I'd like to see AMX at 10.3 instead of 11.0

Although I understand the truth that some data in the dev server is not the final data, but

What makes Gaijin feel that subsonic + AIM9L + 2 LGBs + thermal imaging pod = 11.0?
The 11.0 subsonic attack aircraft A-7K has two AIM9L + four GBU8s or two GBU8s and six AGM65Bs. The 10.3 A-6E can be flexibly selected between nine gbu12s and five gbu16s and four aim9l.
Obviously, the current 11.0 AMX is extremely unreasonable. It’s just a prejudice against Italy.

My opinion is:

  1. Replenish 4×GBU-16 or AGM-65 capsules, and reduce BR to 10.3, And AAM can be considered downgraded to 2x Matra Magic R550


  1. On the basis of 4 LGBs, replace 2 of them with AS30L, and change the BR to 10.7


Another reason why AMX should not be in 11.0 is that there are no 11.0 ground vehicles in Italy, as a CAS aircraft in a BR without any ground vehicles is extremely unreasonable


Tornado 10.3 when


I agree with you.
In addition, they should add Brazilian AMX as premium, just like su25k and A10A.

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If it’s AMX A-11A Ghibli from Italian Air Force, I think would be rank VIII and highter 11.0 BR but currently WIP and uncomplete

I guess it could be aircraft pre-order pack in rank 8 for Italy or for future Rio de la Plata (Argentine-Brazilian-Uruguay) Tech Tree

But better Su-25K and A-10A Early


10.3 BR is suitable. This sub-sonic attacker-fighter shouldn’t be at 11.0.


Meanwhile, Tornados.

Gaijin really hates Ground attack jets for minor nations if this is 11.0.

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1985km/h is not subsonic though. Is that just an incorrect stat card? It’s supposed to reach ~1085km/h (mach .98) at altitude, which is a lot faster than the A-10 or Su-25, and similar to the A-7.
Also, the AMX at least IRL is an extremely nimble aircraft, much more so than the chonky A-10 or Su-25. While A2G isn’t as good as other aircraft, A2A is much better. At 10.3 it’d just bully the crap out of everything in ARB. 10.7 is more reasonable or add AS30L, AGM-65D/E and keep 11.0 (better option IMO).

Also the A-1 would make a ton of sense to come as a premium this update or next at the latest. Though that’s probably going to be at a higher BR, as it would get at least MAA-1As.

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According to the player suggestions data posted by others above, the AMX has a maximum speed of Mach 0.9. I think 1985km/h is a mistake or a meaningless statistic at super high altitude

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It is worse than the A-6E TRAM, minus its internal gun, and better flight performance.
It doesn’t look stupid I guess that’s a huge bonus.

A Mach 1.8 ghibli would have the plane made out of mussolinium and this material should be applied onto the arietes to make Russian bias look like a joke. Yes, it is M0.8 at most.
However, Italy lacks a CAS so heavily the G.91YS is considered one of if not the worst CAS at 10.0-3 lineups. Between 10.3 and 11.3 there are no viable linups and by then it’s either the tornado or the harrier 2, both have some unique abilities over the ghibli.
A-6E TRAM has better loadouts, Jaguar GR.1A has better top speed(and it flies pretty good on high speed were not the speed bleed to be so bad), Jaguar A has AS-30Ls, all of them at 10.3.
An alternative is to introduce the maxed out A-1M as a premium, with great missiles such as the MAA-1 Piranha, and MAR-1 AGM, and since it is a premium, we do not need to worry about its lineups as much, as it can grind the vehicles that are needed in the TT. A-darters is still out of question tho.


It should be 10.3 given it’s weapon selection and line up needs. I don’t see how this plane can be any better than an A-10 at 10.3. If there is some kind of weapon that would make it too OP for 10.3 then just reserve it for a later model and have that at 11.0/+. We need to fill in the CAS gap for the 10.3 line up which has to use the woefully under equipped G.91YS as it’s primary fixed wing CAS.

thermal pod warrants higher br than any mig 27 already its a joke its so low

Jaguar GR.1A:

People asking for this jet to be 10.3 with 9ls when the jag gr1a is 10.3 is funny. Sure, 11.0 may seem high but 10.7 seems like a fine br for a jet with 9ls.

The Jaguar GR.1A is much faster, although it does bleeds speed worse. The Jaguar also features better high speed handling with worse speed recovery. After all its engine is horrible.
A better comparison would be with the A-6E, same thermal pod, same AIM-9L as the only A2A method and same paveway loadouts. the A-6E does have to sacrifice pylons for a gunpod, but it can too carry 3 GBUs and 2 of the same caliber on the current dev server. Not to mention that the A-6E has a lot more choices to it, such as losing AIM-9L or a gunpod for paveways, if the skies is clear. Not very smart per se but it demonstrates that it is just as flexible.
But undeniably a vulcan beats the mk12 by a mile and the ghibli looks so much better and slim.

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Also has a thermal pod as well. Don’t see why the Ghibli can’t be matched to this outside of it being a premium that’s just gets OP treatment lol

I just think the floor for any jet with 9ls should be 10.7 as it allows jets at lower brs to actually survive. The jag is honestly horrendous in anything but ground rb due to it dumping energy and then not being able to gain it back. The jags engines also overheat in reheat so you have to use it as a sub sonic half the time anyway.

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There are also A-10A late and Sea harrier FRS.1 Early, they are armed with AIM-9Ls, but they only ever so often turns the tide of a match with their missiles. Sure, their flight performance is much worse than the AMX, the A-10A late has better abilities in terms of having F&F A2G missiles and 2 extra 9Ls.
It is the 9.3s and 9.7s that has no flare which would also fight them that are problematic. They are obliterated by these missiles unless in the hands of the best players, but downtiering them will mess up the already poorly balanced early jets even more.

Well no, They have very different GBU (AMX mainly Carry Israeli improved GBU alongside the american models) and AMX can Carry MK82 boby LGB on the double racks (You get 8X GBU12/Lizard and 10x Orpher) that Is actually the same or even more than A6E. The AMX can also get AIM9L/I1 (M equivalent) and IRIS-T. (Right I think we Will not see this last One soon). The only advantage that any aircraft have at this br could be the Speed (like the Jaguar) but aside that nothing else. Also we should take into account wich version Is going to’ be added since for now Is not clear enought. For 10.3 there could be the AMX prototype (4x GBU16 and the Others Unguided bombs/rokets). Then for 10.7 we can have the A model and 11.0 the B model with the addition of GBU32/31 JDAM. There Is also the T that can be added as a premium.

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For a premium I suppose the A-1M. Sure it will be at a BR that it found itself behind the majority of the team, but Brazilian vehicles with Brazilian weaponry could definitely do with some representations in the game. As of I know Argentina and Chile are the only two Latin American nations in warthunder, not counting Cuba with the MiG-17AS.