Hungarian Ground Forces

I’m not talking about this. In principle, Hungary had neither Panthers nor Tigers. All tanks were German. In this sense, there is nothing to add

i guess it is a definiton thing and case basis by gajin, that being said i would have no problem giving hungary tiger and panther for our KF41

Here is Tarczay Ervin in his Tiger tank that he commanded: (he also commanded a Panther)


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official source matieral etc propably is needed

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you mean like documents on transfer of tanks ?

no were the pictures are from, just out of the internet doesnt work, since they might have been tempered, you need primary sources like history books best case , were u name book, isbn, page, publication date
or real trustworthy hungarian historical websites etc

Edit oh yeah not to forget author

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at least i think the same rules apply

C. Bescze (Magyar Steel, Hungarian Armour in WWII)
S.J.Zaloga (Tanks of Hitler’s Eastern Allies 1941-45) mention that 10 vehicles were supplied.

Dr. M. Durden (Leopard’s guide: The Tiger I tank), between 6 and 12 Tigers were used by the Hungarians. C. K. Kliment and D. Bernard (Maďarská armáda 1919-1945) note that up to 15 Tiger were supplied.

These are good starting points for proving that tanks were supplied I think

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They differ greatly. I think it will be easier for a company to turn to the Museum in Hungary and Germany

Books at least would be nice I found a video review of a book: “Operational History of the Hungarian Armoured Troops in World War II” by Péter Mujzer

There are some photos well seen in this video, but some are not (Panther in Hungarian markings and colorized Tiger photo for example), it would be perfect if anyone has this book.



@Smin1080p I tagged you here for proper conversation regarding Hungarian Tiger and Panther.

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Ok, Hungary definately did have and did use Tiger Is and Panthers during WW2. If you are looking for photos of the Hungarian Tigers and Panthers, you’ve already found them, they’ve been posted in this discussion. If you are looking for pictures of Tigers and Panthers in Hungarian markings… you’ll never find any. This is because the German tank units that operated these were transferred to new Tiger IIs, so their German-marked Tigers and Panthers were given to Hungarian tank units. The Hungarians never changed the markings and kept the original German markings. I researched the Hungarian Tigers and Panthers a bit and I am 100% sure they had them in real life and it’s not just made up, I’ve seen charts of Hungary’s tanks operational some time in 1944, and it listed the Tigers and Panthers. These have even been used to identify when the last Hungarian Tigers and Panthers were lost/abandoned (in early 1945). A lot of good information about these is found in books and various other sources. Someone just needs to find them.
But actually… the better solution would be to add the Hungarian 44M Tas heavy tank instead, it would fit in a similar BR, would fill out the gap from the Turan III to the 2S1, is quite popular in the community, is entirely Hungarian, and had a partially completed prototype, I even made a suggestion on this tank:


while intresting you sure that those were realy produced / real prototypes, the pictures of it all look like models, besides that those might need an eternity until it gets added, compared to tiger/panther who could be copy pasted

Relevant question, which specific Panther variant did hungary use? You cant just say they used them , we properbly need to refer to the specific model a well

There are none, since Hungary did not have either Panthers or Tigers. All Hungarian crews participated in the war on German tanks, with German markings

Everything that you wrote is wrong. Hungary did have Panthers (5-17) and Tigers (10-13). Hungarian crews mostly used Hungarian tanks, some operated German tanks in German markings, yes, but iirc some had Hungarian markings on their German tanks (just not on the Tigers or Panthers).

while intresting you sure that those were realy produced / real prototypes, the pictures of it all look like models, besides that those might need an eternity until it gets added, compared to tiger/panther who could be copy pasted

I’ve researched the 44M Tas extensively. The prototypes were definitely being made and the hull was already complete, the turret was being worked on when a USAAF 15th Air Force bombing raid hit the factory in Budapest, destroying the prototypes. In the chaotic situation of 1944 Hungary (US bombing, German coup, German invasion, Soviet invasion) the project was not continued successfully and another prototype couldn’t be made. Many historians researched the 44M Tas and interviewed people who worked on the 44M Tas and had recollections of it.
The pictures of it are all pictures of the 1:10 scale mockup. The reason there are no images of the actual prototype is because the factory and industrial complex of the Tas was bombed into the ground, destroying most of its documents and any images. In the chaos of a Soviet invasion, more documents would have been destroyed or siezed by the Soviets. After the Soviets occupied Hungary for the next 44 years, it was strictly forbidden to talk about things like Royal Hungarian Army tank designs, so any surviving documents would have been hidden or destroyed. Despite all of this, there are still quite some surviving documents about the Tas, enough to almost perfectly model it in WT (and who cares if it’s not perfect). There is even a surviving part of the prototype (the gun sight for the 80 mm main gun). Adding the 44M Tas really wouldn’t be that hard considering the E-100 and Ho-Ri are already in WT.

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I’m not 100% sure, either the Panther A (more likely) or the Panther G (less likely). It was not a Panther D, or Panther F though.

There is no evidence, this can only be confirmed in the Museum. The same Tarsi Ervin and Ion Dumitru fought on the German Panthers and Tigers. In combat units, the 3rd Reich did not transfer tanks to anyone just like that. I personally have never seen Hungarian markings on these tanks

ah, so a similar situation to the E-100, but gajin realy will only take the Tas as last stop measure then, many will cry out that it is a “paper” tank and never fully completed. the E-100 and Ho-RI already are exceptions

Lets say it like this i think tiger or panther are very more likely then the tas will ever be

I literally just explained why you never saw (or will see) Hungarian markings on Tigers and Panthers. I know the Germans were reluctant to give tanks to their allies, but by mid 1944 the Germans had realised the Hungarian tank forces were surprisingly competent despite their circumstances. Germany gave Hungary a lot of modern tanks in 1943-1945 (StuG III Gs, Hetzers, Panzer IV Gs and Hs, Tigers and Panthers). They even offered Hungary the licence to produce the (late) Panzer IV (despite denying it to Hungary a few years earlier).