Indonesian Sub-tree: Bhinneka Tunggal Ika!

yeah why not? then again the dutch are the weaker one in terms of actual military power, their power came from the deeply entrenched colonialism in the system.

ahh okay

well if someone wants to do that, feel free to do so. I already put the basic list of planes possible, but ill put it here again just in case:


the BR and some of the image is not accurate to the actual vehicles, they’re just placeholders


You forgot the Ki-51 “Guntei”, the only surviving example of which is on display in the Indonesian Airforce Museum

Also the A-4E’s should actually be A-4H’s since Indonesian Skyhawks are actually Israeli Skyhawks that they acquire via the United States

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oh yeah I forgot about them

for the Skyhawks, I’m not sure whether its A-4H/E. most sources that I read states that they’re A-4Es. But to be honest I don’t quite know exactly what the differences are between them


“…these were A-4Es and TA-4Hs from Israeli stocks.”

“Some of the Israeli built avionics were removed, but the A-4s retained the DEFA 30mm cannon
and extended tailpipes.”

“In 1982 an additional sixteen surplus A-4Es were purchased directly from US stocks and were refurbished before delivery”

“Indonesia considered buying TA-4PTMs from Malaysia, but acquired a pair of ex-USN TA-4Js instead. The TA-4Js were refurbished by Safe Air Engineering at Woodbourne, New Zealand.”

Source : Douglas A-4 Skyhawk: Attack & Close-Support Fighter Bomber by Jim Winchester

By Museum Pusat TNI AU Dirgantara Mandala Yogyakarta, CC BY-SA 4.0, File:An Indonesian Air Force A-4-Skyhawk TT-0440 at Dirgantara Mandala Museum.jpg - Wikimedia Commons


anyway, here’s the full list of planes that could be implemented for the Indonesian Air Force throughout the years(not including helicopters). Some planes I omitted intentionally due to them being early biplanes with no guns, for others I might’ve just forgotten about them


Sorted by Manufacturers
yellow means in order/planned

  • A
    • Aero Vodochody (CZE)

      • CS-102 (MiG-15UTI)
      • CS-107 (Mig-17F)
      • L-29 Delfin
    • Avia Motors (CZE)

      • B-33 (IL-10)

  • B
    • BAE Systems (GBR)

      • Hawk 53
      • Hawk 109
      • Hawk 209
    • Bristol Aeroplane Company (GBR)

      • Blenheim Mk.IV (Sakae engine swapped)
    • Boeing Defense, Space & Security (USA)

      • (*)F-15IDN (F-15EX Eagle II)

  • C
    • Commonwealth Aircraft Corporation (AUS)

      • CA-27 Mk.31 Avon Sabre
      • CA-27 Mk.32 Avon Sabre
    • Consolidated Aircraft (USA)

      • PBY-5A Catalina

  • D
    • Dassault Aviation (FRA)

      • (*)Raffale F4
      • (*)Mirage 2000 5EDA (1x seat)
      • (*)Mirage 2000 5DDA (2x seats)
    • de Havilland (GBR)

      • Vampire T.11
      • Vampire T.55
    • Douglas Aircraft Company (USA)

      • A-4E/F Skyhawk (likely the E version)
      • TA-4H (Training versions of Skyhawk)
      • TA-4J (Training versions of Skyhawk)
      • B-26B-Invader (A-26B with a different designation)

  • E
    • Embraer S.A. (BRA)
      • EMB 314 Super Tucano

  • G
    • General Dynamics/Lockheed Martin (USA)
      • F-16A Fighting Falcon Block 15 OCU (Operational Capability Upgrade) (1x seat)
      • F-16B Fighting Falcon Block 15 OCU (Operational Capability Upgrade) (2x seats)
      • F-16AM Fighting Falcon Block 20 MLU (upgraded F-16A) (1x seat)
      • F-16BM Fighting Falcon Block 20 MLU (upgraded F-16B) (2x seats)
      • F-16C Fighting Falcon Block 52ID (Block 32+) (1x seat)
      • F-16D Fighting Falcon Block 52ID (Block 32+) (2x seats)

