Hungarian sub tech tree: Italy or Germany?

i am part of the germans so i know very well, that being said look at the switz hunter, uk isnt getting it either

Yeah the difference Is that UK have a smaller player base compared to Germany and for The Devs they count less since they are not a Major (like every nation aside the big 3).

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Tell me which gaps can be better covered with x vehicle instead of Turan I & III, Panther & Tiger, 40M Nimrod, BTR-80A or Strela-10?

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one of the reasons i dont mind the KF41 to much is because it is modular, there is different version germany could get, 1 with 35mm gun just a better gun already, or boxer variants

Sorry to ruin it for you

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But if you dont add vehicles that can and should be added you end up with the situation where you have no reason to play the tree, and it lazily robs the germans of their actual stuff, looks at the eurojet they could have gotten instead they effectivly stole a hunter the british were in need for and had been requested.

you create a negative feedback loop with what they are doing which is not healthy for the player base of the smaller nations. the gas lighting doesnt help either XD

Germany already has T-72M & Leo 2A4, thus it’s not Germany. Should’ve been obvious.

My friend Is not a my fault Is You don’t know anything about Italian veichles. Let’s start with Turan III, a tank that won’t fill any gaps at all since Italy alredy have a lot of veiclhes in that area. T44 Tam was a mock up. Italy has alredy a Tiger that can be added. Btr80 Is a extremly poor IFV compared to alredy in game Italian IFV (look at the VBC PT2). Aside than that Italy could get a lot of other car/APC that have 20 and 25 mm cannon (some have even ATGM, a thing that BTR 80 completly miss). Strela can be alredy outmatched by others AA alredy in game such as Sidam Mistral that Is Better under every aspect (Just rember that the One carried by Strela are manpads like Mistral not SAM like a Tunguska). Italy could also get Indigo and Aspide carrier that Both have Better missiles compared to the biggest Number of AA of the game.

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I don’t see the point of Your comment, You are Just showing an event veichle

I don’t care, If I disagree why I should not tell my opinion like You in this exact Moment?


I said that I don’t care about what for You are veichle “that should be in this tree” and others that should’t. The Hungarian sub tree aside something in the ww2 Is going to’ Carry to only soviet and German Copy paste that doesn’t have a Place in the Italian tt and Will only ruin the tt.

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Again what?

i am literally not making that argument

Turan III will cover 4.0-3.7 range where only the premium panzer iv covers
Turan I will offer a less-armored Matilda experience. Which is not in the Italian tree
Panther G or A will be ideal 5.x mediums, again not in the tree
Tiger E will be the only heavy of Italy, (no, they don’t accept the tiger Italians had briefly trained with)
Nimrod will be a decent rank III anti air vehicle covering 4.x range


Italy as alredy a lot of other Sherman (and multiple of them with Unique upgrade) that can be added for boost the Number of those BR. And also 3.7 or 4.0 I alredy saw that You forgot One veichle that Is the M4A4 (3.7). There Is also the Italian T34 (One of the early variant for those BR). Then If You talk About the Turan I that can offer less armored Matilda experience why doesn’t add one of the Italian captured Matilda? About the Nimrod, there Is the M113 HS820 that can alredy cover that Role so.

The new devblog confirms that hungary is for the Italian tree, or at least that the WW2 vehicles are but I doubt they would split it.

it’s official it’s for italy. so deal with it

however it is ironic, for years the autarchists have opposed the American C&Ps, used by the Italian army or air force, in search of phantasmagorical and non-existent genuine Italian weapons, and now we will have another nation and German and Russian C&Ps.


I doubt it’ll ever come to germany tbh

Italy has no Tiger to be added. Hungary was a user of the Tiger and Panther tanks, not Italy. The TAS was not a mock-up but a partially built tank. And Italy has no top tier mbt’s that can be added. Hungary has, right now, in the form of the Leopard 2A7HU.
If the votes of the Hungarian community were good for you all’s Italian-Hungarian tech tree that showed Gaijin the volume of community support then stop crying pointlessly and making up shit. The player count shows that Italy is less played. And its less played for a reason. It needs competitive vehicles in all eras.

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Italy has a tiger H to be added (if You don’ know it it’s not my fault), and again Tas was a mock up. Italy is going also to buy both Leopard 2a8 and Lynx so the hungarian counterparts are completly unecessay. and Italy alredy has plenty other Ariete better to the trhee at top tier that can be added. Italy need Italian competitive veichles that gajin doesn’t want to add since they are not copy paste. Hungary can’t bring to the Italian tt anything aside useless russian copy paste that are completly out of place in the Italian tt.

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