How to fix the M1 Abrams in War thunder

I Know, but this was smh on my to do list. No actual reason for this to get uploaded but yeah…

makes no sense, can count multiple mbts that are better, especially 2a4 which is the same tank basically with a better gun and more armor

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The M1 Abrams has a 5.3 second reload experted and a 2A4 has a 6.36 second reload experted.
M774 is also a perfectly capable round. The Abrams hull armor is also superior to the 2A4’s hull armor.

Do keep in mind that I own both of the 105mm tech tree Abrams.
I find them equivalent to the 2A4, and the T-80B inferior to either.


If using this logic the Ariete would most likely be using SHARD or something near that

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the guy that thinks TY-90 can be flared and have bad range is calling folks delusional oml

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Yeah you did in fact list the pros of the abrams to the 2a4, however the 2a4 is still a better tank

I listed the pros, but found them equivalent. I’m sure you understand what that means.

And yet with 50mm less penetration it still can penetrate more of the M1A2 series tanks than the M1A2 can penetrate on the T-80BVM. A bigger number does not always mean it is always better, there are more thing to consider than just penetration.


Cool - except the UFP is an auto-ricochet and the LFP only has the driver inside while on Russian tanks there’s ammo right behind it.

And you get double the gun depression and triple the reverse speed (or 10 times the reverse speed compared to a T-72/T-90)… And a faster reload… And a better shell.