Idea and Discussion: Thailand As A Minor Nation

I mainly added the Roland/Crotale in the draft partially because Thailand is interested in it and also as a gap filler, it will be replaced on a later date when a more sufficient replacement is found

Here is the draft for the Thai & Filipino Air Subtree, it will only show Tier-IV to Tier-VIII since that is the Tiers that need Thai & Filipino Aircraft the most in the Japanese TT, again like with my ground TT, this is a rough draft so things are still subject to change

Two notes

1: Even though it does not show Tier I-III, the Earlier Thai Aircraft (Tier I & Early Tier II) will be in it, Tier I-III Japan is not lacking in aircraft but it will still add some variety to the TT. The Thai Helldiver and Firefly will be added in the Dive & Naval Bomber as well as the Filipino T-28D in the Heavy Fighter line since these three aircraft will greatly boost the ground attack potential of the Japanese TT

2: My draft lacks the OV-10, this is intentional since i decided that they will be better off either in the Heil TT or in a new COIN air TT, this especially applies to the Super Tucanoes that the Philippine airforce operates for very obvious reasons


There is a late service version of the F-2A as well;

Japan also used the F-35A and soon the F-35B. In future there are also the F-15JSI and F-3.

Most if not all of those mentioned aircraft will be added when Tier IX is announced, for the time being they will be absent

Glad to see lesser known stuff like the T-610 on there. Maybe you already have some of this stuff planned for the COIN tree, but here are some others
Both have hellfires on light cargo aircraft and would be a really good fit in that tree.
Single engine prop trainer with rockets and bombs.
Domestic Thai that looks similar to an OV-10, but a reallly light loadout.
Single engine high wing that looks like a big Cesena with rocket pods and a door mounted M197
Also the PAF selected and almost adopted the F/A-18C/D, but couldnt allocate the budget.

A somewhat unrelated note, but I’d also personally wishlist the Ka-Ho for an event/premium; 57mm gun, 2 sponson flamethrowers.

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All of those will be added into the COIN TT

Just to let everyone know that the COIN TT will only contain 2 Japanese aircraft (LR-1 & Toyo FD-25), primarily due to Japanese Aircraft doctrine focuses more on Anti Shipping, Anti Submarine and Patrol duties over COIN

Finally i may need to look further into the Fantrainer (used by Thailand), GAF Nomad (used by both) and PAC CT-4 (used by Thailand) since i know that for the first mentioned aircraft, armament loadouts were proposed for it, the second aircraft in question is allegedly it can carry some ordinances as well and the last mentioned can definitely carry secondary loadouts with a pair of rocketpods being one that i definitely know of

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Honestly more reason as a potential sub tree for Japan.
There are 3 potential subtrees for Japan, and this is one of the options.

Forgot to yeet the R2Y2, and forgot F-15s are definitely going after EJ Kai.

This looks absolutely amazing!

For the submarine and submersible side, since War Thunder might get the submarine/U-boat update in the future, Thailand also once had its own submarine fleet of 4 submarines in total: HTMS Matchanu (The first of its class), HTMS Wirun, HTMS Sinsamut, and HTMS Phlai-chumphon, all of which were build by the Mitsubishi Heavy Industries and saw combats during the Franco-Thai war, and the Second War. However, due to the Japanese surrender and subsequent disarmament of Japan, all four of them were later decommissioned and sold to Siam Cement Company for scrap.

HTMS Matchanu


Armament: 1 × 76/25-mm gun Lewis Anti-Air Gun, 1 × 8-mm gun, 4 × 450-mm torpedo tubes

HTMS Wirun

Wirun And Matchanu

HTMS Sinsamut

HTMS Phlai-chumphon

On the other note, as I saw that the conversation also began to include other South East Asian nations besides Thailand, I also came up with the draft design for the South East Asian update + Japanese Tech tree expansion, named update “Nanshin-ron” or Southern Expansion (南進論). The name Nanshin-ron was the name of the political and military doctrine regarding Japanese expansion southward to region of Southeast Asia aiming to expand its sphere of influence as well as secure the resources from the region.

