I need tips on the JA37C

That’s what I’ve been doing, I get the entire enemy team launching missiles at me, idk if it’s my shitty luck, or I get targeted, or killed RTB.

Id wait if i were you let your allies take off then you go.

Tried that too, I might get a kill, but I get killed by some Greedy Chinese main on RTB.

Dont know what to say, maybe its the jet or your playstyle. Most likely just the stock grind but its worth it for the gripen. Though you probably shoupdve just grind italy or britain if you wanted good air.

Idk man, my luck is really bad, I never seem to have an open shot opportunity or chance to his someone with a missile, and I almost always am checking my six too.

Any time I do though, I get the kill, unless it gets stolen.

It doesnt get nuch better with the ja37D, just more cm and 4 9L’s. Honestly 11.0 is where i get the most of my downtiers but its rough with uptiers. For both vehicles.

They need just-a-bit of a rebalance in my eyes. Really the issue is BR compression right now, this thing would massacre F-4C’s, but gets massacred by F-14’s and F-16’s.

Try only playing in full downtiers if its not a downtier, leave. Go play another nation then comeback, its a lot slower at grinding but way less of a headache then dying over and over.

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