How are activity calculated?

On Jan 10, when I get killed without hitting anything, I received scores but receive zero SL. On Jan 9 and before, I get killed without hitting anything, I receive some SL. Did gaijin changed something?

I believe you only get it if you are losing money. So if you get 1 kill and value is less than your repair you are compensated the difference, but if you get x kills and value is more than your repair then you dont get it.

You also only get it if your premium

yesterday, when I get killed without killing anyone, I can get around 1000SL, but today, I get zero.

It stops you getting a negative reward, unless you team kill

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It feels like gaijin has secretly changed something

I still get negative rewards though, the repair cost is around 5000 to 6000 SL

Check if you zre still premium

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I was not premium for a long time, for years

I don’t think it has anything to do with premium.

Your repair bill has all ways been taken out, if you get no sl reward in game and die, the competition pays the repair

It is a premium feature

It sure feels different

Check the mouse over on score on the team scorecard. It shows you how much score you got from death and everything else.

Adding to your score is the only way your death gets rewarded. There’s been no change.

Did you land a damaged plane or end a match with a damage and not crash or die, you have not received any compensation in both of them screen shots

I was referring to that 1000 SL in the second screenshot. I may used wrong words and caused some confusion

I do received some score but there should be some SL related to that score I believe. At least 133 score should mean something based on yesterday’s gameplay

That is total of the above

So we can make a conclusion that a. death compensation is not what I was referring, b. I receive score by getting killed, c. score should be converted to some amount of SL, right?