IFVs for top tier minor nations

They do, though I’m fine with anything.

Not even that would save a contact fused missile. I hate them altogether.

You have a T-90S, I feel as if a Leopard 2A6M isn’t that far of an idea.

What do you mean it isn’t what the TT needs??? You mean to tell me you didn’t want 9 Challenger 1/2s???

APUs are something that no nation has, though it seems as if they’re contemplating it. I personally see this as more of a ratty addition.

True, though would help at lease

yeah it really isnt. Why the hell they picked a T-90 is beyond me, so many interesting options. The Challenger 1 Falcon won the poll for something to addf instead of it. But yeah, just one, either that or we could have gotten the Australian M1A1 AIM, but that went to the US tree.

Would be nice, just for one alternative.

Yep, nor is regen steering. But with most British vehciles, they are bad due to missing game mechanics and not becaues they are bad IRL

Awesome. Would be fun to fly with people.

I tend to stick above 8.3. Im lazy and like SAS mode. I have been meaning to learn props, but I think I need rudder pedals first.

I think it just easier for them as the arjun wouof been a better choice as it similar to whats already in the tech tree

You wanna talk about this shit?

How about most of the games mechanics not favoring VR or HOTAS applications, as well as control binding being very limiting. That’s my most hated thing.

Yeah, im planning a suggestion for improvements to the radar controls at some point.

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It makes things a little more laid-back and less intesive.

I personally stick with the on-screen joystick with mouse / keyboard, since a 3-axis stick just feels clunky and unresponsive for props.

Yeah, I use the X-56 HOTAS and I think I need to spend a while configuring a control scheme specifically for Props. But Pedals I think will help too. Then I need to start with something other than a Spitfire. They are really unforgiving. Might start with the Hurricane or I’ve heard the Typhoons are quite easy to fly.

Same here. Saitek kinda sucks ass, but it’s the best of cheap sticks.

BF-109 is one of my favorites, just because the torque is just perfect enough to learn how to control and get used to, as well as the flight model being great for beginning. The F-4 is my personal best.

Shall bare that in mind, Thank you ,though I only play Britian at the moment. But I do need to make a point to just try out a load of different props before settling on one to “master”. Eventually, the goal has to be a Spitfire. Naturally.

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I agree with this. Japan still has a few it could get, China desperately needs one, Italy is actually fine, it has quite a few, France needs one, and Israel needs it the most of any nation.

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Mayby Gajin should visit defence expo worldwide and get idea’s for they next verhicle introduction.

France is a premium so it regular TT would be 5.3 lol :')


I would prioritise SPAAs instead.
Really annoying when you don’t have anything to can spawn to kill planes

Both but most nations have high tier SPAA now it’s just Italy and Israel left out. Britain, France, Israel, China all lack top tier IFVs.


more is still better

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China probably has a whole subtree worth of IFVs, though given the fact that it starts around 8.7


They can also get more light tanks alongside of spaags and sams, they have quite a few of them left

Indeed. A lot of Chinese export AAs also seems to be able to target ground vehicle at times. China never employed them due to the conflict in doctrine but nevertheless there are a few good WT candidates.

passed as suggestion means nothing, it just mean Gaijin try to show like they want keep in touch with players
i checkes all suggestion in 2022-2023 and only less than 10% of them are really added into the game
even the oldest suggestion in 2015 is have only 30% have really implemented
and should i tell u AKD-10 is worse than any top tier heli ATGMs, Wing Loong 1 could carry AKD-10 but only have AKD-9 in game, and almost all ZTZs could be easily penetrated at the bottom at barrel? and u said ZTZ99A is better than BVM that could be find wrong easily