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Are you promoting Japanese imperialism? Southeast Asia is a group of independent countries, and there is no reason for them to join the Science and technology in Japan tree! I believe that those who were occupied by Japan in World War II and whose country was massacred will not agree to put their country in the Science and technology in Japan Tree!


Sir, Japan apologized to your country in the 1970s. 1954 if you’re from the ROC.
And Japan has good ties with South Korea, Indonesia, and Thailand.

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No, I come from PRC. Japan has not yet acknowledged or apologized for more than 70 massacres such as the Nanjing Massacre and the Lushun Massacre. Moreover, North Korea and Thailand belonged to Japan’s vassal states during World War II (but Thailand did not participate in the war), so they were not massacred. However, other Southeast Asian countries invaded by Japan suffered varying degrees of slaughter, so they are not suitable for Japan’s technological tree. Moreover, Thailand has imported a large amount of equipment from China since the Cold War, so they are not suitable for Japan’s technology tree (if it were to be placed in Japan’s technology tree, Thailand would lose most of the ground vehicles from 8.3 to 11.3 because they come from China). But because the Korean Civil War was divided into North and South Korea, and North Korea was a Socialist state, it was not suitable for Japan’s science and technology tree. South Korea is a capitalist country and, like Japan, became a vassal state of the United States after World War II. Therefore, South Korea is most suitable for integration into Japan, while Southeast Asian countries are more likely to act as a separate technology tree or send vehicles to producing countries.

I was informed by a citizen of the PRC that Japan apologized in the mid 1970s.
But no one is suggesting that Chinese vehicles, or North Korean vehicles, go into the tech tree with Japan’s name on it.
People are suggesting nations that have good relations with Japan, such as the ones I listed prior.

Just a question, but for the T-610, I’m having difficulty finding data on secondary ordnance, do you happen to know what it offers?

While I support the addition of nations like Thailand and the Philippines into the Japanese techtree, I don’t think “Nanshin-ron” is a good idea. It just seems a bit tasteless regarding the circumstances.

It’s an interesting idea considering there is historical context to it, but that context makes up for 80% of the arguments against such subtrees. A better idea would be to name such an update after the new nation, giving them their individual spotlight. This would represent the update better and not rub salt in old wounds.


Japan has not yet made any apology for the war of aggression against China, and even most Japanese did not learn it in school!

Oh, so did Korea get an apology? Your argument is contradictory.

To be honest, you don’t want Japan to get Chinese-made vehicles that Southeast Asian countries have, so you just want to THROW South Korea instead? Just because it “come from the European Union or the United States”?

By your logic, both Israel and Saudi Arabia are hostile to Iran and use American vehicles, so they can be combined into one tree. Of course, this is nonsense.


Japan apologized to everyone?
Best joke I’ve heard this year.

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I see. I must say, I might have overlooked this part regarding how the word “Nanshin-ron” can be seen as a rubbing salt in old wounds, maybe because I saw it as just a name of the doctrine or set of actions, akin to “Operation: Barbarossa”. I also do agree with the slowly introduction of nation, one or two at a time, when it comes to nations/regions like South East Asia as a subtree to the pre-existing nation trees, I was getting a little bit too work up on seeing ASEAN nations, like Philippines and Indonesia, alongside my nation, Thailand, being presented in one single tree. Maybe, the introduction of Thailand as a sub-tree update could be called something like “Naga Thunder”, inspired by the Phaya Nak or Phaya Nāga, a mythical creature of Mekong river and the patrons of water in Thai culture and society.

Also, I would like to remind the participants of the thread, that while the discussion regarding the history might be unavoidable when it comes to historical designs, concepts, and stories regarding vehicles, please make sure to avoid antagonizing or lean too much toward the political side of the discussion. After all, this is a thread discussing the idea of including Thailand, and other fellow South East Asian nations, to an extent, as a minor nation or nations to the existing tech tree. Please, keep it constructive, or informative, as much as possible.