How come the Milan still be at 9.7?

The Milan is fast… well… in a full down tier (if you ever get one, with all those 10.7 premium aircrafts).
The Milan only carries AIM-9B’s for anti-air weaponry and carries bombs to destroy 1 base (if you can reach a base).
The MiG-23 and harriers are reaching the base before me, so if you don’t get killed, the chance of getting a base is tiny as well.
Facing all the F-5 planes - which can out perform you in every single way - is pretty annoying.
With only AIM-9B’s and no flares - while facing vehicles which are at the same br with AIM-9G’s, AIM-9L’s, R-60, R-60MK’s and long range radar missles - is a unfair match.
It used to be OK (slightly), but with the addition of so many new aircrafts, i feel like it was a waste of money.


It’s still quite decent.
Depending on the map you will certainly reach the base before Harrier.
If you play it right it still performs well as a fighter bomber or even as a fighter.
You can fight F-5C which is quite close already to a full uptier. There are not many 10.7 jets in game.
Because of compression Milan can not reasonably be moved lower in Br.

It sounds like one should simply stop trying to bomb bases and being generally useless in a team PvP gamemode. Can’t be. Milan should go down, if it’s a poor fighter, but being used to “bomb bases” means the armanent doesn’t play any important role, as long as it has bombs and will be fast, it will earn cash so Gaijin won’t be moving it anytime soon.

There’s a reason it was removed from the store.

I recommend looking at reviews for premium vehicles on Youtube before purchasing them in the future, especially with planes Gaijin doesn’t not always make premiums equal.

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It can’t go down because of air compression. It’s too fast, but not fast enough.

Milan can get good results as a fighter without any issues.

Yeah when it’s downtiered

I have no issues even if I go for a base first in a full uptier.
Worst case is that bombs have to be dumped early.
Which is worse for the enemy usually.

Milan is not a fighter its a grinder I make about 80 000+ sl a game without premium and literally ground up to Mirage III in 2 days easy play it outruns most of everything it faces BUT IF YOU TURN AND FIGHT well you best hope your opponent stupid… Dont even waste your time with9B’s and dogfighting win by tickets and using your teammates to kill wide eyed chasers who focus you (but can never catch you) BnZ when you can but remember 1 pass then hit the gas dont turn with him just kill or escape.Try to keep your speed minimum mach 1.08+ with that speed or hopefully more you can turn and still outrun any aim9 thats not L or M and any r60 you can usually outlast its energy as long as he dont shoot under 1 km

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If you manage your speed and position properly you can slap many aircraft.
Only issues are all aspect missiles and some others uch as R-60, AIM-9J and AIM-9P whic hdependign on the situation yo uwont be able to defend against.
I did use it to grind but SL but it still can be used to fight.
Your gameplay is more PvE focused perhaps.

Sure with some off the downtiers or improvements that happened such as T-2 receiving AIM-9P, F-5E being downtiered or highly questionable battle ratings regarding some aircraft around it’s br Milan could be 9.3.
That is looking at it’s own br range or full uptiers. There are with how compressed the game is also downtiers to consider…
AIM-9P or at least AIM-9E which were in use with the Swiss air force might be a decent addition.
Sure the Milan we have in game flies under French colours, but it was designed for Switzerland and never entered service, since we do have it in game why not give it a missile it would certainly have had implemented?

Now as much as I love that aircraft, fact is that the Milan never DID enter service, not in Switzerland, not anywhere else, and the project got cancelled in 1972. So addition of the 9E or 9P is not making sense for this aircraft.

If it HAD joined Swiss Air Force, it later for sure would also have gotten the Canards, , countermeasures, RWR and radar altimeter like the IIIRS, but the aircraft we have in game is one of the prototype examples, not a hypothetical potential later upgrade.

In this it differs significantly from say the Swiss Hunter Mk.58, which were in service, got their upgrades (countermeasures, RWR, Mavericks)and flew with them for years (albeit not in the form implemented in WT: the few aircraft modified to carry the AGM-65 could not use the AIM-9’s anymore, as the TV screen was replacing the whole SIWA controls in the cockpit, etc…).

True but while I did stick to this logic for the longest time still do regarding Magic I, the situation is becomingg more and more unfortunate for the aircraft.
Spitfire Mk.22/24 should have Hispano Mk.V.
Horten IX was supposed to have different weaporny and never entered service.
US F-5s never were equipped with countermeasures etc.
Either you say the aircraft is not a service vehicle and do not add it or you give it projected weaponry.
The latter is what happened with YAK-141.
AIM-9E and P would certainly be a reasonable compromise.

Yea you can fight for sure Its not absolute trash in that regard its just once you finish the french tree Mirage III and 2000F so much better weaponry and all I just play those for hunting and Milan if I get a couple bad games and want to make the SL back lul.
But the new economy makes it hard to be bad enough to lose sl nowadays lol or maybe I git better (probably not lol)

The Spitfire MK 22/24 we have in game are the early variant’s with the MK II Hispano’s.

Did not know such existed just remembered that we once had them with Hispano V in game. Merci.
There are enough other examples to chose from of coruse.

Mirage 2000 is something else of course the Br as well. Milan simply does print money while Mirage III/5 see many uptiers, milan still has the stronger engine as well.
Perhaps with F-5E at 10.7 and all aspect missiles everywhere and some other chanegs Milan is starting to struggle a little. Mostly due to not having countermeasures or potent missiles unlike other aircraft ta tthat br.
I wish we had Mirage 50…

considering how f104a’s are at 9.3 and are untouchable on constant downtiers, yeah why not at least there’ll be one more teammate to counter it.

or stretch the match length even more with cowardly tactics idk

Considering MIG21 sps-k and T2’s change, and other BR9.7-9.3 aircraft, Milan is not bad, seriously.

It is not bad but MiG-21 SPS-K, MiG-21S and T-2 have a few advantages where Milan is more on the side of F-104.