Hungarian sub tech tree: Italy or Germany?

The time has come, the Hungarian tech tree is coming.

Maybe it is a bit too soon to address this issue by just looking at the new trailer that dropped, but better sooner than later: Italy with the hungarian sub tech tree could die even more, let me explain why.
I am an italian tank enjoyer, and as everybody that played tanks of that tech tree i can say that is not the easiest tech tree to play, but is enjoyable and have some “character” to it like the other minor tech tree (israel and japan).

If you add the hungarian tech tree as showed in the trailer there should be no issue with the ww2 vehicles, but the cold war/modern era is gonna kill all the italian vehicles now and in the future: we can all say that the future addition will be way more powerful than anything in the tech tree and have also no ties whatsoever with italy (not built in any shape or form and never used by italy, there is nothing tied to… the premium russian TURMS have more reason to be there because of the fire control system built by Galileo compared to this vehicles!)
This tanks will be for sure the first choice in every match compared to the original stuff, and nobody will be interested to any old or new italian original designs, they will be just seen as speed bumps.

At this point is better to add the hungarian sub tech tree to germany, at least there is some logic around it (t72/btr because of east germany+ leo and lynx are built there).

For the italian tech tree would be just better to give it some love and balance it accordingly (without just raising the br to oblivion to most of the vehicles, otomatic always remember) and add original italian stuff (now with the new forum i can’t find the old links, but there was plenty of discussions on many new vehicles that could be added to italy, lambo with a 25mm on the back when gaijin?)

I hope it can be changed, and let’s see others opinions on the matter.


So it begins 0-0

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Germany already has Argentina and The Swiss, Hungarian vehicles are already in the Italian tree


I perfecetly agree. I DON’T want to’ see anything of this in the Italian TT, it doesn’t have any Place here and It Is Just useless as hell. Like What are the connection with Italy? No One. The Hungarian sub tree Is a completly disappointment, I Will rather have nothing this patch than this.


for world war 2 yes, but a t72 or the lynx would not make any sense with italy sadly, there is more sense with germany even tho as premiums.
You would just put in the bin all the arietes with just two vehicles, and there is no reason to do so if you can just add it where it makes more sense


isn’t it confirmed to be Italian tree by previous Q&As?

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it was confirmed i think but nobody talked about t72s, i think everybody thinked about ww2 stuff… post war is literally copy paste russian and post cold war is copy paste germany and there is nothing connecting those, like at all

didn’t really stop them with Finnish T-55/72 with the Swedish tree

yeah very likely confirmed italy sub tree

The current lineup presented is uninspiring. If it were more unique and interesting, I’m sure a good few Italian players who are on the fence about the tree would be in favor of it. In my opinion, though, these vehicles do not address the issues facing the Italian tech tree (and if you think they do, you at least have to admit they aren’t very interesting vehicles), nor are they at all necessary for Germany bar maybe the Lynx.

I can understand wanting Hungary to be offloaded onto a different tech tree, but all signs point to Italy being its host tree and that is very unlikely to change. Whether you like that or not is up to you.


You don’t have to play the tanks just because they’re in the tree, but your worry about Italian tanks potentially being ignored is valid concern.

Well its what happened to britian and are string of worthless SA vehicles that all had better or on par british equivilents

Also the only “”“”“”“”“interesting and Unique thing”“”“”“”“”, the Lynx, Is not even Unique since Germany Will receive It and also Italy Is planning to’ buy It. So again as You said and as other player saids, this sub tree can’t help the Italian TT in any way since all the veichles that It can offer have alredy far Better counterpart in the Italian TT and they don’t fill any gaps (Gaps that could be resolved by Italian veichles that are still not in game). Italy in the real Life Is a military Power that has and had enought veichels for this game for every needed Role and a sub tree Is Just the developers again talking away from a nation that Is alredy ignored Money and resources that could be used in Italian veichles. As You said this sub tt Is pointless in it’s form. (Sorry for the long commenti but I wanted to’ Express all my disappointment )


I think whoever is responsible for balancing vehicles, just doesn’t like Britain very much for some reason.

well there is a reason we have an ever growing list

looks like italy is in that club now

“”“”““this sub tree can’t help the Italian TT in any way since all the veichles that It can offer have alredy far Better counterpart in the Italian TT and they don’t fill any gaps (Gaps that could be resolved by Italian veichles that are still not in game)””“”“”"

Enough forums for me today. At least I know I won’t face such an inaccurate opinion again


It seem clear that You don’t even play this tt and have 0 knowledge of the situation so the only opinion that could be adressed with the Word “inaccurate” here Is Your One.



eh not immediatly, i can see it coming after 3 patches maybe if even, since it will be the poster child of the hungarian tree and will stay unique in their until the tree is more flashed out

You know how Is made the German community and how hard they Will ask for this right? But Aniway yeah It could be One patch away or 2 or 3. But I suppose It Will arrive soon for the Germans. But of course this Is my opinion.

it will just show the double standard, coughs at teh list i posted higher in the thread