I need tips on the JA37C

I just unlocked it, I’m SL poor, and have a little under a .5 KDR with it right now, any tips or tricks would be appreciated. I’m still working with the Two AIM-9J’s, and the AIM-9B’s, so no RB-71’s yet.

Do a flip 37 times to trigger the cheat code and gain 100,000,000 modification RP.

Brother what 😂

Well, you are stock grinding it so its normal to suffer a bit. But here are a few tips from when I spaded it:

  • I’d say that the flight performance of the viggen is actually really good for its BR. Takes a little bit of getting used to but you should be able to comfortably turn with or force an overshoot with a lot of the aircraft you fight against. Just keep in mind that its a delta wing, which means that you want to avoid prolonged fights and gain energy as soon as possible. Try to go for 1 circle fights as your AOA and speed loss both give you an advantage there. If you do get slow, you should either extend to regain some speed or use your flaps for a little bit of extra turning.

  • When it comes to the gun, both shell types have very good ballistics and damage which allow you to get gun kills easily. If you have belts unlocked I recommend going for the ground targets belt as in my experience the SAPHEI does more damage and is more versatile.

  • Missile wise, you should go for the RB71s ASAP as its kind of the niche of this plane (having a PD radar + SARH at 11.0). While disappointing range wise, try to launch them from >5km head on to have a high probability of kill. The RB24Js also complement this plane really nicely but lack in range too, so aim to launch them at least >2 km away.

  • Since it sits at 11.0, you can actually see Su-25s, A-10s and all those other strike aircraft quite commonly. I recommend going for those first as you are grinding the modifications as those planes are universally easy to kill.

  • Fuel wise the engine is quite thirsty, so I recommend 30 mins + centre fuel tank. This might seem quite extreme at first, but the extra speed you get from slamming the afterburner can save your life at times.

Hope this is helpful and good luck with the grind! :D


Full damage model light tanks, trucks and light pillboxes are good sources of XP and money should no targets present itself

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So I should 100% throttle when not in combat?

Surprisingly I have only had 8 down-tiers so far.

Well the goal is to use the afterburner to maintain your speed as much as possible. This is because your airframe likes to lose its speed. So you generally need to have high thrust to alleviate that as much as possible. To do that, you need the afterburner which is very thirsty. So taking the 30m + fuel pod loadout allows you to afterburn as much as possible at the cost of (what seems to me) insignificant turning performance.

I’d say that its good practice to keep your speed above mach 1 when going around the battlefield though you will compress a little. If you are low on fuel, you can try to maintain cruise via 101-105% afterburner but it won’t help much and its not useful for dogfighting. If you are certain you are going to enter into a dogfight, keep it around mach .95 to ensure you can pull as hard as possible at the start.

I’m going to be brutally honest, playing it makes me want to kms, because I literally cannot get a kill. Everything has flares, everything has better missiles than me, everything turns better than me, and everything else out-accelerates me.

I have never gotten good rewards from killing AI in ARB in the last 2-3 years

I’m talking about player vehicles, other aircraft.

I’m referring to this

Yeah, I know.

then how does player vehicle factor in

Because that’s not what I’m doing currently, the post I made; that you replied to, was about, player vehicles

This thing is uptier hell, the weapons are shit, the maneuverability is about to be nerfed, and it’s already bad enough as it is, this thing barely plays at 11.0, I doubt it would be any better at 10.7.

I, out of the enitre team, get the most missiles launched at me in a match, I have the entire enemy team try and hunt me down, my luck is fucking bullshit, at this point may as well just quit war thunder.

Oh damn, we need viggen docs too, dont we

Peeps have given pretty good tips but since they are about to nerf the FM i recommend playing as a BnZ fighter. Keep your speed ip and only turn fight things if you know you can either stay on them or get them in one or two turns. Never let your speed drop below 600km/h, if you do that you’re dead in the water. After the nerf you will bleed more speed and wont turn as hard. Meaning youll need to kill on your first turn. For uptiers you have a very good radar. Use that against F4S or any phantom thats skyclimbing. Once you’re out of skyflash youll need to pay attention to certain jets so you can get kills with the rb24J, i recommend turning off radar to hide yourself while you sneak up behind people. Get the lock on them and aim the missile ahead of the target. In my experience ive had way more occasions where the missile is aimed so far ahead it doesnt have the fov to see flares and it results in a kill. Your gun is quite good but low fire rate and no tracers means its a bitch to learn the area of spread. I recommend the JA37C over all other viggens aside from maybe the AJ37 which while not as good as the mirage 3E at the same BR its a fairly capable fighter since you definitely arent gonna be bombing in it.

Ive gotten good rewards the past 2 years with killing AI.

You can’t BnZ because of F-14’s, SARH’s, and anything else, because you can’t really notch at a good angle at low speed though.

Fly low and i mean like low, or sit on the outskirts and fly through the dog pile, 20m and below and aim 54s cant hit you

Wish I had what was different about your game. Usually it gives me like 3-5k rp at the end.