Idea and Discussion: Thailand As A Minor Nation

Regarding the T-610 Super Pinto, I’ve looked into it a little bit and I found it to be quite an interesting aircraft as well. According to the general knowledge regarding the T-610 “Cali” Super Pinto, it had 6 underwing hardpoints with a capacity of up to 3,500 kg, with a combination of 2 × 7.62 mm caliber machine guns mentioned in the wiki. I also came across the images and detail regarding its secondary armament on the website AJI T-610 Super Pinto. According to the rough translation, besides the mentioned gun pods, it could also carry 2 PU 70-mm NUR or light bombs with a total weight of up to 400 kg.

Images from the site:

The image of Pinto with 6 hardpoints from the Secret Project Forum Philippine Government T-610 Calí jet trainer | Secret Projects Forum

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According to recent news, South Korea has given up its history of being invaded by Japan with the help of the United States

Just a friendly reminder that Japan and Thailand (then Siam) were both allied during ww2, albeit somewhat reluctantly on the Thai side.

Thailand (Siam) received vehicles and fought alongside Japan in parts of SE Asia.

So while I understand the Imperialism chanting, I feel like maybe people are forgetting that the Thai government actively chose to participate with the Japanese, rather than becoming puppet states like many other countries.

Of course they didn’t have a hand in most of the atrocities that Japan committed, but they were still referred to as the “Italy of Asia” by both the Allies and Japan (wikipedia).

As far as relations go, I see no reason as to why this shouldn’t count given that Japan would be receiving vehicles operated by Thailand (Siam) during ww2.

Edit: Wikipedia copy and paste v

[Thailand] officially adopted a neutral position during World War II until the five hour-long [Japanese invasion of Thailand] on 8 December 1941, which led to an armistice and military alliance treaty between [Thailand] and the [Japanese Empire] in mid-December 1941. At the start of the [Pacific War], the Japanese Empire pressured the Thai government to allow the passage of Japanese troops to invade British-held [Malaya] and [Burma]. After the invasion, Thailand capitulated. The Thai government under [Plaek Phibunsongkhram] (known simply as Phibun) considered it profitable to co-operate with the Japanese war efforts, since Thailand saw Japan – who promised to help Thailand regain some of the [Indochinese territories] in today’s [Laos], [Cambodia], and [Vietnam] which had been lost to France – as an ally against Western imperialism. Following added pressure from the start of the [Allied bombings of Bangkok] due to the Japanese occupation, [Axis]-aligned Thailand declared war on the United Kingdom and the United States and annexed territories in neighbouring countries, expanding to the north, south, and east, gaining a border with [China] near [Kengtung]

After becoming an ally of the Empire of Japan, Thailand retained control of its armed forces and internal affairs. The Japanese policy on Thailand differed from their relationship with the puppet state of [Manchukuo]. Japan intended bilateral relationships similar to those between [Nzi Germany] and [Finland], [Bulgaria] and [Romania]. However, Thailand at that time was labelled by both the Japanese and the [Allies] as the “Italy of Asia” or “Oriental Italy”, a secondary power.


Japan has not yet made any apology for the war of aggression against China, and even most Japanese did not learn it in school!

So I think South Korea is more suitable because most of its weapons technology and that of Japan come from the European Union or the United States.

Fight with yourself. o7

P.S. Feel free to point out other countries’ education, but don’t expect the CCP’s teaching of international order to be accurate either.

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English is not my native language, this is a translator issue, and the true meaning should be that most Japanese people are unaware of the existence of the War of Aggression against China and the Nanjing Massacre. O7

Regarding the South Korean issue, according to the South Korean government, with the “help” of the United States, they have solved the problems with Japan during World War II

Another 2 lovely aircraft that I would love to see in Thai Tree would be the Boripatra Bomber (B.Th.2) and Prajadhipok Fighter (B.Kh.5). While I couldn’t find the armaments they were equipped with, one could imply that they were capable of being equipped with the similar planes of their classes or that they based of; Bréguet 14 for Boripatra, and Nieuport-Delage NiD 29 for Prajadhipok. I think that they would make quite a collectable Teir 1 premiums.




On the other hand, Thailand/Siam once had quite an impressive air industry capable of producing around 200 locally made Aircrafts, mostly foreign licenses.


Siamese Made Bréguet 14 (B.Kh4) ขัติยะนารี ๑ (Khattiyanari 1


Thai Made O2U Corsair

Thai Built Hawk 3

I would love seeing these planes being added in the Tier 1 in the Thai-sub tree


The current South Korean president bizarrely insists on love with Japan, as his approval rating shows, but he never said “with the “help” of the United States, we’ve solved the problems with Japan during World War II”.

