Hungarian Ground Forces

Oh yeah definitly believe that😂 they turned depserate towards the end

The Tas is quite clearly not a paper tank so can’t be compared to the Ho-Ri, it’s more comparable to the Chi-Ri, which nobody calls a paper tank. I used the Ho-Ri and E-100 as examples of tanks that you’d think would have been hard to model but Gaijin did it anyways.

Once again, if there was no direct evidence that these tanks were in the Hungarian service, then what is the point of talking about this? Everyone knows perfectly well that the Hungarians, Romanians, Bulgarians, and so on, fought on the equipment of the 3rd Reich, without transferring these same tanks to combat units and subunits.

Well yeah, they did become desparate, but they still didn’t offer licences for any German tanks to any other minor axis country (or any axis country at all I think).

What? Romania, Bulgaria, or any other minor axis country was never given any Tigers or Panther and so never operated them, therefore no Tigers and Panther in WT belonging to them.

Hungary did operate both so Hungary could get both in WT. There is plenty of evidence that Hungary used them.

Evidence in the studio

What studio?

Such a joke. In short, there is no evidence, there are no Tigers and Panthers

Romania used Panthers postwar, they were given to them by SU iirc.

There is plenty. You just keep saying there isn’t because you haven’t seen any and don’t know enough about the topic.

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They were given as a war trophy, they were given postwar, they never served in combat, they were paraded once or twice and then scrapped. That’s the most poor excuse to add a Romanian Panther. Adding a Hungarian Panther would make 100x more sense.

It is a definition thing, i would say. Hungary didnt own the tanks so to say. Thats is flenks problem. Undoubtebly the hungarians used it. But is the usage enough reason when they did it under the germans name.

For me it doesn’t matter with which flag, but imo Panther can be added to the tree with both Romanian and Hungarian camos)

What would constitute owning the tanks? I’m not talking about Hungarian units being given to a larger German unit and then being issued with Tigers and Panthers, I’m talking about Tigers and Panthers being given to a fully Hungarian unit, part of the Hungarian Army, to use them as they want. The only problem is the Hungarians left the German markings on. But the tanks still belonged to the Hungarian Army, and thus Hungary.

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I think it would just be ridiculous to add a Romanian Panther. That’s like adding an American E-100 because they captured it (after the war ended), analysed it, and scrapped it. Or like adding an American Ki-83 because they captured it (after the war ended), tested it, then destroyed it.

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Exactly, there is arguments against and for it.
I would consider they owned and used them. But i can see how some might say they didnt

Heh adding that captured pantsir to us is a thought i personaly like xD

Well for Romania, these aren’t captured vehicles but leased (just like Shermans for Italy). Still better than some Swedish trialed stuff and tanks captured by Finland in the regular tree.

Either way romania is out of the picture because it is about possible hu garian tech tree additions , romanian might be a premium if anything

I doubt we will ever get a standalone Hungarian TT now, while the addition of Romanian stuff into Hungarian line within the Italian TT and into that tree in general seems quite possible.