Increase spawn cost for planes and helicopters

Kills aren’t everything buddy. You also have Assists, scouting, repairs, in-game metals such as adamant, etc.

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This one has to sting for sure.

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Controversial opinion:
Decrease the spawn cost for planes. Then, DRAMATICALLY increase the spawn cost of ordinance. That way, CAS cost is unchanged or increased, while FAD is much, much cheaper. FAD is a much more effective and balanced counter to CAS than SPAA IME, especially at the BRs where CAS and SPAA are the most problematic (8.3/8.7, 11.7, etc).


Oh yes, can’t wait to destroy panthers with 20mm. Not to mention all open tops.

Pointing out the realities of War Thunder is neither defending aircraft nor saying things are flawless–it’s simply spelling out how things are.

To go through what you say:

A) Players using their SP as they wish isn’t an issue…their earnings are theirs to use

B) If a reserve tank gets by the enemy team at all on an equidistant cap, it’s just embarrassing for the opposition…they were outplayed by a 1.0

C) if the map has ‘home’ caps where each team is closer to one cap, both have equal access and thus opportunity

All in all, there’s no issue: it’s just players using their vehicles and SP.

Yeah…that doesn’t really matter when you think about it. You can spawn 2-3 ground vehicles for the price of one aircraft.

In addition to its lower costs, ground vehicles have access to the caps (thus direct influence on tickets) and better repair mechanics too.

GFs fit the meta far better, especially as SP costs go.

That falls under the scope of players’ choice…they can play their vehicles as they wish.

It’s no different than someone who only plays a 1 tank lineup: both lack influence in the match after the exit it.

Aside from that being untrue (Ju 87s are common sights…and frequent kills thanks to that misnomer), it’s no different with tanks (a la BT-7s, M22, etc.)

An effectively used weapon is effective beyond its natural range…not much of a surprise there.

There is no problem with players using their earned SP and vehicles as they wish–that is their right. If you don’t want to let foes have their way, defeat them.


The ‘Fighter First’ concept is roughly what you’re describing and its been met with favorable reception.

Along with such changes as despawn points, SP rebates and a team roster preview, it’d essentially eliminate the last excuses had among teams that get outplayed and defeated by opposing tankers who fly.

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As I said, people will lie about how things are, try C&F for Yourself and You will see.

Holy hell, just had a match which really showcased what a 3 ppl squad can do by using the air:

First Pe-8 destroyed 6 ground targets, then Tu-2S killed 3 and after people spawned another Pe-8 destroyed 9 ground targets. Gonna ask the question where was enemy air? It died trying to kill Tu-2S. Just showcasing how game can be eaisly won by just a coordinated planes.

If someone is trying to say that air is balanced then You can answear me, which is easier:

  1. Getting a cap on a map and mode that You choose in order to spawn in a plane with 1000 lbs bombs that allows You to destroy the best tanks of enemy team.
  2. Spawning in an uptier at the map and mode that You don’t like and having to face the best tanks of enemy team
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Armour piercing belts would be included in the “ordinance” described. Not technically ordinance, I know, but it’s already got an SP cost in-game that would be easily increased.

And if strafing aircraft are giving you that much trouble, hop in your (cheap) Bf 109. A 109 can easily handle any Corsair, Tempest, Typhoon, etc. with 20mm cannons and sufficient ammo for strafing.


Anti-air belts do the job.

And please, remember that You are talking about games which include teams made on random.

What does this have to do with anything?

Idk if English isn’t your first language but FYI “You” isn’t capitalized (it’s ok I’m ESL too ;) )

That there will be cases of one team being made full of planes and the other with none.

I know that it is a mistake but I prefer to use it as in my first language it shows respect towards the one You are speaking.

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Yes, we know there are…we see all the CAS hype and all the lies desperately told to prop it up.

Thanks to data and facts, we know CAS hype is BS.

CnF is a goofy strategy to begin with…but I have tested it and seen others try it too.

It doesn’t really offer any gains to speak of because it requires foregoing your initial spawn (whether by bailout or willful death), successful capture of the zone (which can be defeated by enemy fire or teammates) and the SP costs of the respawn (aircraft).

It’s wiser to simply play your first spawn tank competently, face (and defeat) the enemy and go from there.

Of note: most CnF players tend to end up either picked off trying to cap or die belly flopping shortly thereafter…it mostly just lures players who fall for the hype, not WT’s brightest or best.

As for squads…they are neither present all the time nor consistent in quality. The variation of all this means they’re all but irrelevant in talks about balance.

Vehicle choice by squads are thus irrelevant, given they’d be just as coordinated in tanks…leaving your anecdote as a good fish tale but little more.

Vehicles being used successfully is not indicative of a balance issue.

Hence team roster preview, despawn points and SP rebates as attached changes.

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Nah, just use C&F, there is no point in getting good on the ground if being mediocare in the air is much more easier.

As I said:

I always laugh when they defend this broken system. But then hey, remember that not all people can be good on the ground and they need some way to have fun. Without easy targets on the ground and competition in the air they wouldn’t have any fun in this game.

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Could you elaborate on what you mean by

Being upset about results =/= the system is broken

Sore losers say the system is broken when they lose. Sensible players understand a player cannot always win every engagement every time.

If CAS complainers didn’t have aircraft to complain about, it’d be tanks…simple as that.

  • It takes more to access aircraft in RB GFs than tanks…so you just derided pure tankers more than tankers who fly

  • The only ‘easy targets’ are people who make themselves so

  • Competition in the air = competition…if they’re not good, how’ll they survive that competition? 🤔

Tankers who fly are just more tankers in RB GFs, so why deride them?

  • Team roster preview - Similar to other games, put up a preview in the opening moments of the match to what the team’s selected vehicles are to be

  • Despawn points - areas where vehicles can be despawned without loss of future access

  • SP rebates - return of SP costs paid for vehicles (perhaps with deductions for damage/crew loss)

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It’s stupid you need like 2 kills to spawn in a fully loaded Ka-50 that can wipe the entire enemy team, which then gets you enough SP to spawn in another CAS vehicle and then back to ground.


Try C&F at USA 5.7, after a single cap You can hope into F4U-4B with 2x 1000 lbs bombs and 4 HVAR rockets and after some kills (like 3/4) You can hope into AM-1 with 3x 2000 lbs bombs and 12 HVAR rockets.

Why bother even being good in a tank when You can just play on maps and modes that You prefer.

Top tier is permanent mess…if it wasn’t the Ka-50, it’d be something else.

You can either be at a tier that’s vaguely balanced or be at top tier…but you cannot have both–regardless of vehicle sort.

It’s not necessarily better at other BRs, not having guided weapons and jets bombing you from outer space with zero interaction with the playable area, but not like you can do much about P-47s crashing into you and dropping their bombs either.

I’d argue module grind focuses and needs as well as engagement distances say top tier is worse, but all of that is subjective ultimately.

As for suicide bombers (at any tier), they’re goofy and worth laughing at but at least you can take in their losses (per SP costs)–even when ‘successful’ they lose.

I was just laughing at top tier in a general sense…it’s always been a mess. I remember when the IS-4, M103 and Leopard were the top dogs and still there was howling.

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