Horrible Map Rotation, Fix One Death Leaver Issue

  1. They are 52 different Maps in the Game - taking out the BR locked ones you should always have access to a pool of around ~45+ Maps for every BR.
    And yet whenever playing the Game its the same four to five Maps again and again and again.

Sometimes you get Maps like ‘Flanders’ several times in a row. Up until yesterday it was apparently Seversk-13 Week - out of the last 50 Matches i played there Seversk-13 came up almost 20 times alone. I have had a total of like just five different Maps. And now its Flanders Week as it seems, half the Matches i played all on Flanders and the other half on Ardennes.

Those aren’t even the Maps i have marked as ‘liked’ - those appear rather rarely and it seems to have absolutely zero impact on the Map Selection.

Instead what it appears to be is that each few Days the Map Rotation changes between four-five different Maps but for those few Days only this few Maps appear - again and again. It is really repetitive and boring.

And while i don’t ODL on some Maps i won’t field my whole Line Up either and will leave after 2nd Death because its just annoying.

Which brings me to my second issue which desperately needs to be fixed finally :

  1. The One Death Leaver Issue - it ruins the Game and every single Match.
    So many Matches are just done for in not even five Minutes because half of both Teams will have leaved already - so many safe Matches where one controls like the whole Map and is about to win just to lose because suddenly everyone decides to quit when they get killed.

Its especially bad at 10 and 11BR which led me to not even play that BR anymore and i won’t be buying a Top Tier Premium due to either. The Matches are so quickly done for its simply not worth it even just for grind purpouse - better to Talisman several Vehicles along the way to Top Tier, which is even cheaper than 65€ for a Top Premium where you won’t be able to enjoy the Matches anyway. Or buy a lower BR Premium where its faster / easier to field another viable Vehicle into Line Up and have more fun from the Matches and get more RP out of them because they are longer and have more people in them.

So many people just leave on impulse and cannot handle being killed so immediately quit out of frustration and hop from Match to Match doing the same thing without any penalty.

In other MP Games you wouldn’t be getting any Progression for just leaving mid-way into it and get straight up banned for repeadetly doing it but here it is very common behaviour especially the higher in BR you go.

Majority of Matches won’t even last ten Minutes and even the max length of 25 Minutes is just about the average Match/Mission length of other Games.

It is often not even possible to…play the Game because of it. Don’t see a reason to even queue even into Top Tier Matches when its just going to be another five Minute Match where it is always either stomping the Enemy or getting stomped but rarely any balanced Match with people who actually play the Game.

A few Days ago i had a Match on Breslau where seven (!) people on my Team didn’t even spawned for the entire Match. We had our Spawn swarmed in like three-four Minutes because HALF (-1) of our Team didn’t even spawned to begin with…like what is this?

When i ask people its always the same reasoning :
Bad Map(s), CAS and or +1 Uptiers (no one complains about them being +1 Uptier for others tho in a Downtier).

Imo Bad Maps need to be fixed and i think one quick way to at least already ease it would be by fixing the Map Rotation, allowing people to dislike and ban more Maps than just 4 dislike and 1 ban out of 52 Maps. Map Rotation should always take a random one out of the whole Pool instead of cycling between four-five every few Days (or whatever the System is as of now) where Ardennes is apparently represented every time, good that i don’t mind it but its getting really repetitive playing on that Map.

CAS needs some better approach by the Community, usually when you have 2-3 people on your Team dedicated to Anti Air (by AA or themself in Air focusing on Enemy Air) it is not a problem but occasionally you end up with Matches where half of all people are in Air.

However imo there should be a limit on how many people can be in AA/SPAA and CAS/Helicopters at the same time. Maybe 4 for each Side should still be more than enough.

In addition Helicopters shouldn’t be able to just hide and peek out behind Hills/Mountains and snipe into the Enemies Spawn from ~8km away.

Non-radar AA/ SPAA should have a lead/aim indicator linked to its range-finding Skill - not as accurate as the Radar one but with increasing Range-finding Skill gets more accurate.

+1 Up/Downtier should be only +/-0.7 which would help greatly with the balancing of many BRs and their Match Ups and the issue of ODL as thats a very often said reason by people who ODL.

Then there needs to be a System in place noticing if someone keeps on ODL Matches and ban them from Matchmaking as a whole or impose a SL fine on them while leaving mid-match with only one Death and still got SP to spawn in again should exclude you from getting any Rewards from the Match.

But not just punish here and there but give people an incentive to stick into the Match and playing it to the end.

