In the interests of evolution and balancing

Give everythihg a counter. For example if a plane has to face missils give it chaff or flares. If a tank faces HEAT give it ERA

That’s not how War Thunder works. They can’t just invent ERA or CMs for vehicles that never had them (yeah yeah I know the F-5A and C exist).


@war_tinder is exactly right. Warthunder isn’t the game that will just add things willy nilly just to add them. They implement things mostly as designed. Also if you added ERA to things that saw HEAT ammunition, everything would need ERA because HEAT rounds existed before ERA. While I agree that things need counters, I can’t agree to just add things to vehicles that didn’t have them. I have played many, many games in the F-105D wishing its chaff pods could have flares, but they won’t until people prove that they did and Gaijin makes the change. Same with other aircraft and tanks.

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Tigers, Panthers, Jumbos and Churchill with ERA because of PT-76B:



The Tigers get HEAT too, both variants. Everything would have to have ERA.

As weapon systems evolve, player awareness devolves. Exercise your brain when outclassed by weapons systems.

Germany already had ERA, HEAT-FS, APFSDS etc. for the Tigers and Panthers at the time but the Annunaki-Aldebaran Empire ordered Germany not to use to advanced Technology and any Wunderwaffen because it would have been to destructive.

Why not ? you can put vehicles against vehicles that missed each other by 30 years or put an M1 Abrams in Normandy of 1944 or a Tiger E in Sun city of 1990.You tell me exactly how War Thunder does actually work in terms of reality and history because I’ll be damned if I have a clue at present.

Counters are created out of necessity. WT is a creation in it’s self

Equating the modeling of vehicles to the way the matchmaker works is a false equivalence fallacy.


No its just non sensical crap.

Do you mean this seriously or are you just venting?

They’re just venting. I refuse to believe it’s serious.

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Or give tank spall liners

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They didn’t have spall liners back then either…

How about flak jackets insttead

What does that even mean?

Chinese MBT don’t have any Spall Liners, can be destroyed by HEAT basically anywhere and are the easiest to destroy overall, larger LFP than USSR/Russian Tanks as well and only -5 Gun Depression in the Game (despite having more IRL) and a smaller / worse Line Up than most other Nations but still among the highest Win-Rate or at least had idk how its now but at least used to have among highest winrate

If you would give every Tank ERA they would have to go up in BR as well and it would make HEAT useless, why not give every Vehicle who has to face heavy ones more penetration and access to 10kg HE?

Its simply the strength of this vehicles or skill of the user, you can’t just take away the strength of a vehicle and make them all equal.

Truly balanced would only be if every nation had same vehicles with same stats, same ammo etc but thats dumb, some vehicles are going to be stronger and some weaker in some encounters and battles.

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That’s why we have differnt classes of tanks

yes but why ruin some classes in favour of others? some vehicles only strength / only available ammo is their HEAT or like HE-slingers they are Dogshit in everything else but busting big HE nuts so should every vehicle they face now have some big cage around their turret, era etc and the HE-slingers get maus armour in return?