I mean no offense, but non-naval players' suggestions for "new stuff" will be detrimental to naval gameplay

ok so for me it would go like this :

subs would spawn in between the coastal and DD spawn and the BB spawn, maybe a bit closer to the battlefield because of how slow they are.

Submarine players are then faced with a choice : transit on the surface, with the risk of being spotted by a DD or a BB, or transit underwater, making them slower and reducing their impact on battle.

meanwhile a DD can either fight other DDs, or do the usual PT boat hunt, OR it can chase submarines. if it choses to chase submarine it means it has to get closer to enemy BBs, which can makes the sub hunting more difficult. One thing it can do however is spam smoke, since it will use sonar to hunt the sub anyway. That will make it more difficult for bigger ships to have a firing solution on it. Note : CAS can also be a pretty potent threat to submarines, and if they have no ship in the vicinity to escort them, they can only dive and wait

Meanwhile BBs are also faced with a choice : either they can hunt the DDs who are hunting subs, but that means they are not focusing on other BBs and that might end up being a burden for their team since they don’t remove enemy guns from the battlefield.
Or they can focus on enemy BBs at the risk of letting their allied submarines die.
They can also try to hunt for subs at periscope depth, since i doubt a few meters of water will stop 300mm + shells.

i know all of what is written above is quite idealized, and it may not work that well in practice, but i think it’s worth a try. and it won’t make naval worse anyway, unless they decide to put the sub spawn right next to the enemy BB spawn, in which case, yes, subs would be OP. But let’s be fair, it’s very unlikely to happen

EDIT : i’ll try to post a generic map later when i have some time, so that my idea is clearer

As for aircraft carriers with entire AI or player controlled plane squadrons, i think they should not come.


I see subs working just like in the event, as essentially Naval Helicopters

they can bring down some Batteships but the path there is dangerous, especially with Destroyers nearby which would give those a reason to exist too

Aircraft carriers I’m essentially seeing as Drone hubs that spawn with heavy fleet, the player has to.control the planes sort of like the Recon planes we already have mixed with the Squad plane mechanic from the Campaign missions
since AAA is so dominant in Naval this would give it a use besides murdering single player controlled planes and because AI gunners for AA are already so powerful I think that could even be balanced

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It’s so fucking frustrating to deal with. I cant believe they have not done anything to remedy it yet!


Already has happend. Who in their right mind would think ships with guided missiles was gonna be a fun addision for anyone else aiming their own shots?

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Carriers are the only bad thing you listed.
Everything else is entirely plausible and desired by genuine naval players.

As for spawns… 12km is 24 minutes at 30kph, and 12 minutes at 60kph.
Naval spawns can’t be too far apart.

Carriers would indeed only be one player controlling one vehicle at a time.
They’d have no control over aircraft spawning or not.

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Posted the map on the more appropriate thread regarding sub introduction

from what was shared on the forums from the files, they could command entire squadrons of planes to do an action

Right now CAS may seem very weak in naval, but defending against 1 plane or 2 while having 2 or 3 ships with very capable AA battery is not the same as defending against 10+ aircrafts.

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I really like the submarine event and I hope they add them to naval battles.

-Spawns are often within line-of-sight of one another, leading to deaths within seconds of spawning

This is an issue, specially when we respawn into incoming torpedoes. A temporary spawn protection like the one in GB needs to be implemented.

Spawns are far too crowded

Spawn areas need to be larger than they currently are.

Losing a shell room means no more firing from that turret for the remainder of the game

This is realistic. Might be annoying, but usually you have more functional turrets. Also it’s not a frequent event.

Absolutely painful grind, especially in coastal mode, where average RP earnings, with premium, are under 3k per match.

Coastal is the hardest grind. Boats should have higher RP bonuses.


This is an issue, specially when we respawn into incoming torpedoes.

I mean, this is only a problem if you:

  • get yourself killed and
  • spawn poorly

But yes, naval is too hard to keep most players coming back and this does impact the learning curve

It doesn’t help that spawns put you randomly anywhere in the “spawn circle”. So they couldn’t do anything about it. and before you tell me to spawn elsewhere they could have been in a boat/map with only 1 spawn location for that type of boat.

I agree with %99 of your post , but I would actually like to see Yamato Bismark and Sovyetsky Soyuz in the game. WW1 super dreadnoughts have gotten boring

Again, you can time your spawn and pay attention. If you think torpedos have been fired at the spawn, immediately turn into them, they’re not hard to dodge and you DO have spawn protection.

It’s not long enough and runs out instantly due to it using the ground system. Move = no spawn protection. Due to the fact boats spawn moving this makes them feel like it is not there.

Well, the system works just fine in ground battles it is not suited for boats and at the very least naval needs, its own version.

Depends on what I’m in. I mostly play coastal and many of these boats are too slow to do something like that. And if I died elsewhere I’d have no way of knowing about the torpedos.

Your advice is sensible and will work with a good number of boats but not all.

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As a player that will absolutely yeet a full torpedo load at the opposing spawn on maps where it’s meaningful (i.e. the likelihood of getting a kill with them anyother way is 0 so they need to be unloaded as a liability), and a player that has literally never been killed by a torpedo fired at spawn, the ONLY way anyone ever gets a kill this way is if someone on the other team spawns in asleep.

As for coastal, no coastal spawn has LOS unless you’re bringing frigates. For anyone to get LOS with torps on a coastal spawn requires a fair bit of skill and smart play on the launching player’s part, and even then the tiny size of coastal vessels makes scoring a hit very unlikely.

I agree getting a spawn-to-spawn torpedo is theoretically impossible.

As for coastal may I introduce you to motor torpedo boats? These things are the rats of coastal on can have at least one end up in spawn before the team can kill it. Well, I’m aware they are not the same it the coastal equivalent.

Yeah look, I know the game isn’t easy, and yes naval either needs to be made easier/more forgiving to attract and retain more players.

But sneaky players doing sneaky things a part of all of war thunder and one of the things that makes it great. As mentioned, I have a gun kill from an S-701 on a Des Moines (as well as plentiful torpedo kills with other torpedo boats). Mine kills are also a glorious art form.

If you KNOW players are going to do something sneaky, you KNOW how to counter it. And don’t rely on your team to counter for you, you have to play to carry.

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everything you said is wrong and Naval needs premium Musahi and Iowa…

If you think gaijin are going to give in to silly demands then you are as… just ignore them

I understand that this is satire and naval needs an overhaul, but by getting more interest with big players (not Yamato or Iowa thats waaaaayyy too good and hard to balance) or even the prospective submarines, it might motivate them to rework it.

yea naval needs a big rework mostly with maps and spawning and some ships that where never more than fantasy on paper that never even floated on water just Stalins imagination need to be toned down…