank there, is part of the battalion’s name, rather than a designation for a vehicle. Its likely that people mistake the name of battalion for the name of the tank. The yonkav 2 name sticks, as it continues to be the unofficial name used. Other sources do mention the tank only as AMX-13/105 Retrofit without an actual name of the Battalion.

Indonesia operated three different versions of the retrofitted AMX-13s:

AMX-13/75 Modèle (Mle) 51 (SM1)

AMX-13/105 Modèle (Mle) 58 (SM1) (Standard hull, CN-105-57 on FL-12 turret / CN-105-G1 JT-1 turret)

PINDAD AMX-13/105 Retrofit (Reworked hull, JT-1 turret, CN-105-G1 cannon)

For this suggestion, I am specifically suggesting PINDAD’s 2014 version with the reworked hull. Some of the Mle 58 has the upgraded cannon and engine, but the PINDAD’s version has a more unique hull, with only the rear part being stock, and a different turret, which I think would be a better implementation than a standard AMX-13 hull.

The tank has three different armor modules, one with appliqué armor array and side skirts, one just with the side skirts, and one without both

With both

Only with the side skirts

Without both

The issue is that on most footage of the tank, they have none of the added armor or side skirts. The added armor was shown on Indo Defence 2014, which as an arms and defence technology Expo. Personally, I think the add-on armor was made specifically for the showcase on the Expo, with the latter versions removing the armor and side-skirts. The added armor can be helpful but exact details about it (such as the armor thickness) is not known.

A. Background


Indonesia’s AMX-13s were originally obtained for the Indonesian Army between 1960-65 as part of president Sukarno’s army buildup for the annexation of West Irian. Indonesia obtained a total of 57 AMX-13/75 Mle 51 along with other variants from the French. They serve as the main tank of the TNI’s Armored Cavalry Tank Battalion (Referred to as Yonkavs from Battalyon Kavaleri). Further AMX-13 were obtained from the Dutch in what’s known as Project Beta, which lasted from 1976-83. The transfer included around 600 APCs and included about 130 AMX-13/105 Mle 58.

These AMXs were later upgraded in 1995 at Bengpuspalad Central Equipment Workshop to bring them up to Singaporean SM1 standard but without the upgraded gunner’s sight. The total amount is unknown, but around 2016, there were 400 AMX-13s of all variants in Indonesia.

IN 2011, PT PINDAD was contracted to modernize Indonesia’s AMX-13/105 Mle 58s as part of Indonesia’s strategy of defence self-reliance. Though the project began in 2011, the actual modification only started in 2013, with the first prototype completed in early 2014. The tank was subjected to mobility and firing trials in April 2014 with a High-Explosive and APFSDS. The first 13 production conversion were delivered to Yonkav 2/Tank (or Turangga Ceta) Cavalry Battalion on 7 October 2014, just in time to be paraded on the Indonesian Armed Forces 69th Anniversary along with other armored vehicles.

B. Specifications

General Specifications

Changes on the hull

  • For the hull, the changed parts are the engine cover and a reworked upper frontal glacis at an angle of 15° (degrees), while the angle of the lower glacis is unknown, it seems to be around ≈50-70°, but could be more, as the angles on the pictures are quite deceptive

Terminology : CHA = Cast Homogenous Armor | RHA = Rolled Homogenous Armor

Hull Armor

  • Though exact armor values are unknown, The basis is the AMX-13 chassis, so the armor thickness can be presumed as the same, or at least similar to the base AMX-13/105 Mle 58.
    • All hull parts are RHA
    • 20mm side
    • 15mm back
    • 10mm roof
    • 5mm RHA liners inside the hull
  • There are some images of the thickness of the front glacis, so based on the images, I speculate that it might have
    • 20mm upper glacis (?) at 15°
    • 20-40mm lower glacis (?) at ≈50-70° (?)