  • I
    • Ilyushin Aviation Complex (SUN)
      • IL-28R (minus one front cannon)
      • IL-28T (torpedo variant)

  • K
    • Korea Aerospace Industries (KOR)

      • (*)IF-X (KF-21 Boramae’s local designation)
      • T-50i Golden Eagle
    • Kawanishi Aircraft Company (JPN)

      • H6K2-1
      • N1K1
      • Ki-48
      • Ki-61-Otsu

  • L
    • NPO Lavochkin (SUN)
      • La-9UTI
      • La-11

  • M
    • Mikoyan and Gurevich Design Bureau (SUN)

      • MiG-19S
      • MiG-21F-13
    • Mitsubishi Aircraft Company (JPN)

      • Ki-51 Guntei
      • F1M

  • N
    • Nakajima Aircraft Company (JPN)

      • A6M2-N
      • Ki-27 Otsu
      • Ki-43-II Hayabusa
      • Ki-49 Donryu
      • Yokosuka K5Y
    • North American Aviation (USA)

      • B-25C-Mitchell
      • B-25D-Mitchell
      • B-25J-Mitchell
      • P-51D (6x 12.7 browning)
      • P-51K (6x 12.7 browning)
      • Rockwell OV-10F Bronco
      • T-6G Texan (Harvard)
    • Northrop Corporation (USA)

      • F-5E Tiger II
      • F-5F Tiger II

  • S
    • JSC Sukhoi Company (RUS)
      • Su-27SK (Flanker-B)
      • Su-27SKM (Flanker-B) (upgraded Su-27SK)
      • Su-30MK (Flanker-H)
      • Su-30MKK (Flanker-G)
      • Su-30MK2 (Flanker-G+) (upgraded SU-30MK)

  • T
    • Tupolev Design Bureau (SUN)
      • Tu-2s
      • Tu-16 (Badger A)
      • Tu-16KS-1 (Badger B)

  • W
    • WSK-Mielec (POL)
      • Lim-5P (Mig-17PF)
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Adding More Picture of indonesia Vehicle

AMX 13


Leopard 2 RI










Super Tucano


Pandur at PT Pindad


If someone can also help me tier these planes that would be very much appreciated

forgot to mention a small correction, the actual name of the Yonkav 2 AMX is the AMX-13/105 Retrofit,

TL;DR, its referred to as the AMX-13/105 retrofit, but people often call it the Yonkav 2, either due to mistake or as a nickname which refers to the battalion that the tank serves in


  • "AMX-13/105 Retrofit is major modernization and upgrade program done by local defense firm PT. PINDAD featuring reworked front glacis to accommodate new diesel engine & transmission, new torsion bar suspension, updated FCS (laser range finder, thermal imager, day camera) new 105 mm gun (GIAT CN 105 G1) and turret (Steyr JT-1 Oscillating turret) from SK-105 Kürassier."


It is often called Yonkav 2 because thats the name of the cavalry battalion that uses the tank (Cavalry Battalion 2 in english, or in Indonesian, Batalyon Kavaleri 2/Turangga Ceta). Turangga Ceta means white horse in Javanese if im not mistaken.


The logo

In addition, the alternative name for the battalion is Yon Kav 2/Tank, so it is understandable how people got the names mixed up

“…the Indonesian Army first attempted to develop a modernisation package for its AMX-13/75 light tanks that could potentially increase their lifespan by at least an another decade. Popularly known as the Yonkav 2 (named after the cavalry unit it entered service with: Batalyon Kav aleri 2 ), the plan was to upgun the fleet of AMX-13s armed with a 75mm cannon with a 105mm cannon by Nexter. The turret was also upgraded with additional armour, a laser-range finder (LRF) and a thermal sight. The mobility of the Yonkav 2 was addressed through the installation of a 400hp Detroit Diesel engine and a new transmission. Although the resulting design could almost be described as a new tank (or perhaps for this reason), only small numbers eventually entered service with the Batalyon Kavaleri 2.”

List of modifications



-The Turkish Tiger: Indonesia’s Kaplan MT Tank (AMX-13 retrofit subchapter)

more videos of the tank:


heres a short clip of the turret rotation and suspension (starts at 1:53)
here is a closer look of the tank
Night urban warfare training along with other vehicles (starts at 2:40)

Here are some more SPAAs

  • This is the one that I have no clue about:
    • Land Rover Defender (?) 2x M2 browning (?)

