Help to build a game mode using cdk!

Ok, so, I’m gonna start trying to build my own game mode using the cdk!
This game mode will focus on using every vehicle to their strength’s instead of their killing power!
This post goes more in depth (Improving ground objective variety?)

Now this post is gonna be a back and forth talk to try and get the best balance for said vehicles, and how to possibly add new mechanic’s to use.
(This will mainly focus on ground unit’s, and then we’ll balance off of them. Ground comes first in this mode for now unless we decide later.)

As of right now, i’ll give a list of thing’s we can discuss on how to implement and such.

  1. Starting map/ Best possible map to use.

  2. resources/SP modificaton (This will give us our starting system to allow non-combat oriented ground unit’s to be more useful) (Need to find the mad max resource system)

  3. A.I. Configuration/Player functionality. (Letting certain vehicle’s be able to build defense’s / create A.i. to defend certain place’s. Possibly with resources transferred from place to place)

I’ll list a few other’s once I start to build this and/or if you guys notice something not here that should.