Idea and Discussion: Thailand As A Minor Nation

Btw you can play it via user mission by DanPogan.
Here’s link: WT Live // Model by DanPogan

Even Türkiye, a country with a certain military industry capability, is assigned to different TTs. Thai vehicles only need to go to their production countries.


I strongly agree

So when is the Taiwanese F-16 getting removed from the Chinese tree?

Taiwan is an integral part of China, and Taiwan’s F16 is purchased by Taiwan. Regarding your question. Firstly, Thailand is not part of Japan’s territory, and after World War 2, Thailand did not purchase any tanks or aircraft from Japan! Second: Japan does not have any Chinese equipment, so it is unreasonable to put the Chinese equipment purchased by Thailand on the Science and technology in Japan tree! All Chinese players will not agree! And third, this is the most important point: Taiwan is an integral part of China, while the the People’s Republic of China belongs to China, and the Republic of China also belongs to China. Their relationship is a normal regime change. They are not two countries!

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As i said earlier here:

And secondly not EVERY vehicle needs to be added just the ones that help fill the needs and gaps of the TT and the ones that make a bit more sense. So chinese stuff, Gripens for example don’t need to be added those can go to the respective TT


Where is the Taiwanese F-16?
I see only Republic of China’s F-16 be in China tech tree, lol.

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and I don’t see the ROC flag representing that tech tree, only the PRC, so why is a ROC jet part of the PRC tech tree?

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Where is the Finland flag, SA flag?


But I can’t find any aircraft or other vehicles purchased by Thailand during World War II other than Japan (perhaps due to my lack of comprehensive information). However, during the post World War II, Thailand had the same number of Chinese and American cars, but most of the cars in modern Thailand were Chinese, which actually lost Thailand’s integrity as a sub technology tree

Nowhere because those are subtrees.

And the ROC is also a subtree for China tree, that it is.
If u want to say why, ask bvvd.
If u want to say no, tell bvvd.


As I said, the the People’s Republic of China belongs to China, and the Republic of China also belongs to China. They are just normal regime changes and essentially belong to one country! Not two countries!

Except the ROC is clearly not a subtree
Since when do subtrees make up a major part of a tech tree? Or come at the same time as the main tree?

So just give Japan the western tech it’s that simple.
Gaijin has never made it clear what qualifies a sub tree to a nation. “Do they need to have connections?”, “Does that nation need to have vehicles already present in the TT?” Frankly Gaijin has never given us those response. With recent additions such as F-16AJ, German Hunter, Swedish trialed vehicles gaijin can put whoever and whatever to any TT if its for balancing reasons.

The vehicles the OP suggested could all be added to Japan if that is what Gaijin wants. At the end of the day its their game.

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Has anyone set these rules, God?
Why did no you ask for the separation of East Germany and West Germany? It’s better to separate Nxxi Germany again.
If you say ROC, it is a subtree of a Chinese tree, and there is nothing unreasonable about it.
If you say Taiwan, those two flags are just flags from the same country in different eras, which is more feasible.

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I agree with this statement.

If you wish to separate like this, East and West Germany in Germany should also separate,

Like I said it’s their game. If Gaijin wants to keep west and east Germany together they can.
There are no set rules across the board. if you want evidence look at the F-16AJ, German Hunter and Swedish trialed vehicles. Others don’t get this treatment because they can add what they want to anyone if gaijins thinks it’s necessary.

Fact of the matter is Japan needs a sub tree and it’s clear Gaijin no longer cares about what nations get what as long as its for balancing they will do it. Does Japan have connections with post war Thailand no of course not. But gaijin can add certain vehicles if it means it will help that nation.

In fact, we don’t need to argue anything, the reason is simple. Gaijin is a company with the aim of making money. They won’t put XXX vehicles into Japan without possibly angering XXX players, such as China, South Korea, Singapore, and more. Gaijin has no obligation to do so.
Thailand’s vehicles will ultimately only go to their manufacturing country, let alone the Thai military equipment are currently gradually approaching China.
There is actually no point in this debate, as other countries with their own military industries are clearly more likely to appear in the WT compared to Thailand.

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And what Japan desperately needs is dedicated CAS with guided air to ground weapons and SAMs Gaijin can add vehicles to specifically fill those roles just like how Japan got the F-16AJ to fill the multi-role CAS because that is what they seemed was necessary.