The vehicles seems to be a vintage Land Rover

The two left-most vehicles has a singular Chinese QW-3 semi-active homing MANPADS

I Cannot for the life of me find more reference regarding this, one source, which I believe is very likely to be the case, mentions them to be two M2 browning .50 BMG, but another source mentions them to be an Oerlikon 35mm, which I think is quite absurd given the size of the vehicle

vehicles that Im not sure can be added

  • Badak FSV fitted with the Skyranger SHORAD turret, its currently just a mockup I don’t think it appropriate to be implemented, at least for now

A much lighter solution, 2-2.5 tonnes versus 4-4.5 tonnes, the new remotely controlled turret can be fitted onto the bigger 6×6 wheeled armoured vehicles, and obviously on 8×8 wheeled as well as on tracked vehicles considerably extending the number of potential platforms. The idea is to provide army units with a mobile system capable to engage fixed wing, rotary wing, Group I and II unmanned air systems, and cruise missiles, exploiting the combination of a medium calibre gun system using airburst munitions and SHORAD missiles, the limited weight of the cradle, 250 kg, of the gun, and of the overall turret allowing the integration of such missiles within the desired weight limit.

The Skyranger 30 turret maintains the same turret ring of the Skyranger 35, with a 1.414 meters diameter, making the two systems fully interchangeable. The Man Machine Interface also remains very similar, with two workstatons, one for the gunner and one for the commander, the software being a derivative of that used on the bigger turret, which already exploits some AI elements for target discrimination and target prediction. The RAD team is working on a solution allowing to have the system running for considerable time with the vehicle static and engine off.


  • Oerlikon Skyshield on a truck platform, pretty sure theyre just used for transport rather than being deployed on the truck itself

Components of SKYSHIELD, which includes the cannon, Fire Control Unit, generator, and radar.

The weapons system itself consists of two 35 mm (1.38 inch) revolver cannons with a rate of fire of 1,000 rounds per minute, a fire control system made up of a sensor unit and a detached command post. The Skyshield can use up to two surface-to-air missile 8-cell modules for an expanded air defense capability. The Skyshield is designed for traditional anti-aircraft roles in addition to defense against missiles (see anti-ballistic missile).

The Skyshield is easily deployed by trucks and other transportation systems.

The fire control system (FCS) uses an X-band search and tracking radar X-TAR-3D,[2] and another unit for radar/TV and/or laser/FLIR precision tracking. The command post can be placed up to 500 meters, roughly, from the fire control unit (FCU), using encrypted radio-waves. The Skyshield system can be networked with other air defense systems for wider and more effective air coverage, expanding its roles from point defense to area defense.

Radars for the acquisition and tracking of air and surface targets, named Oerlikon Tracking Module TMX Mk2 and TMKu Mk2, operated in X and Ku band respectively

the command post and radar is always seperated from the images I found, so for it to be implemented it would have to be combined, which might look something like this:

(forgive my shitty drawing)

like this but with the command post unit under the radar unit


And heres more SPAA that is/was used

  • REO M35 (Zastava M55 Triple Gun)

REO M35 specifications
Type: 2,268 kg 6×6 cargo truck
Weight empty: 5,900 kg
Weight loaded: 8,110 kg
Length: 7 meters
Width: 2.36 meters
Height: 2.82 meters
REO OA-331 engine 127 hp (95 kW)
Transmission: 5 spd. x 2 range trf. cases
Suspension: Beam axles on leaf springs
Operational range: 480 km
Maximum speed: 93 km/h

Tracing its history, development of the M35 began in 1949, the result of a design from REO (Ransom Eli Olds) Motor Company Mobil. This development is a replacement for the 2.5 ton three-axle all-wheel drive truck called the Deuce. The initial series vehicle, the M34, was soon replaced by the M35 in military use. The main difference between the two series is the M34’s six tire configuration versus the M35’s 10 tire configuration.