Turret Armor

  • Turret armor is the same as the JT-1 turret found on the SK-105A2
    • CHA on the front-face and the entire lower part of the turret, as well as the gun mantlet, while the rest of the upper part is RHA (sides, back, roof, under ammo)
    • 20-40mm front
    • 40mm mantlet
    • 20-40mm side
    • 10-20mm rear
    • 10mm roof and under
  • The add-on applique armor effectiveness is unfortunately unknown

Cupola Armor

  • CHA on the Cupola
  • 10-20mm surrounding the entire part

there are two different upgraded engines from the SM1 version mentioned by sources, though its mentioned that the tank can go up to 60-70kmph (37-46 mph)

  1. Navistar 400hp turbo diesel engine (exact model is unknown, likely to be some versions of the maxxforce engine, as one source mentioned that the engines has stopped being produced)

  2. Cummins 375hp diesel engine with an automatic allison transmission (this report mentions an automatic transmission as well)

  • Transmission doesn’t seem to be upgraded from the SM1, so its most likely the automatic ZF 5WG-180 transmission, with 5 forward gear and 2 in reverse


  • Extended front hull by about 20cm

  • Indra Sistemas’ Amazon UC Fire control system (laser range finder, thermals, and day camera) on the box above the first stage ammo stowage. The driver is also provided with a thermal camera.

  • unknown Zoom on the optics

Sources mentioned that the FCS is SOPTAC-18 by Sopelem, but from my findings, Indra Sistemas' FCS seems to be one actually fitted on the tank, as the company themselves specifically said this

Has day camera and thermal camera, it uses last gen design, with only 640 x 480 pixels of image resolution. Both camera uses the same monitor, the gunner along with the commander have access to the same two types of camera, as they both each have a monitor display

  • weight: 14 tons
  • length: 6.56 meters.
  • Width: 2.5 meters.
  • height: 2.35 meters.
  • Crew : 3 (gunner, driver, commander)


  • Main Armament : 105mm CN-105-G1 cannon
  • Turret : Steyr JT-1 Turret (same as the SK-105A2 in game)
    • Commander can fire gun
    • No stabilizers (AFAIK)
    • Horizontal traverse = 360°
    • Vertical Traverse = -6°/+13°
    • 4 second reload
    • automatic loading
    • 12-rounds first stage ammo
    • possibly around 30 total ammo
    • 12x 75mm smoke grenade (3 on each side of the turret)

  • Secondary Armament : 7.62mm M60 or PINDAD SM2-V2 machine gun (the SM2-V2 is a vehicle-mounted variant of the SM2-V1 machine gun, which itself is a license production of the FN MAG)


  • OFL 105 G1 APFSDS(most sources mention them as OCC 105 G1 as the APFSDS, but I from the image I assume this is just a misidentification)
    • Projectile Mass = 3.41kg
    • Muzzle Velocity = 1475 m/s
    • The APFSDS can penetrate 250mm of Rolled Homogeneous Armor at an angle of 30° from a
Image of the APFSDS

distance of 1km

  • 105 MM MLE 57 HE-TNT / RDX (HE-COMP B) made by Hirtenberger Defence
    • Muzzle Velocity = 700 m/s
    • Max. Gas Pressure = 240 MPa
    • Weight/Mass = 19kg
    • Explosive Mass = unknown, could be more than 2kg (?) of TNT equivalent

How to tell the difference between the versions of the AMX-13/105

PINDAD’s AMX-13/105 Retrofit

The one in the images are the 2014 PINDAD hull with a CN-105-G1, you can tell this version by:

  1. smooth front hull and a double headlight housing
  2. no bustle rack on the side of the turret and a small box shape on the back of the turret top (the box is the key feature to notice, as the older Mle 58 AMXs often have the bustle rack removed as well)
  3. CN-105-57 turret has the square double muzzle break, whereas the CN-105-G1 has one circular shape, the G1’s barrel are also thicker near the mount with a gap to fit a gun travel lock (The 105-57 is has no noticeable gap)

This is the AMX-13/105 Mle 58 (SM1)

C. More Images




Left Side

Right Side


Text on the side

Crew Compartment



No gunner images

Footage of the tank

Rare footage of the tank in trials at the factory
360° close inspection of the tank
HD video of the tank
Footage of the tank firing at targets along with scorpions and AMX-13/105 Mle58 (multiple angles)
Footage of the tank crews at around 4:30 (with inside compartments)
Footage of the turret rotation and full braking at around 1:55

Random Images

AMX-13/105 retrofit on the left

D. Sources



+1 As a indonesian i like to see this tank in the game (o^▽^o)