Idea and Discussion: Thailand As A Minor Nation

In fact, the rule always exists, which is profit. As I mentioned earlier, the F-16AJ can provide revenue without angering players from any country, it perfectly follows the rules.

Exactly im not saying Thailand is what is coming it can literally be U.S equipment stationed in Japan for all we know. And it can even proposed stuff as well we simply don’t know.

My point is that Japan has gaps and specific needs and it will be up to Gaijin to decide what they want to put in there to fill those needs it doesn’t specifically have to be Thailand vehicles but it can if that is what they want to do.

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Haha, I think it’s possible to merge South Korea as a sub line into Japan, after all, with the help of the United States, the South Korean government has given up its history of being invaded by Japan (This is a joke)


Keep the discussion close to the tech tree and research please. While I do have my own opinion on Taiwan question, this is the discussion regarding Thailand as a sub tech tree for JP especially because of its connection with Japan historically. I do understand some concerns, especially from Chinese players, that they don’t want to see their vehicles in JP tech tree, and if that is such a concern, Thailand minor tree can still exist under JP Tech tree even without including CN Vehicles , just like how Finland is in Swedish Tree, not all Finnish vehicles are there, but the signatory ones. The problem is, however, is that JP tech tree is nearly as dry as Italy or Israel (Look at Rank VII JP, for example). Also, as a Thai player, I want to at least see my nation in the tech tree, we do have our interesting designs especially when it comes to upgrading or maintaining the current inventory that’s quite unique (RTA M60 MBT, F-5TH, F-5THF, for example).


Japan is the only non-ASEAN member with any kind of security agreement and a direct defense communication like this. As far as relationships go ASEAN and it’s members is much more friendly towards Japan than anyone else because Japan doesn’t have an active territorial dispute with half it’s members while illegally fishing and harassing said nations.

Every time a sub-tree for Japan comes up people swap position on what makes a valid claim for such a tree? Strong modern day allies? “Nope they were unfriendly in the past so it doesn’t count.” Friendly or a territory and used Japanese equipment in the past? “Nope only modern relations matter now.”

Gaijin has proven that both past relations with unfriendly modern relations (SA and maybe India soon) or bad past relations with friendly modern relations (Finland) are valid grounds for a sub-tree. If we go for by the former of good historical relations/former territory then Thailand or SK would be the sub-tree pick. If we go by modern relations then it’s basically any ASEAN nation as a candidate with highlights of Philippines, Malaysia, or Indonesia as the sub-tree pick.

Thailand was also offered the HVSD/ADAMS


But by comparison, I still think South Korea should be put into Science and technology in Japan’s science and technology tree as a sub line, because they all have American weapons, are both Satellite state of the United States, and are located in East Asia

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And we are basically returning to the point of “angering playerbase from name country”.

I much prefer the idea of a Thai sub-tree than to have to resort to alt-history proposals such as the F-16AJ, I believe at least to start out, I’d love to see some WW2-era Thai equipment, as well as equipment that would benefit Japan most critically gameplay-wise.

The Curtiss H-75N Hawk, which in Thai service appeared to have been modified with 20 or 23mm Madsens and 10 bombs, would offer a unique fixed gear Hawk with a unique set of weapons, and it would be a great starter for Thai aircraft.

Here is a Thai T17 with a Japanese 20mm Type 97 ATR, which would have questionable efficiency, but I believe offers significant entertainment potential as a meme truck

Thonburi would be a great way to cap off the current coastal tree in Japan, as it offers up a rather unique coastal gameplay asset, as well as having the strongest 20cm turrets Japan ever manufactured (102mm protection!)
Dhonburi 2001-12-15 P1010236 (1)
Dhonburi 2001-12-15 P1010239 (1)

Maeklong could offer itself as a historically significant vessel for either low tier blue water or high tier coastal, and is one of the few fully intact ships of its kind to this day.

Moving past WW2, of utmost concern regarding Japanese tree gaps, at least in the aircraft department, I see two major areas; the first is late war/early cold war CAS, and the second is ranks 6-7.

For the former concern, a Thai OV-10 Bronco, released in tandem with an American one, would largely address this problem, and the latter, I believe would largely be resolved by the F-5 series.


