I have a massive problem with the 5.0 matchmaker for Germany

So, like the title says, I have a huge problem with the 5.0 German matchmaker.
I just got the Fw 190 D9, and it’s making me mentally unstable from all the Ju288C spam with both the players and scripted bots.
I am completely sick and tired of being expected to carry a whole match, even though it’s completely impossible to do so because of the damn matchmaker giving me 6v6 games with 4 BOMBERS which are completely and utterly useless, and only added in for the game to make money, which I understand, but it’s too much.
I wouldn’t even mind the Ju288C spam if it wasn’t for the fact that EVERY SINGLE DAMN GAME is a full uptier with 4 Ju288Cs and 2 fighters, or an attacker and a fighter (me).
I lost ALL of my free respawns, and I didn’t even finish the flight performance modifications
Problem is, I can’t do ANYTHING about it since if I leave I need to wait a clean 8 minutes do be able to play again.
So gaijin, either remove the 8 minutes of waiting, remove 6v6 or 8v8 games, remove scripted bots or make bombers not be capped at such a high number where they take up MOST of the team.
Also, I have never noticed that that problem even exists in allied teams, since I see only 1 attacker and the rest are fighters, or even just 1 bomber, how come they not get 4 bombers? At least make it fair, instead of letting it be complete idiocy and degeneracy

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Your thread is actually the same as this one:.

My bad, I didn’t notice

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Bombers were not added to make money.
They were just made useless by making it nearly impossible for them to win a match.

The problem is not the existence or “spam” of bombers. The problem is that an objective based gamemode has been dumbed down and turned into a team deathmatch over the years.


Though the 288 is apparently a very effecient way of farming SLs due it being a premium, and fast enough to reliably hit at least one base before being swarmed. Im sure the issue wouldnt be quite as bad, if it werent a premium or if there were more choice of premium bomber aircraft, at a range of BRs.

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Although i agree with your last sentence i strongly disagree with

…is imho not dealing with the actual reality.

I played on an old inactive account more than 5.000 times the Ju288 - just for fun, without any grinding intention. I rarely bombed enemy airfield - i focused on bases, enemy bombers and ai tanks (Sicily - 13 tanks with 2 SC 1800s) in order to win matches after the AD-2s and AD-4s killed almost all pillboxes early match.

Why flying a Ju 288 bomber?

Mainly as back in the old days (after the removal of air spawns for P-47s) flying prop fighters for US was most of the time planned suicide and playing as a German fighter was boring like hell - even after the A2D-1 spam; you rarely got more than a kill or 2 - the US/GB teams were outclimbed in most matches.
In addition most of the German fighters were unable to kill significant numbers of enemy tanks or pillboxes - and the few than can (335s, 410s) were not my cup of tea.
When u lose most of your matches due to tickets as the last enemy (B-29 or P-47) climbed to 11 km alt, playing as as bomber was the logical way to avoid ticket defeats.

Bomber players in general:

Due to the very poor economy in Ground RB a lot of tankers are forced to play Air RB. The skill level for simple base bombing is quite low, but the benefits for successful runs were amazing - ask B-29 pilots active some years ago. They made 90-100k SLs a match on average.

If you watch or play higher tiers or top tier you might realize that a hell of fighter pilots use the high income for base bombing for their individual goals.
But those players faced on income simply don’t care about the match result as long as they make a profit…

I agree with this conclusion and don’t like this too.

Imho gaijin just gave up their useless attempts to balance bombers like they balance fighters. I admit that it is incredibly hard to balance bombers - you might remember extremely short matches when 3 or 4 Me 264s (BR 3.7 those days) killed all 3 bases and the enemy airfield - without realistic chances to intercept them - same with Tu-4s, B-29s, etc…

So they increased repair cost (after limiting bombers to max 4 per team), nerfed gunners and bomber damage model and introduced this respawning bases nonsense - making prop bombers useless above BR 4.0 - 4.7 regarding the outcome of Air RB matches.

Yeah no, German 6.0 is still filled with Me-264 and He-117 anyway, it’s a death sentence for german superprop main.

And Italian
One of the reasons I speak against historical matchmaking is that I will get my G.56 stomped by P-51H-5(and occasionally Hornet MkIII, the rest of them are not a big issue) hordes

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It is at certain BR’s, wyvern spam and JU288 spam are an issue simply because of scripts people use to get massive amounts of sl and rp while afking. In some games where there are enough wyverns the game can end before the fighters have gotten to the middle of the map. If you made it so that it was easier for bombers to end the game easier i cant imagine what playing the 4.0 br range would be like. I understand what you are saying about it bieng turned into a team deathmatch, but right now there is the bot problem that needs fixing first, because even though the Ju288 doesnt often end games quickly, it has destroyed the 6.0 br range because it is mostly uncatchable and is just free SL


I absolutely agree with you. I just got a German Superprop (Fw 190 D9), and there’s actually no way to reliably make SL in it. These days I’ve been feeling like playing ARB instead of GRB (got bored of it) and I wanted to get to the superprops and also have good CAS planes (Do335, Fw190 D9, Me410) but all I end up doing is wasting almost 7 THOUSAND SL because some idiot decided 6v6 and 8v8 matches with 4 bombers are fair.

I do agree on massive issues for German 5.0 planes as described by you.

But imho you should consider two things:

A. Player experience of your average allied opponents

  • From my perspective the more or less complete absence of experienced German / Italian fighter pilots from 5.0 to 7.0 created a kind of “petting zoo” for US/GB fighters, as they see this as a free SL farming zone and do not expect stiff resistance.
  • Also i see only a few really good players using stuff like F2Gs as there is actually no real challenge to fight a few enemy 5.0 fighters and farm Ju 288s.
  • This is your chance to benefit - climb outside the line of sight, stay away from own bases and the occasionally spawning B-17 and wait for them to get low.
  • The majority of them is not patient enough to climb to 7km, and even if you are stock you will get opportunities to score kills just based on experience. Essential is to know what ur enemies can do or can’t do.

B. There is no such thing as a German or Italian superprop

  • And - this superprop nonsense. Most of this is not dealing with the fact that almost all of those so called allied superprops gained their advantage mainly on engine power increase due to 100/115/130/150 octane fuel and saw little to zero real combat in WW2.
  • So the game play with facing US Navy fighters like F4U-4b or F8Fs in German planes is simply pure fictional, and just part of a video game…
  • The Germans focused on jet fighters mid to late war as they had not the possibility to increase piston engine power output with high octane fuel in order to increase flight performance. And of course the future were jet fighters.
  • Their best prop Ta 152 H-1 (with MW-50 and GM-1 to increase high alt engine power) was designed to fight expected B-29s 11 km above Germany and was part of a family of very late props optimized for either very high or very low fights - the rest was the job of Me 262s…

I do both of those things. I have gotten very good games, like around 10 minutes ago when I obliterated 3 people who flew low because they expected the Ju288c nonsense. Problem is when people start climbing sky high, exactly like I do, and they use planes like the P51 D30 or Spitfire LF or the griffons (singlehandedly outperforming me in every single way except engine power, speed and guns).

I use the term ‘‘superprop’’ as a propeller plane that faces jets, or fights alongside them I.E. planes with performance similar to that of jets.

Usually mid-high. They are pretty easy to catch offguard if they’re at low altitudes or ground pounding, but not so much if they’re high altitude. And being, most likely, the only fighter on the team, it’s hard to get kills like that without them doing a headon (rare to see)

This is what i meant - see opportunities and take them. There is pretty much nothing you can do in 30-40% of those matches, so sometimes it is just wise to break off, rtb and jump out - hoping that things get better in the next match.

I see a wide spread of experience levels in my matches in the Italian P-47 D-30 (BR 5.0). The key for me was always to create undisturbed 1 vs 1s using my strengths and exploiting their weaknesses.

Imho watching some DEFYN vids on yt might help you with your Dora. The 190 Doras have some differences (boosted ailerons D-13, performance on different altitudes,… ) but you might get some tips & trick to use them vs better planes.

Yeah 6.0 is borked and its entirely due to the Ju-288, and - to a much lower extent to be fair - the F2G.

I stopped bothering with the BR range a long while ago, anything from 5.0-6.7 I either havent bothered playing at all, or have flown (and spaded) pretty much exclusively in GRB. I stop ARB at 4.7, and only start again at 7.0, which still sees 288s but they arent as much of an issue in a full uptier.

