How to fix the M1 Abrams in War thunder

As someone who play most nations I have to say I do the worst with the Abrams. While playing it feels like your armor is useless as anyone can easily kill it and as newer Abrams are added they get heavier so your speed advantage doesn’t matter.

I have a few solutions to help the Abrams be better.

  1. M829A3

A new round would aid the Abrams in dealing with more heavily armored vehicles. M829A3 has a steel tip which helps against ERA. T80BVM T90M Etc. have relict which wouldn’t be effected by this, but older ERA like Kontact 5 on the T80U (Which most people bring in their top tier lineup) would be more vulnerable to it. Its also a longer dart meaning more penetration and post penetration damage.

  1. APFSDS shattering/deflecting on 80° or higher

The Abrams UFP is at an 89° angle. APFSDS round shatter on or deflect and become unstable after hitting such angles. This is the reason for the Abrams UFP being angled like that and also having no Composite underneath. I believe this would help the Abrams in bouncing more rounds.

  1. Turret Ring

The Abrams turret ring is very exposed. Which is historical. What’s not is its armor. I believe giving the Abrams turret ring more armor would help it survive auto cannons which currently go right through and destroy the tank with ease.

  1. Stop adding top tier Abrams Premiums/Squadron vehicles.

At top tier we currently have the…

M1A1 AIM(Squadron)
M1A1 HC “Click-Bait”(Premium)
M1 KVT(Premium)

While Germany only has the Leopard 2A4 and 2 PL and Russia only has the Turms and T-80UK which are better than what the US has and the 2A4 and Turms are lower BR meaning they don’t effect top tier. US has the lowest top tier winrates and I believe its because these 3 vehicles and players that leave after 1 death.

Those are just my suggesions. Note I did not say that the Abrams should get DU in the hull as there is no credible evidence that the Abrams got it before M1A2 SEP V3 (Which we can confirm got upgraded hull armor)

These are just my suggestions to try to help the Abrams.

And if none of these fix it. A lower BR would also help


Don’t forget the Wolfpack Premium

Unless it gets disabled downtiers, no. For obvious reasons

yes this needs to be fix, rather annoying that gepards can kill it there.

American players/mains/whatever are the biggest paypigs in this game. the more slop they buy the more slop gjn will sell. They are damaging the whole game if anything.


Abrams with a TUSK package should get their CREW systems too. They’re meant to jam cell phones and remotes to counter radio-detonated IEDs, but they also disable drones and jam enemy coms within the radius. IRL the range is too short to be reliable against more than drones and IEDs (well under 200m), but realistically all enemy coms should drop as they get close to an Abrams.

By the mid 2000s all deployed US vehicles were mounting either Warlock or Duke CREW systems, but it’s a standard part of TUSK and BUSK. Other nations have similar systems, but the US used it on everything it’s part of the extra weight of TUSK.

“We don’t believe it can defeat Kontakt-5 like it was designed to do, so nah” ~ Gaijin.


You say no the M829A3 but gaijin said themselves it wouldnt change anything. The Leopard 2A7 and 2A6 have DM53 which Penetrates over 650mm RHA. Why cant abrams have the best round. If the armor dosnt get better why cant the round. M829A3 isnt even the US’s best sabot round. While the Russians have 3BM60. Which isnt even fully in service yet


Gaijin says all of sort of shit. M829A3 works against K-5 and similar ERA, which will be present in downtiers, thus making it harder for such tanks. As I said, if they remove the ability to downtier, I have no issue with the addition of such round, especially with leopards being a point and click adventure right now. 3BM60 is one of the worst rounds in top tier, coupled with the longest reloads (7.1 seconds on the T-90M). If anything, they should add 3BM59 for the t90m.

Where it up to me, I’d buff the reload on the other top tier MBTs which are in a worse spot.

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And what does 3BM59 do ;)

Slightly more pen

Nope, 3BM59 is an exact copy of 3BM60 but made with a DU. In this case it would have 1% less penetration, such a negligible difference Gaijin will never add it. Russia has no better shells for any of the vehicles in game.

US still has M829A3 AND M829A4, A4 being notable for both the longest rod as well as the ability to negate all Russian ERA to include relikt. Gaijin could do much to fix the Abrams, however they have shown a steadfast aversion to doing so.

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That makes 0 sense. Do you have a good source?


Yes, the Lanz Odermatt formula, which you yourself can use.

Input the shell dimensions and change the material from tungsten to DU.

All I could find is that 3bm59 has sightly more pen than 3bm60, considering it’s DU. Even with that formula

Yeah you’re right, enjoy 6mm better pen at 0m and then worse pen beyond 500m

i guess for gameplay reasons it shouldn’t matter and we’re getting into “historical uses” but it doesn’t even make sense to give some nations “handicaps” by implementing vehicles that aren’t even in service yet and ammunition that aren’t even in service yet, the m1 abrams is a perfect example where it was fielded with m774 but it should get m833 for gameplay reasons

10.3 abrams don’t need a buff at all, they are the best mbt at that br (not counting the obj 292, it belongs to 10.7)

Most abrams are powerful in a wide br range, just not top tier

Maybe not classified anymore but sum abrams documents

I’m not sure you understand that the hull armor is modeled like that in-game right now.

They just need to fix the fact that any hit into the UFP bounces the round straight into the turret ring and kills you. It turns the entire strongest part of the tank into a giant weakspot.

It shouldnt be doing that. Fix that and suddenly the whole tank is significantly better, for all models of the Abrams.