Idea and Discussion: Thailand As A Minor Nation

It’s a welcome addition to any new nation that’s new to the game. Of course, Thailand, too. However, from my point of view, the Chinese seem to object to the addition of post-WWII Chinese vehicles to Japanese TTs because of their World War II ties. I’m not against Thailand being added to the game per se.

Therefore, we think that discussing Chinese-made equipment after World War II will lead to a faster discussion. Red herring is not required.

Finland wasn’t added to Sweden simply because it’s “(geographical) closeness,” but I won’t mention it because it’s off topic.

We need to discuss with him about how the VT-4 and other Chinese vehicles should be treated. Talking to the point will allow us to come to a conclusion more quickly.

Guys, instead of getting angry with each other or talking about politics, how about presenting your own arguments and basis only on this point?

Guys, instead of getting angry with each other or talking about politics, how about presenting your own arguments and basis only on this point?

Simply just do not add those vehicles to the subtree, this has been said numerous times already.

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Well, what do you think?

You suggested Southeast Asia TT. (Of course, if Southeast Asia TT is implemented, it will have to have all Chinese vehicles.)

If Thailand belongs to Japan TT, is it acceptable if Chinese vehicles are excluded?

The main reason why I don’t want Thailand to join the Science and technology in Japan Tree is not only the problem of Chinese vehicles, but also the serious problem of the lack of modern vehicles after Thailand joined Japan. On the contrary, I have no objection to the inclusion of Chinese vehicles in the separate South East Asia science and technology tree,Because they are customers of China’s military industry.

Great stuff, 2x7.62mm MGs feels a bit light, especially with the listed ordnance loads, so much like with the Fuji T-1, I suspect balance might be quite difficult with this one.

The jumping of the technology tree is a serious problem, such as Israel losing its World War II vehicles, and Israel’s various Magazines and Mekavas during the Cold War have been controversial. So I don’t want to see Thailand, as a client of the modern Chinese military industry, lose a large number of Chinese vehicles from the Cold War to the modern era.

Honestly, this is a pretty fantastic selection, and as stated before, I think it would be a great way to start out as far as testing for any Thai content in the Japanese tree by beginning with WW2-era content and then seeing the reception of the wider playerbase.

As far as I see it, this is easily the preferable alternative for content, and Japan being the only of the original 5 nations to remain mono-national feels like an artificial limitation, especially given arbitrary conditions offering range for other factions in the game, such as the Argentinian SK 105 and Swiss Hunter for the German tree.

When factoring in gameplay considerations, as well as seeing Thai players desiring representation of historical vehicles, and the demonstrated consequence of mono-nationality being alternate history proposals, I think the arguments against such a path do not seek to pursue actions consistent with prior content added to the game, while also actively seeking detrimental regulations upon one faction that have already been shown to not readily apply in other nations.


อ้าววว…คนไทยเหมือนกันด้วย หวัดดีค้าบบบ

I agree with you on this. But the story of the Chinese who expressed dissatisfaction had to be taken into account a bit. This might be a bit of a problem.

As I mentioned earlier, if those vehicles are such problematic, then we can skip it for the Thai sub-tree. After all, the sub tree doesn’t mean that it has to have all vehicles of that nation, just the signature ones. For Thai sub-tree, as tree that shares itself with Japanese Tree, the BR ranges in which the worrying chinese-imported vehicles maybe seen don’t mean that we have to include those vehicles. For example, instead of Type 69 (locally called Type 30), the 7…7-8.0 BR range, we can fill that gap with M60s, after all, JP tech tree doesn’t have M60s.

Thai army don’t have Type 59 ,VT5 and MBT2000

I do not deny that my country is armed. Including the use of Chinese armored vehicles But Chinese armored vehicles that can be classified by service in the army and marine are as follows.

VT-4 [MBT-3000]

VN-1 [ZBL-09]

Type 85 [Type YW531H]

VN 16 [ZTD-05]


Type 62 (There is no exact information on when it was received.)

Type 69-II
**Some have changed their guns to be used as aggressor

This is a Chinese armored vehicle used by Thailand. which if you have enough other armored vehicles You can argue back with information.

I see slightly differently that Able to join the Japanese tech tree but may be a premium car Or if you really can’t live I also agree that in Thailand there are armored vehicles invented in Thailand or other tank models that are not bought from China that can be added to the top tier.