Overall though, I believe there’s a lot of room to explore exciting content, and seeing as Japan currently is the only country aside from Israel to not have any foreign operator vehicles in its tree, as well as being one of the original 5 factions from closed beta, I believe it’s high time to start considering extra-national options.


In the naval department, Thailand can be quite interesting and fun to explore, from the wartime Navy to the post war navy. As I have posted in the Wishlist for the next patch, since War Thunder now has French Navy, maybe it’s time also to expand the far eastern threats and arsenals to match that of the French (Battle Of Koh Chang during Franco-Thai war comes to mind)

Spoiler: The detail I posted in the Wishlist
  • New Naval Map: Battle Of Koh Chang (1941): The most important naval engagement of Franco-Thai War which saw the French navy fighting against Royal Thai Navy, consisting of most Japanese built ships.

  • New Ships for Japanese Naval Tree:
  • HTMS Thonburi
  • HTMS Rayong

  • HTMS Songkhra

Also, a little funny story involving Thai Navy ship. During the “Manhattan Rebellion”, the prime minister at the time, Plaek Pibulsonggram, was taken as a hostage and brought aboard he Navy’s flagship HTMS Sri Ayudhya. However, despite prime minister being onboard at the time, the fight ensued and the ship was sunk, forcing prime minister himself to swim ashore.
HTMS Sri Ayudhya


Another low tier addition for a Thai sub-tree. I don’t know how practical it would be to add as multiple similar domestic systems could be added for Japan. (Type 73 version)

As for SPAA:
Starstreak/LML on a Thairung MU4 (Based on a Toyota Hilux Vigo/ Isuzu D-Max)

RBS-70 mounted on a Thairung Transformer (Based on a Toyota Hilux Revo)

Indonesian Isuzu Elf with a dual 23mm cannon on the rear

Also for trialed SPAA of Indoensia as potential additions:

Bofors trinity 40mm L/70 mounted on a Bradley offered to Indonesia.

Skyranger 30 turret mockup on a Pindad Badak. While a mockup right now I would imagine a real turret will be shown later down the road.

Idk whats the point of RBS and Starstreaks, cause they seem like the same type 93 (in terms of gameplay). But Izusu and Bradley/Bofors looks interesting

Mainly because they are built on what are essentially Japanese chassis. At the very least they provide Japan with SACLOS missiles than can engage helis past 2km. Many SEA country’s domestic Light tac vehicles are built on Toyota chassis with another example being the Weststar GK-M1 so they make easy additions where you can pick from the best examples.

This would be a perfect 10.0 IMO.

Problem with ADATS is that there’s very little info on the Thai variant. They owned a semi-mobile variant and they clearly moved it at some point, since there are images of it in a few different locations, but I don’t think we don’t know what vehicle it was moved on, or whether or not it was transported in a manner where the weapons system would still be usable, so it’d be hard to accurately implement (unless someone has this information)

I would love to see Thailand as a Japanese sub tree. It would fix a lot of problems that Japan is currently facing.


Interestingly, on the IFV side, Thailand also has indigenous IFVs that can be fitted in mid to high tiers as well.

Bonus: Thai V-150 (AKA Cadillac Gage Commando)


I decided to make a draft of what a potential Thai & Filipino sub tree would look like in the Japanese TT, i also added some other vehicles Japan operated that are not in game as the making of this post into the draft as well

Note: This is a draft so a lot of things are subject to change and i’ll add symbols to indicate which vehicle is Japanese, Filipino or Thai since there are Thai and Filipino vehicles in the SPG/TD & SPAA lines.

An Air and Heil/Heil & COIN TT will be coming soon


Aside from the comment on Wikipedia and a single reference in the document from Forecast International there isn’t any evidence that the Roland M3S had anything to do with Thailand. Interestingly Janes Land-Based Air Defense 1992-1993 claims that Thailand had ordered Crotale NG in tracked and semi-mobile form, but there is no other reference to this online (in English at least), and in 1993 Thailand acquired the semi-mobile ADATS.

Also, on ADATS this little graphic is interesting, although there are still no images of the semi-mobile variant of ADATS (both the prototype and the Thai variant) mounted to a 7t truck.


ADATS was use by royal thai air force in static shelter-based system version



More R600 Platform. [Draft] From Thailand Defence and Security 2019