How comparable are the rewards between using bombs, napalm, and rockets to destroy a base?

Also, how comparable are THOSE rewards to killing ground targets instead?

Destroying the base rewards the same amount, its the damaging the base that seems to offer a significant difference in reward. its something to do with quantity of fire over “quality” of fire or something.

I know for example (at least this was the case a few months ago) that dropping a full set of 28x 540s from a Buc on an AF in SB rewarded more score than dropping 16x 1000s even though in theory the 1000s should have done more damage.

Killing ground targets rewards so little its kinda insulting in my opinion

So that’s why napalm is the worst since you drop 1-2

Maybe… Napalm is one of those things I have little experience with (an insultingly few aircraft actually get Napalm on the British TT, even though we have mutliple that should)

I think it does tick damage that may give half decent score. But someone else is gunna have to comment on that

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Rocketing a base is the best, then small diameter bombs, then napalm I think. The rockets and napalm are considerably lighter than conventional bombs and will allow you to outrun other players to the base.


You can use the 500kg bombs too, napalm is just better because of the weight. Honestly just using rockets and flexing the speed of the Mig-23 will do well.

The reason for the disparity is one of the many old nerfs to bombers back when their repair bills were astronomical. Individual bomb loads received additional SL multipliers ranging from as high as 1.4 to as low as 0.35. The intent was to curb insane SL earning ability (and therefore repair costs) on the B-29, Tu-4, and related planes, and in the end it did not even work.

Yet after SL base multipliers for the whole plane (and thus repair costs) finally were addressed somewhat more recently in the past year, those old modifiers have not yet been removed.

Most likely certain bomb types have vastly lower multipliers than others.

Why do different bombs give different rewards in the first place…

As I said, it was to attempt curbing insane SL earning potential of superbombers. It didn’t even work, yet we’re still stuck with the old redundant nerf.

I mean why did different bomb loads GIVE different rewards

Small bombs/rockets actually deal more damage than the comparable large bombs in explosive mass. The “small bomb bonus” allows you to kill a base with 5 1000lb bombs (US) but only requires 16 250 lb bombs. That is why rockets with hardly any explosive mass can kill a base.

This I wish I knew the answer to, but I am use ot ties to the different damage because of that small bomb bonus.

Depends on how much or X or Y you can carry.

If you’re carrying a ton FFAR’s, both are viable. Tiny bombs, so sub 1000lbs, might be better for ground targets. Mid-heavy weight bombs are better for base bombing IMO.

When I run low on SL and have a booster, I hop in the A32A or AJ37 and strap some 120kg bombs on and ground pound with the Antimech order and make some decent change.

First I’ve ever heard of this “small bomb bonus” and I’ve been playing for 9 years this September.

It is a weird thing that isn’t described, and is something very rarely discussed. I came about noticing it by my own personal testing of bombloads (as I enjoy strategic bombing) and it is quite frustrating to see.

One of my best examples of this is in above 7.0 games where bases should have 1400kg explosive mass “health” the FAB-3000 from an IL-28 will not kill a base at exactly 1400 kg of explosive mass (3/4 base health for one), but takes 10 FAB-250s at around 1225kg explosive mass.

Rocket math is even worse, the smaller the rocket the better damage to bases. It used to take a full rocket load, around 256 IIRC, from an F-4 with Mighty Mouse FFARs and it was reduced about 6 months ago to around 90 (5 pods) for some ungodly reason. It destroyed the entire top tier base bombing meta and enabled planes like the F-4S to outperform their faster multirole counterparts.

They changed it unannounced (or buried in some list) an update or two ago. Probably some overly complicated rubric that factors the effect radius, the bomb dispersion, number of bombs, and the area of the target.
Its annoying because now you can’t use just maximum TNT equivalent to figure both base kills and to accumulate for the bombing tonnage achievement.
This is the best current chart I’ve seen on it: