Increase spawn cost for planes and helicopters

It’s been quite a while since Gaijin has reduced the spawn cost for vehicles in ground battles.
Now generally I think that’s a good idea since you should be able to spawn in two tanks without having, let’s say it this way, contributed anything but an overall decrease in spawn points causes one prominent issue – you guessed it, planes are way too dominant.

Currently, it’s possible to spawn in planes with a heavy ground ordinance without having contributed a single kill, and that’s just not balanced for obvious reasons. Putting aside the issues it causes like revenge killing, it causes planes to completely dominate this ground focused game mode and I don’t think that benefits the game, not is particularly fun

I would propose to increase the spawn cost for planes by at least 20%
Helicopters shouldn’t be able to first spawn.


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We had something like that in advance gamemode tests and it was quite good!


Yeah, it could be that easy. Also, there are tons of people craving a game mode without planes, so this would ease this as well


True, but generally it’s too low. You get access to insanely powerful vehicles way too easily

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They’re only powerful because many don’t counter them and let them get a foothold.

Everyone expects everyone else to tend to the SPAA, and then when they do, everyone blames them for not doing a good enough job because they got killed, further making it a role that no-one wants to take on.

So what counters are there besides other planes and please provide any evidence to show that it is effective.

Nope, I don’t need to throw you a bone to try and engage in some dismissive elitist KDR nonsense again…

So no examples and evidence, great :D

It’s not like you have a choice. When you are in a tank, you can’t really effectively do anything besides your focus being on the ground and not it the air. At higher tiers, that discussion falls flat completely. Try to counter GBUs in a tank
And first spawning SPAA creates the same issue the other way around. There is a now way to do both, sadly, while planes can.


Of course! I know that but I thought that when someone has opposing views he can provide examples and back it up with something.

It appears I replied to the wrong comment

Nah, there’s a lot to it… A lot of people misuse SPAA and are too complacent about the threat itself compared to just being out there and shooting everything.

Often they sit out in the open looking for a good shot, engaging what they won’t hit, and becoming a beacon for themselves, and anyone who is around them.

So please provide an example how to do it efficiently ;)

Have you seen Sands of Sinai, on a lot of maps you have limited cover.


Sands is a really cool map… Just don’t sit out in the open, there are spots for cover.

Planes can engage from any angle they want. You can’t hide from it.

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Angle doesn’t matter, concealment and surprise does.

Id just be happy if I could play a ground RB game where there are more tanks on the ground then planes in the air. After the first flag caps everyone seems to jump for planes.


In the mean time, when You are just trying to ‘hide’ from enemy air and wait for it to come near You because You don’t have much of effective range, enemy air was able to drop its load on Your team.