Air Realistic Battle Matchmaking Rebalance

We know that currently, 6.0 Air RB is practically a deadzone because of a certain bomber that lodge itself as the majority in a cetain nation team lineup.

Isn’t it nice if we can get a rework on the matchmaking system? something that limit bomber presence in a game to 2 if the game is played by less than 20 player total, or cram more 5.0 - 7.0 unit in 6.0 games,which means keeping this BR downtiered or Uptiered forever instead of making this BR full of 12 player matches.

This is imperfect and we still need to polish this system here and there. but do you have any other suggestion on how to fix the bomber-congested BR that is 6.0?

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I mean the easiest solution would be to declare the 6.0 bomber as able to play on both sides - so a 7 vs 7 with 4 Ju 288s on both sides.

I flew recently 2 P-47 D-28 missions - with “all vs all” setup - so there were in a 16 vs 16 game Ju288s on both sides. Btw - i saw in all of the 25 matches before not a single Ju288 with the D-28.

Quite in opposition to my IT P-47 D-30 - i can’t remember a match not being full uptiered and assigned to 2 German 5.0 planes and 4 Ju 288s. I mean you would be screwed as a B-17 pilot as your queue times might increase, but it would be great to share the unique experience of German / Italian fighters with US/GB teams…

But as a result the overwhelming majority of US/GB fighter player will get slaughtered on equal numbers like years ago - despite having better and highly undertiered fighters like F2Gs and P-51 H-5s…

So i see it highly unlikely that anything will change.

Ah… Jujuland, yes, it can be annoying. I think letting the MM only make 12vs12 or 16vs16 matches there might discourage those bomberpilots a bit. As they’ll have to wait a bit longer. whereass fighters and attackers will get the quicker ques.


makes sense, Love the Idea to put 8 deadweight on both team.

Then again it feels like some of the German plane really don’t deserve it’s BR, C-3 should be on 6.0 or 5.7 at the very most, the performance doesn’t help it’s gun to reach it’s place. I can See H-1 being 6.3 but C-3 performance to weapon ratio is just bad bad.

Plus the amount of US high-performing fighter at that BR is just insane, I can’t think of actual 6.3 plane for germany while the US got F4U-4B, F2G, P-51H, and F-82 just for fighter alone.

then again it’s still german who still has to hold 288, they’re mostly bot that bomb 1 base and run to enemy airfield to deny kill

From my pov the problem you address is based on 2 reasons:

  1. The BR setting policy of gaijin - emphasising on average results instead of actual performance. US players are usually highly motivated, but also usually highly inexperienced. The mentioned US fighters are a real problem if they are flown by better than average pilots as their performance advantage is simply too large.
  2. The balancing approach by gaijin trying to create balance when there was no balance - the 190 D-9s were assigned to cover 262 A1a airfields - so 5.0 props fought together with 7.0 jets.

If the player base would have an equal distribution of skill and experience we would see other results. Best example might be the Spit Mk 24, flown by a few excellent pilots of a minor played nation, they might be the only allied prop with a realistic BR if you take the 262 A1a as reference point.

From my pov this 7vs7 setup is fully intended by gaijin and they won’t change anything as 3 parties benefit from this:

  1. The average tanker forced to earn SL in Air RB with base bombing. 4 Ju 288s gives them a realistic chance to successfully bomb a base. The SL multiplier generates a net profit even if they got immediately killed after drop.
  2. The average US/GB fighter pilot is able to fight mostly 5.0 German fighters (if he decides to play 6.0) as the Ju288s usually drags 5.0 fighters into full uptiers - and he fights usually in numerical advantage against fighters and less experienced tankers in Ju288s.
  3. Gaijin itself: As long as the average tanker has a 98% chance to kill a base (4 bases, 4 Ju288s) the Ju288 is a money printer for them, every change of this 7vs7 scenario would disturb this business case…

So the only guys suffering from this are German/Italian fighter pilots - so the more experienced ones simply avoid this BR range. A few have arranged with this and and found niches (like playinhg 190 A-8/F-8 using airspawn for multiple forced headons), but 5.0/6.0 BR became for most a no-go area.

Imho running to enemy airfield is not to deny kills, this is aimed to accelerate a violent death in order to get fast enough to the next match. By doing so, they ensure that they get killed even if ignored by enemy fighters…

That would be great. I’ve pretty much quit playing Air RB in that BR range just because of the7v7 and 8v8 games being the norm.


We, air player have to put up with GRB player shit? wtf.

I really don’t want to be rude but, fucking loaded human-shaped trashbag.

And, by mentioning your opinion on BR

Doesn’t this also should benefit German mains, since their result got shafted so hard by the mere existence of 7v7 game with 4 bot 288, 1 Do-335-B0, 1 109 K-4, and 1 Ta-152H-1 composition against F4U4B, P-51H, F8F, F7F, Griffons, Vk107 Yak-9, Lavochkins, and other minor nation stuff that happens to stand against them, by all means the Ta series should be at 5.7, K4 stays at 5.3, and the Fw-190D’s got 4.7 since they got shafted so hard with 6.0 games, like, if P-51H can constantly win games and perched still at 6.3, why not downtiering the Ta-152s?