The specifications of the M35A2 cargo truck with winch (crane) are 2.8 m high, 2.4 m wide and 7.0 m long. The empty weight is 6,820 kg and becomes 7,040 kg when equipped with a front winch mount. The standard wheelbase of the car is 2.4 x 3.6 meters. The M35A2 truck can be equipped with a canvas soft top or metal hard-top. The metal hard-top configuration is most commonly found on vehicles that have been equipped with cold weather equipment. Including additional insulation in the cabin as well as a multifuel cooling or heating engine.

The popular M35A2 was powered by the LDT 465 engine, made by the Continental Motor Companys, Hercules or White Motor Company. It is an in-line, 478-cubic inch (7.8 L), six-cylinder, multifuel turbocharged engine, 134 bhp (100 kW) and 447 Nm of torque. Plus a 5-speed manual transmission and a 2-speed transfer case (sprag-operated Transfer Rockwell 136-21 or Transfer Rockwell 136-27).

Multifuel engines are designed to operate reliably on a variety of fuel types. This machine can be operated using diesel fuel, jet fuel, kerosene, heating oil or gasoline. Gasoline should only be used in emergencies because it is not suitable for lubricating the injector pump. When using gasoline, the engine lubricant composition is one liter of motor oil per 15 US gallons (60 liters) of gasoline.

The empty weight of the M35 is between 5,900 kg and 7,300 kg, depending on configuration (cargo, crane, tractor and others). Top speed is 93 km per hour, although maximum cruising speed is around 77 km per hour. Fuel consumption is 21 liters per 100 km when used on the highway and 29 liters per 100 km when used in the city.

The brake system of this ten-wheel truck uses hydraulic air brakes with a driveline. Although gladhands are at the rear of the vehicle for connection to the trailer with air brake and emergency brake service. The 24 volt electrical system, using two 12 volt 6TL-military grade batteries installed in series several Deuces is equipped with a 4,500 kg PTO driven front winch manufactured by Garwood.

M55 Triple Gun Specifications:
Production: 1955
Caliber: 20 x110 mm
Weight: 970kg
Combat Weight: 1,070kg
Bullet launch speed: 835 – 850 meters/second
Vertical target range: 1,000 – 1,500 meters
Horizontal target range: 5,500 meters
Combat ready ammunition: 1,200 bullets (3 drums)

The M-55 Triple Gun cannon used by Kopasgat was made in Yugoslavia, although in fact Yugoslavia only produced on a basic license from Hispano Suiza (a Swiss manufacturer of protective equipment) the HS-804 type. The three-barreled concept makes this cannon have tremendous destructive power to hit low-flying aircraft or helicopter targets.

The triple gun, or also popularly known as ‘tri-barrel’, is produced in 4 variants, namely the M55 A2B1, M55 A3B1, M55 A4B1, and M55 A4M1. The M55 A2B1 version is designed not only to destroy targets in the air, but this cannon is also effective in attacking non-armored targets or lightly armored vehicles. For deployment, this cannon can be installed portablely on land vehicles and surface ships to engage targets above sea level. The practical rate of fire reaches 700rpm. You can imagine how hot the barrel of this canon was. For ammunition supply, a type of drum is used with a total of up to 60 drums

Of the four variants of the triple gun, the first version is the most popular, because because the operation is quite easy and cheap, this triple gun with hydraulic power is also popular for use in various battlefields, for example the triple gun action in the wars in Angola, Afghanistan, and The middle East.

Like driving a car, the triple gun shooter also presses the pedal to open fire. Meanwhile, both hands are used to move and rotate the barrel up and down . As a point protection weapon for air bases, the turning radius of this cannon can reach 360 degrees, then the vertical angle of the barrel reaches a maximum of 83 degrees, and the lowest horizontal angle reaches 5 degrees. To make it easier to aim at the target, the shooter is assisted by a coastal hole that resembles a spider’s web.


  • Isuzu NPS75 (Type 85 Giant Bow) (Chinese copy of zu-23, mentioned before as the Isuzu NPS75 (Zu-23-2))


Source: Function Test of the 23mm Giant Bow Canon Arhanud Kostrad


Source: TNI’s Air Defense (Arhanud).