Do you trust the Chinese state media?

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During World War II, Thailand allied itself with Japan, and it cannot be denied that this is a very strong connection.

In my opinion, the things to discuss in this topic are:

    1. Should it be in the form of a sub-tree or a form in which vehicles are added individually?
    1. The justification for giving Thailand to Japan is an alliance during World War II. By the way, how should Thailand treat its vehicles after World War II? During the Cold War, the United States, not Japan, exerts a dominant influence in Thailand. And now, the post-Cold War world, we’re trying to achieve a regional balance between the two axes, the US and China. (The purchase of the VT-4 from China, and the rejection of the offer to purchase the F-35 from the United States shows this well.) Incorporating all vehicles in Thailand, which are balancing and not focused on a specific country, into a specific country TT can be problematic. The VT-4 will be a problem if incorporated into an American or Japanese TT, and many Western-made vehicles will be a problem if incorporated into a Chinese TT. I would be offended if I were in either position.
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I’m pretty sure we are past that point already.
There are a lot of western tanks in the ground tree and half the entire air tree is made up of western aircraft, not to mention chinese players are already begging for a Mirage 2000 and Taiwanese Abrams.

As I stated before regarding this aspect, and worry.

And for justification for Post-WW2 Tech tree, I am more focusing on the cold war aspect, how Thai became one of US Strategic Allies like that of Japan, making it quite sharing a similar alliance with Japan, and United States.

Seal of Royal Thai Army Expeditionary Division (Black Panther) as a part of Thailand’s Involvement in Vietnam War

Black Panther Division colors come off USS Okanogan, Newport, 29 July 1968

Taiwan-Republic of China- should be treated differently. Like West/East Germany, South/North Korea, they share the same identity, only divided for political reasons. Reasonable.

I would be against it if the Chinese TT was to get Pakistani Mirage and not Taiwan.

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Yes, that’s why I made my point at the beginning of this discussion.

What you said has no basis at all. Taiwan and China are one country, and they are only divided due to civil war. And Thailand and Japan are two countries and only had partial connections during World War II.

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Then, it seems that the part where the opinions of the two sides diverge is post-Cold War Thailand. More directly, VT-4.

We need to discuss this. Talking about other trivial things is a little waste.

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If that’s your opinion then I don’t get why you think it would be a problem to see Western made vehicles in the tree when the Chinese tree is already full of them and seemingly you don’t even have a problem with it.
So is it a problem or not? Whether the vehicle is from Taiwan or another nation doesn’t matter, it’s a western vehicle either way.

I don’t get why you guys can’t comprehend the fact that a subtree does not mean they gonna get EVERY SINGLE VEHICLE, a Thai subtree wouldn’t mean VT-4 and Gripen for Japan, no reasonable person would say otherwise

No, DO NOT DISTORT what others have said.

I’ve NEVER said that the subtree system itself isn’t problematic.

Just as West Germany and East Germany did, the People’s Republic of China and the Republic of China should be treated the same. The same country was only divided for political reasons.

Don’t you understand why I explained by mentioning Pakistan?

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At the end of the day, all I want is to have fun and, maybe, seeing my nation being represented or mentioned in the game I love so much, preferably under one tech tree.

I have joined War Thunder since 2013, and one of the most memorable moments is when I saw the old Royal Thai Airforce roundel in the customizable section. When War Thunder was more focused on the 2nd World War, me and many of my friends and Thai players were quite excited and speculating of the addition of Thailand/Siam, mostly mentioning how close we were to Japan and how we played quite a role in the continental South East Asian conflicts. In fact, on the Gaijin market, you can even see the Ki-43-III otsu of the Royal Thai Air Force skin being sold there, quite a mile stone for some of us Thai players.

Why can’t we be there, under one tech tree? Was that so much to ask for? Was it because we are just a small nation that doesn’t deserve to have its own line under one tech tree? If finland can be a sub tree under Sweden because of its closeness, can’t Thailand be there under Japan because of how we conducted ourselves during the second World War?


Yes, during the Cold War, Thailand imported various 59 and 69 upgrades from China, as well as other light tanks and support vehicles. After the Cold War, there were MBT2000, VT4/VT5, VN series, and so on, which would occupy most of the 8.0-11.3BR positions. If not given, Thailand would lose most of the vehicles from the Cold War to modern times. If given, Giajin would be condemned by the Chinese, So the best way is to use Thailand and other Southeast Asian countries as the Southeast Asia science and technology tree, or send Thai vehicles to the countries that produce them.

Why not strive to become a separate technology tree with other Southeast Asian countries instead of being a subsidiary of other countries?