I mean no offense, but non-naval players' suggestions for "new stuff" will be detrimental to naval gameplay

I understand that this is satire and naval needs an overhaul, but by getting more interest with big players (not Yamato or Iowa thats waaaaayyy too good and hard to balance) or even the prospective submarines, it might motivate them to rework it.

yea naval needs a big rework mostly with maps and spawning and some ships that where never more than fantasy on paper that never even floated on water just Stalins imagination need to be toned down…

As a British main i’d appreciate longer range maps or better shell arc’s for diving shells (also more Royal Navy ships because having the second least top tiers after France is an insult).

Honestly that one is an utter pain in the ass too its one of my most hated parts.

I don’t mind the laid down rule because it helps many nations later on. They should nerf the Russian WW2 era ships that were laid down though because many of their ships weren’t finished for the precise reason that their industry couldn’t actually achieve those goals. For instance Sovetsky Soyuz in the future should have a 2 piece belt as Russia couldn’t actually build the plate 16 inches thick but only 2 nine inch plates.


I’m a week late to this since I hadn’t seen this thread but that’s not how naval works at all.
Battleships either detonate other battleships in a single salvo or spend half the match slapping their opponent to end up with a paltry reward so the vast majority just don’t.

Spawning alone from the rest of the team results in being focused down so top tier naval is composed of both sides waiting on the spawn menu for allies/bots to spawn until there’s enough of a snowball in a single spawn that the rest of the team follows suit spawning at the same place forming a fleet.
Then once they spawn in they start scanning and hunting.

First they target and pop any DD pinatas that spawned.
Then they hit any Des Moines popping their magazines followed by any other cruisers.
And only then once all the light targets are dead will the battleships focus on each other.

There’s no choice involved, battleships aren’t going to hesitate between slapping another BB or hitting XP pinatas.
They’ll hit the pinatas every time.

Anything that counters a submarine will get ripped in half coming out of spawn and no one is going to spawn them in a mode with a capped number of spawns.

I fail to see how that is possible, since both don’t share the same BR currently. I only meet Heavy cruisers or other BBs in my BB

And even if someone decides to go with a DD at that BR for whatever reason, they usually are spawned quite far from Battleships, and firing at them from long distances would be a very poor choice, to put it nicely, since they have all the time to evade incoming salvo.

Now even assuming DDs would have a hard time destroying subs, there is also CAS, which as the event showed, can be quite effective.

finally, torps on subs have limited range and speed (especially early subs), so avoiding them is still possible, even in a Battleship, not to mention a surfaced sub is very vulnerable to heavy shells (even at periscope depth it is)

Which they should totally reconsider, since getting the big guns out is key to victory (if only the ticket bleed wasn’t so fast)

You make a good point though. Eventually there can be large map realistic battles involving tanks on land, planes/bombers, carriers and their escorts, landing craft.

Maybe the game can never handle all that, but if it ever becomes feasible, it could be incredible.

By the way, I rarely play naval, and I mostly never play RB. lol

And I’m happy to comply with my feedback being limited. You guys grinding naval know way more than I do. I’m barely starting out in it.

Premium battleship players with no lineup, people squadding with friends, players dumping torpedos into spawns, play top tier long enough and you’ll see them pop up especially when tasks shows up that require torpedo kills as La Manche is prime material to dump torps at the other spawn blob.

The more you play top tier the more this map pops up.

You spawn at best 15km away from the enemy where a Scharn’s shells take 20 seconds to reach you, at worst some 10km which gives you about 10 seconds to maneuver, you have no cover, you likely can’t maneuver due to a fleet around you and half the team is firing at you and each manuever you can do bleeds your speed.
Manuevering DD are not hard to hit at any range for anyone competent who’s played naval enough to have a feel for adjusting the range down and set up the ranging keybind to fire one turret at a time so the shells don’t all land on the same spot.

Yes, in a mode where there’s no AI controlled gunners on the subs side, the event also showed how futile using the He-111 was against the fleet of Fletchers and every American BB has one strapped to each side.
Which can be broken through to hit things but thats also high altitude bombings and not trying to find a shadow of a submerged submarine without the arcade indicators on the map.

No the key to winning the big circle maps is knocking out as many things as quick as possible to snowball, BB ignore each other unless they are being shot at at which point unless they are botting they’ll switch to you, wipe their cruisers out first starting the ticket draining from their side, draw the fire of the BB to you from your cruisers and you win.