Even the A6M5 ko, my favourite plane in the game, I pretty much completely stopped playing it in ARB when they raised it from 4.7 to 5.0, it sits in my GRB lineup for that BR range exclusively now.

The only things I could think to fix the 288 spam I feel would cause a whole load of rage and complaints, because it’d basically revolve around nerfing it to the ground. Or at least raising it to like 6.7 so it can be food for jets and getting its bomb drops off is much less consistent and thus much less profitable (also meaning then you could play up to 5.3 and not see them) which would hopefully make them less common.

Im not sure if there are any other ways that would solve the issue of that plane alone without making things worse for every other player as well (like nerfing base bomb rewards). Because the problem is entirely based around that one single plane.

Yeah I started doing that. I am not going to fight with 4 Ju288Cs on my team, I’m just going to wait out the 8 minutes instead of a waste of 7.2 THOUSAND silver lions.

Yeah, for example I outrun zeros in a shallow climb and I use that to obliterate them lol. Also my energy retention is INSANE so I can use that too.

I watched DEFYN’s videos on the Dora before I even got it. I also watched his defensive maneuver guides and stuff, so yeah, he’s been very helpful with that.

Mhm, i think i was not clear enough. When 90% of my ~280 matches in the IT 5.0 P-47 were full uptiers with 4 Ju288s in 6vs6/7vs7s- i still managed to kill 300 people with 50 deaths.

I mean when your 4 Ju 288s die within/during their first run and your single teammate is clueless tanker in a 410 B-6 it makes no sense to continue, so i dive to main af land and j out. I guess that i left 30-40% of all matches with a score of 0 points. Killing one guy and getting 5 at my six for 20 minutes is not my understanding of fun. Even if you somehow survive, u lose by tickets, so it is pointless.

But if you are able to get high enough and stay undetected as long as possible AND you have spotted all enemies AND you are aware of their positions you can score and make the difference.

As soon as they have just average US pilot skills you have a chance. F8Fs try to fight you at 6-7 km are ez prey, Spits above 8km too. F4U-4bs try their high speed reversal nonsense - but simply forget my airbrake.

So as long as they make mistakes you have a real chance to win.

The frustrating part of this 5.0/6.0 issue is that you have to rely on their mistakes - if they are experienced enough and avoid mistakes the sheer performance advantage of their planes decide - so even if you might be the better pilot you can’t compensate their numbers and/or performance advantage.

I can vouch that this extend to italy 5.0 too, for some reason Gaijin love to match Italy 5.0 - 6.3 with germans even though if we go by historical precedent, it’s the japs that stick with the nazis until their last stand in may, it’s just so vile that Italian main with nyeh plane at best has to deal with clueless sugar daddy money 288 bitchboys.

Like, I’ve never seen an A6M5 Ko getting uptiered to 6.0 as much as they being downtiered to 4.0, same case for Raiden, Reppu, Shiden, Shinden and Hayates, I just somehow can’t find them in 6.0, it’s always US, UK, German and Italy, period.

Mhm - i do agree that the semi historical matchmaking vanished almost completely out of the game.
The only 2 exceptions i am aware of are Japs vs US/GB on very rare old pacific maps at around BR 3.3 - 3.7 on jap side facing XP-50s and Wyverns for US/GB and the 5.0+ range for rank IV Italian planes.

To be fair - adding rank IV Italy to Germany is realistic. The good stuff like your mentioned G 56 (with German markings) as part of the ANR fighting US/GB is correct (besdides there were just 2 prototypes); the ACI fighting with older stuff for the allies had no access to the rank IV planes developed/produced in the occupied north of Italy.

As i never saw a G 55S at rank III and BR 5.0 joining me in fuill uptiers with Germany against US/GB fighters it looks safe to say that gaijin has limited this feature to the few rank IV planes at BR 5.0+.

Why they excluded Japan from their axis vs allied approach for these small 6v6 - 8vs8 matches with 4 Ju288s vs US/GB might be rooted in the much higher average pilot skill.

If highly experienced German pilots simply refuse to fight in endless full uptier loops 6.0+ they won’t kill the endless stream of US/GB rookies trying to push stats by farming Ju 288s and a few German/Italian fighters. So 2-3 experienced Ki-84 pilots at 5.3 would have no problem to clean those lobbies, this is obviously not intended by gaijin.