If Console player's are going to get Ground to Air Aim assist, in Ground RB. the PC players should get it too

It is a Unfair advantage to most.

I cant tell you HOW many times ive been sniped out of the air by a Console player because of their lock on assist. it’s VERY rare i get shot down by a PC player playing AA anymore, Unless its a Radar AA at Higher tiers.

It may not give lead, But the lock and and everything still gives them a MAJOR advantage, because even if you pull Maneuvers and things to try and break off, they keep locked right onto you, and its only a matter of time before they land a hit that takes off a wing or something.

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War Thunder is not fast paced shooter where aim assistant really matters, if you can’t out-aim console player on tank with limited guidance speed - you need to reconsider your life choices. The only issue I see with it is aim assist against areal targets.

and that is the ONLY place Console players get Aim assist, is against Air targets. And its pretty powerful too, its basically a Tracking radar without the lead indicator.

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All it does is help you track a single air target at a time in a ground vehicle.

It does not aim, range or lead for you. You still have to aim, range and lead accordingly on your own to land shots - contrary to the PC plebs beliefs it is not all encompassing and can often be more of a detriment than an aid.

You PC plebs want Gaijin to take it? Fine. They can as soon as you PC folks lose total access to ULQ mode, because that’s far higher on the bullshit scale.


Thing is, it snaps… No matter what people say, this is an aim assist and makes unreal shots possible.

One of the benefits I see with it is they can call a team to attack a plane, where we can’t lock onto it and have it IDed and shown as to what it is, compared to just calling air…


You DO realize most Consoles are USING ULQ mode right?


Well isn’t this a refreshing change to all those CAS OP -threads.

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I mean when im just trying too keep the CAS out of the air in my spitfire, id LIKE to not be sniped out of the air at 2km away by some Console player in a M42 or something.

As someone who has (and still occasionally does) played on console but now primarily PC, PC is way, way easier.

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An now we’re full circle for heh hah iirc PC did have it but complained for not liking it so it was removed for them but not for us an now we’re here… (this is what I’ve been told & read several times in the past).

For all of the pros that PC get the console version is limited yet they get a pro an the world goes crazy.

I was reading a similar debate recently an the ability to switch graphics settings on PC was seen as a counterpoint to the grey box mechanics that consoles got.

To be honest I’d rather see it removed not sure why we kept it as fighting aircraft was iffy but manageable imho an we didn’t always have the grey box mechanic prior to what 2019 so why even add it.

That time was a bug, and it was sprung on us, AND it was literally, if you even fired towards a target it would select and lock…

And that wasn’t what you get, literally…

You can select and track that target… We weren’t… We were even shooting around it, and the thing would snap.

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Wrong. Consoles are defaulted to medium or high settings depending on Gen.

Additionally, you cannot change it.

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The snap means fuck-all outside of shotgun distance because again - You still have to do your own aiming, ranging and leading. All it does is help you track a target.

And tracking a target means fuck-all if you can’t hit it.

And You are able to see it even behind obstacles, we saw it on Youtube.

Crying about ULQ? You know that it is not the best settings to be able to see better at the moment?

The lock on for console players is needed however it does need a rework, it should not lock when aircraft go behind cover.

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That I can agree with and is an adjustment I have suggested and advocated for.

I can’t stop smilling whenever I see a PC player complaining, to not say crying, about “advantages” that console players have in this game.

First, how can you tell it’s a console player? You can’t, unless you are yourself playing on a console. On PC you cannot tell if a console account is being used on PC or on console.

Do this, try to play the game on a console with a controller first before talking about it as if you know something.


Spoken like a true PC Player who has never played on a Console.
Nobody on Console ever wanted cross platform nor asked for it.
Most of us were horrified at being thrust into the world of online cheating.

Nothing could be more hilarious to a console player than hearing a PC player talk about unfair advantage.

I play on Xbox and all I ever heard was smug PC players stat shaming those on consoles because console play is bloody hard.

I don’t even know how auto lock works and I only get it when I really don’t want it mostly while aiming at a tank.
I would seriously recommend somebody not playing Warthunder on console against a PC with all the cheats and ULQ set and a big keyboard full of presets if asked whether it’s a good idea.

So among all the anti CAS posts we have claiming how OP CAS and all the contrary posts claiming that everybody who hates CAS should just “Jump in to a SPAA” we have this nonsense.

If Console players are so OP against Air then every GRB player in a tank should be applauding them.


Which makes it all the more satisfying when I have matches where I thoroughly spank on the PC crowd.

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Agreed ,until I look and see it was because I was down tiered. :)

Seriously took me a long time to get into this game on console and I am proud of any console player who comes top.

Incidentally this account only exists because I jumped onto my PC to see if ULQ made a difference and how much easier it is on PC and it is.My main acc is on Xbox

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