I'd like to see AMX at 10.3 instead of 11.0

For sure the A1M Is the most preferable One since the A1A didn’t had guided weapons. It can get Lizard III, Brasilian GPS bombs and ARM missiles, as well as the MAAB1 and 3 Pirhana.

The MAA-1 Piranha should not be too advanced, things I have researched shown they are domestic AIM-9L levels. I am not sure if the MAR-1 can do roles other than anti-radiation, but it is supposed to be dual-purpose.
It does have an incredible range however.

As far as I Know It can be used in GPS guide, that Will make It capable of hit stationary targets. It could be useful in air rb for destroy stationary veichles and bunkers at a safe distance.

Well there are no JDAMs in WT yet. I guess it will be useful at catching pantsir players pants down on their phone but that is about it. It could also be used to attack cap points prematurely when there are no allies nearby to prevent potential captures.


I need to make less puns about pants down and pantsir its getting less funny

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I am going to put my two cents to this issue

clearly the AMX shown is not complete not only in terms of model/FM but also armament loadouts

There is a bunch of guided and unguided rocket that are missing for example. I am grateful that it has CM though

There is many AMX variants that can be added Including:

  • A-11A & A-11B: Italian variants which i guessing that the one found in the TT is a A-11A
  • A-1A & A-1M: Brazilian variants, they would use French Magic’s, domestic MAA-1 Piranha and/or Brazilo-South African Darter AAM’s alongside different ground attack ordinances
  • AMX-T: Two seater advanced trainer and ground attack with both Brazilian (A-1T) and Italian variants (TA-11A & TA-11B)
  • RA-1: Armed Brazilian Recce variant
  • AMX-ATA: An even more capable AMX-T variant intended for the Venezuelan Airforce, order was blocked by the US Congress for using US tech. 8 were ordered but i am still figuring out if they were actually built or the very least the prototype of this specific model was built
  • Various armed prototypes and testbeds
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Cleary you havent used the A7K

But for real. Every single one of these jets needs to be 10.3. Just because you get 2 Ls doesnt make you 11.0 material. Imagine fighting SU27s in the Corsair A7K oh god…

If it has 2 or less it should be 10.3. Downtier the other A7s too. Its obvious why no one uses them. Meanwhile we have the A10 at 10.0 with 4 Ls and Su25 with 4 R60s…

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the su25 only have 2 missiles

The Su-25 has 2 R-60M’s but they can equip additional AAM’s like R-73’s for example

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10.3 is suitable italy deserves something good

i realy hope this leak is real

Except AMX A-11A Ghibli not intergrated JDAM guided bombs

And the ones with R-73’s sit at 11.0, while those without sit at 10.0

I don’t agree on Gaijin’s balancing of these type of aircraft though that is more due to the fact that it is really hard to balance these kinds of vehicles

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We were talking about the missile of the upgraded Brasilian version

Not a big deal tho, unlike su25/su25k or a10s, this will be owned by only a handful

He’s talking about the 10.0 one… it only have 2 missiles

Adding the AMX to 11.0 would not make sense, given that top tier Italy already has Tornado, AV8B and AH-129D, adding it to 10.3 would fill a gap because it does not have CAS aircraft at that BR where it instead has several vehicles.


A7-K treatment

keep in mind that it was a leak, it is not even in the dev, it could have a placeholder stat card

It’s on the dev, but extremely wip. You can find it in test drive (mission with attackers) of Tornado IDS for example)