Hungarian Ground Forces

Brazil would’ve made for a better one. Hungary makes quite little sense for Italy.

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Hi guys!

Well, Hungary made it into the game.

I thank everyone who voted and expressed themselves.
Thank you guys for the support and ideas you gave, it means a lot.

Now, we are not done here! There is still a lot of vehicles that Hungary could offer. So our job is not done :D

I dont know if this post will get locked, but maybe it should be renamed or something. Because there are a lot of vehicles in it that are not in the game and this forum post is about Hungarian ground forces/vehicles and not about specifically the sub-tree.


I’ve made a two line subtree, it’s very possible. The Hungarian subtree will still have many vehicles to expand it.

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Also the topic gained attraction pretty well after the update XD
I am happy about it.

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i am just a bit pissed, if they just denied the KF41 in the future for germany because it is an export vehicle… what is the challenger 2e and vickers mbt 7 then

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Did they deny it?

I will watch the eu stream which should start at 17:30, so I dont know much.

out of curiosity where those private ventures?

In fact they said its made in Germany. The reality is the first examples are made in Germany, but most of them in Hungary. The Hungarian factory is already manufacturing them.


pretty much sounded like it

rheinmetall development yes, developed and produced in germany

I find it very likely that the KF31/41 will be added to Germany in the future but in their initial demonstrator forms.

the initial demonstrator was 35mm and unmanned, a complete upgrade to the hungarian one

produced the first few in Germany yes, but i was referring to the mentioned Brittish vehicles.

ohh my bad, that i am not sure of

The fact is that it will be even more difficult to play in a simulator. Furthermore, those who expected the Hungarian nation to enter the game in order to play with the Hungarian tanks, unfortunately have to develop the Italian branch as well, but that’s just my point of view. I am sad and happy at the same time, or as we Hungarians say, one of my eyes cries, the other laughs. :)

We need all available info about these tanks in Hungarian service especially photos.

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There are none, since Hungary did not have either Panthers or Tigers. All Hungarian crews participated in the war on German tanks, with German markings

so they are in need of some kind of testimony that the crew was hungarian

What’s the point? Here it is literally:

problem with black white pictures, now prove that those people are hungarians not germans, i think that is the problem