Increase spawn cost for planes and helicopters

Because you keep not taking into consideration that people can use their ground vehicles.

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So You say that You can effectively shoot down my heli?

Of course I can.

So we can test it out?

Sure, I am mostly online on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday before noon UTC.

Ok, as there was no real say about what kind of heli/tanks we will be playing, I can propose helis:


Which B.R. would be good for You? Which tank are You going to use?

Why though ?
You can have your sight stabilized while moving as well, so hovering is totally redundant.

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Yep, first lesson when playing a heli:

Don’t hover.

no spa can kill good jet player… i have pantsir its usles. i only kill noobs. mostly fantoms and helis. good heli can deal spa rly ez 2. so there is no way u wil kill experienced cas players. i found only 1 best way to kill cas.

spawn camping XDDDDDDDD


It’s simple; people can be lazy and want to minimize effort while maximizing benefits. Why shoot and scoot when you can just hover and sling misdiles? Especially at a high amount of players that just don’t pay attention to their surroundings? Ontop of that you can then kill them again after they respawn.

Or maybe it’s none of that. Maybe the position to hover in is extremely bemeficial in terms of firingrange and spawncamping access with adequate concealment and/or cover from return fire.

Nice try, for the AH-1F it would be the Gepard 1A2 and the other two would meet the FlaRakRad, as I never said that I smack them out of the sky with tanks regularly, but I have no troubles with SPAA.

Oh as I thought You will now try to say that You are going to use SPAA, the talk was about tanks (as You can see what it was replied to) so please show how effectively You can shoot down my heli with a tank.

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11.7 SPAA vs 10.7 heli ?

In a talk about tank vs heli, and if I remember correctly then Mi-28a is on 10.3 (nevermind, they changed it)

This was the post, I replied to. It doesn’t say “tank” anywhere. It isn’t even specified that a ground unit needs to be used.
And your post was a reply to my post, in which I said that “ground vehicles” can be proper counters.

Sorry but first post was a reply to the topic of heli vs tanks, if You want to jump into discussion then read about what it is first ;).

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Your post, which I replied to, is directly linked to my post, which is referring to “ground units”, which is therefore the topic of the following exchange.

And my first post which You replied to was linked to topic about tanks which I followed.

Please read the discussion You join.

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Read the replies, you reply to.

Sorry but when You join the discussion then You really should read about what it is first.

My reply was to the topic of Tanks, as this is why when replying to me I still talked about tanks. I have already stated my opinion about SPAA at that B.R.