Increase spawn cost for planes and helicopters

Your post, which I replied to, is directly linked to my post, which is referring to “ground units”, which is therefore the topic of the following exchange.

And my first post which You replied to was linked to topic about tanks which I followed.

Please read the discussion You join.

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Read the replies, you reply to.

Sorry but when You join the discussion then You really should read about what it is first.

My reply was to the topic of Tanks, as this is why when replying to me I still talked about tanks. I have already stated my opinion about SPAA at that B.R.

Doesn’t take a lot of effort to use wasd in order to move slightly, while your aim stays perfect for the whole time.

You don’t need to move much, just enough to throw off any LRF attempts.

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Yep, especially if You are at proper distance from battlefield. Not to mention that You should never fly in big open space.

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Omg, really never heard of professional players that can stay 3km away from they own spawn and sniper enemy tanks that getting to close. Your answer seems that you only play br 8.0.

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he meant to say that he can take on 3-4 planes, of mediocre/bad plane users with his SPAA, because if 2 of them attacked him at once, coordinated (or just properly timed) he would just insta die to a strafe/bomb/missile

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Yet it’s still effort that most people have no interest in putting in. Keep in mind an ATGM loadout heli can just spawn at the first helipad, gain some altitude and have immediate access to much of the map.

Firstly, sniping a heli hovering at treetop level 3km in your sightline away isn’t that hard.

Secondly, there’s almost no vehicles with LRF at 8.0

Third, and last I checked; my Type 90s, Type 93, Type 16, Abrams, Stryker, Lav-AD, XM975, AGS, LOSAT are all well above 8.0BR. I could go on but I think it’s quite clear I’ve cleared 8.0BR for some nations quite awhile ago. I could mention aircraft too but that’d be overkill.

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You’re wasting your time citing facts, logic and reality on the people who won’t accept being outplayed and defeated. Countermeasures certainly exist and are used successfully in battles every day…but they’d rather whimper than win.

Complaining about dying to tankers who fly who skillfully got their weapons on target is easier than admitting their legitimate defeat by the same. It’s too much for them to admit that they were defeated or that they didn’t do enough to survive (or even win).

If aircraft weren’t around, the same people would be complaining about ____ tanks because defeat is what they’re really complaining about.

What WT really needs is to add in despawn points, SP rebates for vehicles taken to despawn points and enhance access to defensive measures like clean fighters (per the well-received ‘Fighters First’ concept).

If SPAA and fighters were available from the start, teams would have every option for defense they could have…so they should have that now–especially as players want that.


Shooting down a daim heli hovering above spotting range is easy when you get noobs in KA-50 doing heli rush. Skilled players are not hovering around like flying target to get shot down.

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Don’t know about you but in all my experience over 75% of Helicopter pilots using ATGM loadouts hover at an altitude that is perfectly engageable by tanks on level ground. The other 15% are at an altitude that requires the tank to use an incline to engage, and the last 10% are at altitudes and/or performing movements that strictly require SPAA or CAP intervention.

In regards to helis with dumbfire rocket loadouts, they are nearly always able to be engaged upon since they like to approach low and close. I say nearly because very few heli users are capable of sucessful long range rocket engagements.

You’re far overplaying the card of the skill ceiling of the average WT player.

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That is extremely common among those who hype CAS.

Anyone who actually pays attention in-game sees that aircraft are much more accessible to defending SPAAs/fighters (and even MGs) than most hypers admit.

As an experienced tanker who also flies, I can testify many people don’t even try to shoot down/oppose enemy aircraft.

They choose to lose…so they do: it’s their own defeatism, not a game issue.

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Precisely. It’s been the same song and dance going on 6 years from those types.

Everything said is true to point, and even from my own experience I share the sentiment.

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Totally useless keep talking do you that helicopter can shot down by tanks. Keep dreaming pls I see heli go shot down by verhicles with autocannon like Puma, BMP2, 2S38 more in my battles. Tank shooting down helis is rare and only by using they 12,7mm machinegun and not using the tank shell.

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Buddy, I’ve lost WN8 the last few weeks prioritizing Heli play with rockets to complete the Thundercloud BP challenge and I died far more to MBTs between their main guns and LMG/HMG mounts than I did to SPAA, CAP and other Helis.

Like I’ve said before, awareness is key. Reaction is secondary to awareness.

Your claim is both subjectively and objectively false.

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You are not able to discuss anything with this kind of people. They are blinded by what they want game to be and they fear that it might change.

No matter how much logic You are going to use, no matter the facts and evidence that will be brought up, it won’t win against their personal experience that they see as ‘the only truth’. They will move goalpost and try to blame either You or Your team as they are not able to admit being wrong or that there is a flaw in their perfect gameplay.

I posted many screanshoots, videos, heck I even had to explain to them some things as they weren’t even able to use things that they were talking about. Can’t forget when one person said that I’m using some kind of exploit because he belived that You can’t do a C&F so he stopped responding to me.

On the new forum instead of gaslighting You, they will just abuse the flagging option as they don’t want people to see that the problem is not as small as they are trying to portray it to be.

I even remember that some tried to say that overpressure didn’t change anything, like that You are now not even required to hit open-top in order to kill it. But ye, if You point out that they are wrong You will see the same pattern happening all the time.


Lmao…you’ve got it confused and reversed:

The people trying to change the game are the ones who refuse to accept that War Thunder is a combined arms game and complain that it is.

This fact is a major reason TO has flopped and interest in it has died out to where it’s not really even talked about anymore.

If you need anything else clarified, I’m around.


Like I said, gaslighting and lying about how things are to just protect what they want the game to be.

Many topics poping out all the time about the same issue and polls which showed interest proved that people see the issue and would like a change, but some can’t accept that.

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