I despise these open water maps, hence I banned them using the 1 ban 3 dislike mechanism. tho I think Gaijin should straight up remove them until they decompress naval properly, atm cruisers are unplayable on these maps due to the lack of covers, you’d just get demolished by BBs with no chance to retaliate. in fact cruisers in general are sitting ducks right now, last time I played naval I barraged a Sharnhost continuously in my Des moines for like 3 minutes but barely did any damage, then he just one shotted me. it’s like using a BT-5 against T80 BVMs, he could eat up hundreds of your shells but it only takes 1 APFSDS to kill you. Historically DDs CLs and CAs plays a huge role in fleet battles so idk what’s wrong, because right now there’s no incentive to play anything else other than a BB

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if submarines are added, those maps obviously have to go

But i didn’t get them that much in my experience, only once in a while

also the ticketting as a whole is quite bad. I think naval suffers greatly from the fact that gaijin is trying to make the games as short as the other game modes, while naval is obsviously a slower gameplay

That falls back to the whole entire naval system needs to be redone and reworked.
large caps are awful for cruisers and 3 cap maps are awful for BB with sides spawning at point blank distances for those guns.
And from my experience 3 caps aren’t much better for cruisers when they see uptiers.
At least big maps give you three options to choose from for spawns, coral islands is well and truly screwed spawnwise where half the south team hides behind the island and north just gets screwed with almost no cover and a bottleneck out of the gate.
And then theres the monstrosity called african gulf which is so incredibly common.
Single spawn north for anything bigger than DD, slim chance for any cruiser to make it to B or C to fight over them and zero cover for the cruisers while both sides also dump torps into each others spawns so just spawning a second time is a gamble.

We desperately need both new maps and modes where everything has a chance to shine before more square pegs are shoved through a round hole.

The queue varies a fair bit, there have been times in the past those were all I ever saw, then a time happened that Franz Josef Land was all the game served up, they’ll pop up eventually.

It used to be better, encounter matches with the AI fleet used to be an hour long, then they cut those to 25 minutes or whatever it is now, now the large circle conquest maps are the only mode with hour long lobbies and given gaijin’s emphasis on moving people in and out and minimizing time spent in queue I expect those to get slashed as well eventually.
Prebot scourge conquest matches that ran the full hour were always interesting, both to play with and against the other dedicated players sticking through to the end and because rewards are so closely tied to time an hour did wonders for the grind.


This is the dream , but GAIJIN won’t even lift a finger for a new mode

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Ihmo the only thing naval needs right now is to get rid of all these botter accounts from west taiwan.
If Gaijin bans 4000 accounts of these botters per month then the normal game modes would become interesting again. Right now they are just back again, which means 60… 80 % of each team are botters in battles of BR 5.0 and above.


What really pissed me off was that they added the Bravy, but then didn’t give any other nation their DDG’s.

USS Gyatt when?


Honestly, seeing this topic for the first time, yeah. Sometimes the non-naval player suggestions for naval things are completely tone-deaf to the things that naval actually needs to be a better gamemode. What naval needs is things like an EC type gamemode in standard matchmaking, decompression, larger and easier to play in maps (NOT the giant single cap circles, like an actual fleet confrontation), maybe even a new type of mission instead of just “capture the point.”

What naval does not need right now, or really anytime in the foreseeable future, is submarines, playable carriers, modern AShMs (or really AShMs of any kind), more modern/advanced battleships, more battleships in general, etc.

Gaijin really needs to focus on balancing the naval gamemode and making it at least enjoyable to play (for the most part). Right now if you are in anything but a BB at top tier you are basically screwed. Which sucks, because in real life DDs, CLs, and CAs had a large role in fleet battles. Given that there was usually only one or maybe two battleships (WW2 era) most of the emphasis fell onto the cruiser and destroyer forces. The game heavily focuses on battleships and there’s not much to do about it, with the way the battle rating system and the gamemode in general works.

There needs to be emphasis on “fixing” the core issues that have plagued the mode since basically forever; like laughable RP/SL earnings meaning it takes forever to progress and you go broke in the process, sometimes ridiculously under/overarmored boats that should in no way be taking as much damage as they can, no aircraft (which also played a big role in naval battles, why do you think they have so many AA guns?), extremely quick ticket bleed that doesn’t let any match actually develop before one side is basically guaranteed to win, etc.
There’s a lot of things naval should get before the big name BBs are added, and most of them are purely gameplay and QoL. Only focusing on the ships will just make all the problems much much worse in the long run.

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While I agree with most these points, these are my (rather more than) 2 cents as a japan naval player:

-The BR cap is honestly, kinda stupid in my opinion. They could easily establish a system where plane spawns are limited to 7.0 and below planes, or something similar. If a plane-spawn limiter system is included, it would go a long way for allowing BRs to be decompressed, since right now we have everything from ww1 destroyers at 3.3 to late ww1-interwar super dreadnoughts in a whopping 3.7 BR spread which is nuts. This results in the ability for 4.0 early destroyers to fight 5.0 rapid fire gun destroyers and early light cruisers, which is not really a proper fight, and those can then fight 6.0 mid-ww2 light/heavy cruisers which will absolutely stomp em, and the same goes for 6.0 cruisers to 7.0 battleships. Decompressing things so that cruisers will fight mostly cruisers, destroyers will fight mostly destroyers, and so on would allow for less one-sided stomping in terms of vehicle matchups, although this is definetely a “non-realistic” way to do it (non-realistic meaning not very loyal to real life) since WT doesn’t have the super arcade style of WoWs that lets em fiddle with stats to have all ships viable at all tiers.
-On a similar topic, in my opinion bluewater and coastal should probably be completely split, allowing for bluewater to start at 1.0 reserve and coastal to spread out more and add more variants of smaller ships, however this would probably require more players in general.