An incomplete statistics on military sales to Thailand:
Country Model Sales Year Quantity
Thailand C-801 Ship-to-Ship Missile 1991-92 96
Thailand C-801 Ship-to-Ship Missile 1991-92 4
Thailand Hongying-5 Portable Air to Air Missile 1988 18
Thailand HQ-2B Air Defense Missile 1989 12
Thailand HQ-2B Air Defense Missile System 1989 1
Thailand HY-5A Portable Air to Air Missile 1987-88 68
Thai Jianghu Corvette 1991-92 4
Thai Jianghu Corvette 1994-95 2
Thai Support Ship 1996 1
Thailand T-311 Fire-control radar 1991-92 25
Thailand T-341 Fire-control radar 1991-92 4
Thailand T-59 Main Battle Tank 1985-87 60
Thailand Type 59-1 130mm towed artillery 1985 88 54
Thailand T-69 Main Battle Tank 1987, 1989-92 503
Thailand Type 81 122mm Cannon 1988 36
Thailand Type 85 130mm Cannon 1988-89 60
Thailand Type 531 Armored Personnel Carrier 1987, 19891991492
Thailand Type 69 Spaag AAV (G) (gun armed) 1989-90 55
Thai Type 81 122mm Cannon 1988 36
Thai Type 83 130mm Cannon 1988-89 20
Thailand YW-531 Armored Personnel Carrier 1987, 1990-91 770
There are also some ZTQ62 (Thailand has turned them into artificial coral reefs), which is the information I found, but early ZTZ59 and ZTZ69 be verified due to their age.

This doesn’t even seem that excessive. Especially if you consider that the subtree won’t have every single vehicle anyways. These are just a tiny fraction of the many modern vehicles China has to offer, and that is without their own ROC subtree/line, which offers them foreign vehicles themselves.

This doesn’t seem worse than the many foreign vehicles in any other tech tree to me. As long as China gets the same vehicles at the same time or earlier since they made them I see no issue.

The finnish subtree has a lot of foreign vehicles as well, with swedish vehicles only coming in at high tier. With Thailand it would be the same, but the other way around, with Japanese vehicles at low tier.


เพราะว่าเป็นคนไทยนี่เเหละเลยแคร์ เเละค่อนข้างแคร์มากด้วย จนถึงตอนนี้ก็ยังไม่เข้าใจว่าฝั่งผู้เล่นคนจีนเขาจะไม่เห็นด้วยและคัดข้านหลังชนฝายิ่งกว่าผู้เล่นชาวไทยเองทำไมในเมื่อเราก็บอกเขาแล้วว่าถ้าเขาไม่อยากเห็นรถถังจีนในสายของญี่ปุ่น เราก็ไม่ต้องใส่ก็ได้ เอาเเค่ของที่เรานำเข้า คิดเองและ/หรือแปลงมาจากของอเมริกาหรือญี่ปุ่นก็พอ เราพึ่งจะหันมาใช้ของจีนในช่วงหลังสงครามเวียดนาม และไม่ได้ใช้เป็นหลักด้วยซํ้า (เป็นผู้เล่นฝั่งเครื่องบินเลยไม่ค่อยจะอินสักเท่าไร)

Anyway, here are some low-basic Tier Tanks that can be added under Thai-sub Tree.


Vickers 6-Ton (Mark E) Type B, armed with 3-pdr (47 mm) gun (with 50 rounds)


Carden-Loyd Mk.VI. Can be introduced as a meme tankette like that of Italian, I guess?


American fried rice, a Thai fried rice dish with “American” side ingredients like fried chicken, ham, hot dogs, raisins, and ketchup (Other ingredients like pineapples and croutons are optional.). I was invented during the Vietnam war era Thailand to serve American soldiers stationed in Thailand. If this doesn’t cement how Thai was so close to US, like that of Japan during cold war era, I don’t know what else.


Great selection, I’d also add the Thai T17 with a Japanese 20mm AT gun as it looks real funny and gives off funny SdKfz. 221 energy


The funkiest and skedaddlest place for the Bottom (gear) tier for me would be the Vickers-Morris M1931 (locally called Type 74), nicknamed “ไอ้โกร่ง” (Tallies).

Like the mythical creature that it was, Thai Vickers-Morris M1931 could be seen during many important and watershed moments throughout Thai/Siamese history, from the 1932 Siamese revolution, Boworadet Rebellion, Franco-Thai war, to the second World War itself. Cladded in 9mm thick armor, armed with Vicker Machine Gun capable of 360 degrees rotation, as well as 20 handgranedes, Vickers-Morris M1931 was mainly used as the scout and exploitation vehicle.

For more information, checkout (3) ไอ้โกร่ง รถหุ้มเกราะ กองทัพไทย สงครามโลกครั้งที่สอง / ประวัติศาสตร์ ทหารไทย (Vickers Morris M1931) - YouTube by Siam Historical Cafe


Certainly funky, very cool!

ผมว่าเขาอาจจะไม่เข้าใจด้วย แถมจากที่ลองอ่านดู เขาอยากให้แยกไปทำเป็นสายอาเซียนเลยด้วย เพียงเพราะไม่อยากให้มาอยู่กับญี่ปุ่น ซึ่งผมมองว่าทั้งอาเซียนนั้นประเทศที่พอมีแบบอาวุธของตัวเองก็ไม่ได้มีเยอะเท่าไหร่ด้วย ส่วนใหญ่ก็เน้นที่จะดัดแปลงเสียมากกว่าด้วยซ้ำ

Slightly added tanks in the low-basic tier. The Half Track car is armed with a 47mm cannon, which is removed from the torpedo boat.

Torpedo Boat

Next is a Type76 SPAAG armed with one 40 mm QF 2 pdr anti-aircraft gun.

Next is a Half track with howitzer is 105 and 150mm?