Improving ground objective variety?

Basically, “What if” we improved the amount of objective’s and quality of life for the current ground RB(or add another game mode) to help balance the game out more.

Idk how to articulate this better but I feel like the main problem for ground is how the snail treat’s it’s vehicle’s in their role’s.

Basically, instead of having a team death match. We have an actual war that requires strategy that also accommodates the need’s/role’s of vehicles that don’t fit the combat role to well. This would help to balance most vehicle’s to be actually usable in and out of combat. Instead of being purely who can kill each other the most efficient way. (Possibly adding in a era type br system)

This could act like a ground rb EC that work’s kinda like Naval EC (Using lower end non combat vehicles to acquire sp for more lethal tank’s.)
A few example’s could be having troop transport LAV’s that could drive from one point to another to “Resupply” a base or possibly build a.i. defense’s.
Giving enough sp for a light tank. You get a kill and you get enough for either a medium tank or TD, and finally a heavy to super heavy tank. (If separated by era, we could have almost all vehicles contribute to the “war” and balanced by different metric’s more suited to their role’s)

  • Keep Current Ground rb as is, no new game mode
  • Keep Current ground rb as is, but add a new game mode
  • Change Current ground rb
  • nuh uh
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New things to do in battles is always welcome.

I wanted to add targets for planes/helicopters to detect and for SPGs to shell

Would be also cool if you could transport troops with IFV and deploy them at cap points or something

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Yes, bring back D Point !!!