-Aiming is kind of jank and hard to use at first yes, but once you get used to it it works pretty well imo. Even at close range I’ve had no issues controlling where my shells go at sub-1km brawls between battleships (given, at that distance its more just “SHOOT THEM ANYWHERE” and no real “aiming”)

-RP gains are incredibly slow, yes. However, I don’t think the RP gains in coastal and bluewater are too differnt, well at least in terms of modifiers. The difference in actual earnings lays, as far as I can tell, in the difference in battle time. Bluewater tends to go the full 25 mins or longer if allowed, while coastal (in my experience) tends to be done in 10-15 minutes, resulting in a big difference in battle time rewards. That being said, coastal is still painfully slow.

-Ticket bleed is still too fast, but it feels like its slowed down recently. At least I don’t have any more games where it ends in 10 mins because some PT capped one point. Usually takes 15 or 20 mins for that to happen.

-Controversial opinion maybe, but I think bots are probably lowest priority right now. For me at least, bots are easy kills and they make me able to progress far faster. Usually they’re in light cruisers, which are killable to other CLs as well. Yeeting all the bots will just result in fewer battles and more time spent waiting, and I’d rather play the game and murder bots for moneys.

-The spawning situation sucks, but honestly I don’t really see much of a remedy for it that wouldn’t raise tons of other or similar issues (example being spawn behind a giant mountain, but then you’ll just get popped as soon as you go around said mountain). All things considered, given the game environment I do think its not that high priority. That being said, moving battleship spawns farther out to 20km or 30km between them and then spawning ships more spread out would at least result in less spawn-torpedoing and sniping, but it’d drastically slow down the games and by extension earnings. There is a balance to take between realism and gameplay. Adding EC as a permanent game mode would go miles to remedy this, though.


agreed with the EC, should make more room for ships to maneuver.

also agreed with carriers. At least in a form where you can control entire squadrons of planes. The CAS spam would be through the roof.

disagree with submarines however. Those are really slow and would bring a different playstyle more based around torps and ambushing rather than guns, which could be interesting.

i think a core problem of naval is time. Everything is slower compared to air RB or Ground RB, and yet the time limitation is almost the same. Maps are also way too small.

Not to mention, if EC maps were added, destroyers could potentially be useful at ASW, since they wouldn’t have to do it a mere 5-10 km away from enemy 300+ mm guns.

What could be done is a EC mode that you can join and leave whenever you want, with a game lasting at least 1 or 2h. You don’t get punished for leaving early and the MM would have to find a “replacement” once you left.

This way, someone who wants to do a casual 10-20 mn game can, while someone who wants to use all the stranghts of his ship on a more balanced, wider map can too

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Basically Air Sim EC lmao. But with a proper matchmaker instead of being “opt-in”. It could obviously still be opt-in for those who enjoy the current battle style, for whatever reason, but the matchmaker would ideally be specifically geared towards this style of mode. Kind of like a Battlefield game, where if one player leaves for whatever reason the game just throws a new player in their spot.


I agree
As for the quoted part : it’s not particularly enjoyable, but sometimes you got time limitations. If you have to start a 2h game knowing you’ll get punished for leaving it early (and punishing your team in the process), you will just go to air RB or ground RB instead. That’s why being able to leave early is important imo

The problem is you can’t get the same emphasis on lighter ships in-game the way you do irl. The big limiting factor on number of battleship in an engagement irl is that there simply weren’t many battleships in that part of the ocean at all. And of course they were huge and slow(ish) making them easier to detect by aircraft.

Guadalcanal had both sides slowly increasing the number and size of ships being sent into the battle until eventually US and Japanese battleships (Kirishima is actually a battlecruiser) eventually square off.
There isn’t a whole lot they can do to change the game into that, so we end up with every battle being “Jutlandish” with both teams spawning huge numbers of battleships and battlecruisers.

Some people point to what WG did with WoWS, but that’s not a good thing to look at either. They took advantage of their arcadey system to make battleships helpless against anything that isn’t a battleship.


You forgot

-no skill mode due to built in aimbot

–zero way to flank or sail around due to built in ESP even in RB

–unfair lockons through islands going 1 way only

–complete rng 1 shots meaning even worst player can beat you

–ship classes mean nothing. it’s all about biggst armor to survive rng, biggest gun to OHK enemy with built in aimbot. Inter-class warfare or specialities are useless.

–torps are useless