How come most air RB battles I play are the US vs the US?

I’ve been playing with the F-4E for a while, and I noticed while playing RB that most of the time I see the U.S. on the enemy team. Why is this? Is there just a lot of U.S. players?

Gaijin turned on mixed battles instead of fixing the matchmaker in prior years.


Thanks, now I know why I keep getting bashed by F-16’s 😭😭😭

No, it’s cause players are too saturated in USA.

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No thanks. It’s what I said. Gaijin can easily give other nations more attention and give them more of a playerbase but they don’t.

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They already gave other tech trees attention.
All tech trees in WT have meta aircraft at 12.3.

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Why do you not want him commenting on your posts?

Put him on ignore then, you wont see the replies, and happy new year lol

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If tons of of players queue up in USA, there’s no such thing as “fixing the matchmaker” to get around that, other than mirror matches.

The only other alternative is for each USA main to sit around for ages to wait their turn to face the non-USA players, which is obviously way way less fun.

For example, if 2/3 of players queue USA, then every non USA player would all be matched up to half of the waiting USA players, then the others would have to wait the entire average length of a match for those people to get out of their games and play the other half of USA players, lol. So like 30 minute queue times.


Yes, this is because in America most wt players know American is strongest irl but they will find out that unfortunately this is not true in game, because of inaccuracies and the way the gamemode’s themselves are set up putting American vehicles and aircraft at an unfair disadvantage. ie in WW2 fighters were almost always at altitude and they almost never had to take off from runway into combat.

Same for other nations, you think they only took off from the runway after they detected someone else is up there? They either a) already have patrols in the air or b) get a warning way ahead of time to intercept. It was not like the whole US AF was sitting above the Germans.

Same train of thought can be given then the other way around where the German were attacking the Russians, so should all the German planes airspawn above the Russians? Then when there was a counter offensive, should we change those roles?

How about Britain? Should we go ahead and have Britain vs Germany on that map and the Germans airspawn? That’ll be a slaughter.

You know what’s funny… in the early days of WT we actually had maps play like that. One side would get an airspawn, the other side had to take off. I’ll let you guess how those games played out for the side that didn’t get an airspawn.

There were also no mixed games, it was Axis vs Allies. The only reason you eventually got mixed games is because the US playerbase is so DEADSET on doing ground striking in this game, they would get absolutely manhandled every game. It was insufferable to play Britain because of all those mudshufflers on the US side, and then heated debates on the forum why they cant win this way in a 12v12 TDM game mode showing videos of P47s strafing German transports or trains as if that got them air supremacy. Hilarious if you ask me.

They also experimented giving P47s an airspawn, so we ended up in Thunderbolt Thunder, because everyone would be in a P47. They even experimented for a few days giving the Dora’s an airspawn - those were very quick matches.

You can’t just airspawn very capable planes. It’s retarded we even have some very capable planes today with an airspawn even if the whole community more or less objects against it (like XP50 or Wyvern – both undertiered as hell and airspawning, what joy)

You know, a bomber escort air rb mission type could make that work. Some bombers could be player, some could be AI but the way it would work is you have to stick within 3km of the AI bombers or something so you can’t go too fast. The enemy team would get airfield spawn at the bomb targets, which would be like 30-35km away from airspawn of enemy team. This would give them time to get to altitude and fight the enemy team. You would get sl and rp based on how many bombers survived and how many bombers targets were destroyed, as well as destroying enemy fighters and interceptors of course. For team attacking bombers, killing an AI bomber gives as much as killing player fighter and drains tickets from enemy team. Player bombers would give 50% more. For bomber defending team you would get rp and SL for staying close to bombers and extra reward per kill of enemy fighters that is close to friendly bombers. Bomber defending team would win by:
A) most bombers survived and destroyed or heavily damaged their targets
B) Killing all enemy players
Bomber attacking team would win by not letting the bombers destroy or damage their targets, or by killing all enemy players

Nobody is stopping you from flying campaigns if this is what you are looking for

Ik I enjoyed them. Want it to be a pvp gamemode tho would be much more fun. It’d be like the old trailers, where the 262s are weaving through the b17 while being chased by p51. That was such a cool trailer scene

He’s not a reasonable person to talk to.

There is… you literally force the USA players to migrate to other countries by A. NOT pampering them with quicker matchmaking times just because they all want to play the same country and B. you stop giving USA updates until they migrate elsewhere. Gaijin propagates this by catering to USA players a lot in air.

What are you talking about

People don’t just shrug their shoulders and merrily give up on weeks or months of grinding and go “humm dee ho, oh well” and start over with another nation because an easily fixed queue time issue isn’t fixed.

They will just quit the game, obviously. Because you pulled the rug from under them and scammed them, basically.

Queue times will go down because a bunch of people with long ones quit, lol, sure. But if you consdier that to be ““a fix”” to the matchmaker, then by that logic, literally just turning off all the servers and going out of business is a “perfect fix” for queue times too 😂. When people talk about “fixing queue times” they mean for everyone.

I don’t agree frankly. The USA population problem is caused by pampering. It can be solved by a lack of pampering.

Or by just having mirror matches. Which by definition harms nobody at all who isn’t a USA main (since they aren’t even in the mirror matches,and their queue times would also go up if USA mains quit), and no USA mains, once understanding the alternative, would say it harmed them either.

So straight up win-win all around for everyone, unlike causing massive inconvenience and annoyance to a bunch of customers for literally no reason.

Yours would be a great way to just throw a bunch of company revenue in the trash pointlessly. Without even having so much as morally helped anyone