From the platform aspect, the Isuzu Elf NPS 4×4 is no different from a TNI transport truck which has off-road capabilities and carries out operational tactical transport missions in war and non-war operations. However, apart from that, the Isuzu Elf NPS 4×4 Yon Arhanudri 1 becomes a lethal figure when the body part is occupied by the Type 80 Giant Bow twin gun PSU (Penangkis Seragan Udara) cannon with a 23 mm caliber (Chinese copy of the ZU-23-2).

The gun is pretty much identical to the ZU-23-2


Isuzu NPS gen1

In terms of dimensions, this truck is slightly larger than ordinary light duty trucks circulating in Indonesia, based on the Isuzu website, it is known that the dimensions are 5,985 mm long x 2,040 mm wide x 2,455 mm high with a wheelbase of 3,365 mm. According to the specifications, the empty weight of this truck is recorded at 2,910 kg while the gross weight is 6,000 kg. while the turning radius reaches 7.1 meters.

The Isuzu NPS 75 is equipped with a larger engine than trucks in its class, this truck uses an Isuzu type HK1-TCN engine with a capacity of 5,193 cc with maximum power reaching 150 PS/2,600 rpm and peak torque of 400 Nm/1,500-2,600 rpm. This engine is combined with an Isuzu MYY5T transmission, 5 forward speeds with a final gear ratio of 5.125:1

Like other standard TNI vehicles, the truck is also equipped with a 4×4 drive system, so this truck is able to operate in difficult, steep and muddy terrain.

For the braking, Isuzu NPS relies on hydraulic dual circuit brakes supported by braking features on the exhaust gas and parking brake on the transmission

For the suspensions, it still uses semi-elliptical leaf spring suspension at the front and rear, while for the front wheels it uses single tires measuring 7.50-16R-10 L and double rear wheels measuring 7.50-16R-10L. The diesel tank capacity is 100 liters and is also equipped with a tipping cabin to facilitate periodic engine inspection and maintenance



Anything with M55 armament is lovely


here’s some additional videos of the POPRAD GROM firing and the gunner’s view [WARNING VERY LOUD]


Firing of the missile
Gunner’s View


I just found this out recently, Indonesia actually did trial the Wiesel 1 once, but apparently the export was not approved by the German government



It cool and all but i dont think they will be adding Indonesia to Japan because it seems Thailand is gonna take that spot since it a more popular and safer choice i guess. Oh and also NO ASEAN TREE it just a copy and paste tree especially with it air tree. Maybe if they add some independent country that closed to Indonesia then sure add it as a sub tree

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That’s what im sayin

In addition, if I recall correctly it was mentioned recently that a two nation sub tree isn’t gonna happen, so Indonesia for Japan is very unrealistic

Obviously I prefer a sub tree. But the most realistic method of implementation for these vehicles currently would be as premiums/event vehicles I think


I personally still like this subtree and could see it as a combined one with Thailand or even implemented as a sub nation without dedicated line like India seems to be for Britain, Norway for Sweden, Argentina for Germany etc.

I’d say it would still fit pretty well combined with Thailand and having options from both allows Gaijin to focus more on unique additions from both nations rather than having to rely on exact copies of vehicles too much.

However I also don’t think second subtrees for any nation should be a priority at all until the nations that need them have received basic subtrees (so apart from Japan that would be China, France and Israel). I still see it as a possibility, considering even with both subtrees Japan is nowhere near what the US or USSR could offer alone, but it is not needed and priorities should be set accordingly.

Adding More picture of indonesian vehicle


SU-30 With KH-31



Pindad Cobra Prototype





Silas Papare






Pindad Cobra With 30 mm Gun



Pindad Badak







I forgot about the Cobra and BTR-4M, nice 🤙

images of the recent vehicle delivery for the Army:

- 10x Harimau MT

- 3x Badak IFV

- 10x Cobra 8x8/Pandur II IFV (30mm) fitted with additional floatation kit

The green circles are their mounting points


Man, such a solid lineup of quality/unique vehicles.

Would be good to if the Indonesian vehicles like the Harimau Hitam and the Badak become premiums. And the Leopard 2RI can be abit similar to the Leopard 2PL

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