Another Idea would be for the Developers to simply make a Brainstorm Post with the Community about the problems the Game has and how to possibly address them - then those changes can be tested out and we can actually see if those are good or not or need some altering. If they are bad can just remove them again, if they turn out to be good - well that would be good.

But just doing nothing and remaining stagnant never addressing any of those things won’t help and it feels like the Game is always on the edge and like one minor bad thing away from another S*storm like a year ago on Steam.

Its like nothings really been improved or actual content added to the Game - yes theres always some Vehicles being added here and there but absolutely nothing in regards of maybe new Mission Modes, grave issues impacting the whole experience of the Game like the example above et cetera.

Of course just my humble Opinion on it.


I think half of the reason for the rapid end of the battle is due to the map being too small. Once the battle is at a disadvantage, the enemy will quickly block the exit of the rebirth point because the map is narrow and no one can leave. Gaijin thought that shrinking the map could solve the problem of rebirth massacre, but this would only have the opposite effect. What is the difference between conducting a rebirth massacre from the front and from the side?


Map rotation is broken since years ago, i complain about this issue multiple times and always is ignored.

Sometimes yea but it gets accelerated a lot by everyone just quitting mid-match.
And for me personally all the longest Matches i ever had were on City Maps / mid-sized Maps instead of big Maps like Fulda because from my experience more people also ODL on this big Maps like Fulda, Sands of Shitai and they are more or less just dragged out because of the few remaining taking longer to find each other / travel to the Caps.

I played 24 matches last night using the same lineup, played 19 different maps and 22 different versions of maps. I usually complain about the map rotation, probably mostly cause I hate the gameplay of Conquest(single cap map) mode, but I can’t complain about getting the same maps last night.

Yeah, one night I played 6 matches (10.3 air RB) and got Battle For Veitnam all of them. :-(

Wonder when its going to be fixed?

In a year? Two years? Never?

And then wonder why so many are so passive aggressive or cheating and boting in this Game.

Never. It is intended gameplay according to Gaijin. In an older thread, a mod said protecting the spawn was a part of the game.

Alvis Wisla says this is not true and everyone loves playing the same five maps over and over again.


Yes, kinda obvious

I will not play a game for more than I have to just so you can get a authentic War Thunder game play experience™

I wont waste time and SL just so I can respawn to a losing team and get killed by a Su25 the second I move out after spawn protection runs out.

I will not play non meta vehicles just so your game can last longer and lose even harder than you would with 1DLs

Its already bad enough with Crew lock.
Just goes to show that the devs themselves have to force the players to not to leave the ongoing match while finding every trick and rule to make the game as painful as possible.

If you want to lower the 1DLs problem how about you tell them to fix the Overtiered vehicles, One Point Massacre Maps, Spawn to Spawn Sniper Maps, non existent line ups with one single vehicle of a BR, unusable NATO rounds, Stock APCR Vehicles, Overtiered Non Russian CAS in GRB (A4e at 9.3 cause 2 TV bombs that are short range while attached on a 8.0 jet), OP AA that will shoot you down the second you spawn, Rushing Light tanks capping points and sucking off SP needed for a full spawn and being left with only a spawn for a AA tank due to lack of said SP.

War Thunder is a Fantasy MMORPG and if your wish is to make the game last longer while making it even more insufferable then you can play with yourself cause you wont have people left to play with.



‘‘If you want to lower the 1DLs problem how about you tell them to fix the Overtiered vehicles, One Point Massacre Maps, Spawn to Spawn Sniper Maps, non existent line ups with one single vehicle of a BR, unusable NATO rounds, Stock APCR Vehicles, Overtiered Non Russian CAS in GRB (A4e at 9.3 cause 2 TV bombs that are short range while attached on a 8.0 jet), OP AA that will shoot you down the second you spawn, Rushing Light tanks capping points and sucking off SP needed for a full spawn and being left with only a spawn for a AA tank due to lack of said SP.’’

Maybe actually read the Post?

you complain about 1DLs and I tell you why we are 1DLs and how we would stop leaving and offer solutions.

There is no point in adressing your whole post.

I’m very much aware of why people 1DL, which I addressed in my post, and made suggestions for potential solutions—things you would have seen if you had actually read the post you are replying to.

I would have held Gaijin to their promise of not selling top tier premiums, but we all knew when they said it, that it was a lie.

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You either missed the irony or you have to be joking…

ALL ODL players will have some justification for it…some better than others…and apparently you are a ODL or a TDL (T for two) player.
If the “some” word has its standard meaning, you are actually saying ODL is very bad, while stating that you do it (or leave after TWO deaths) on most games…
You dont like the map rotation and you use this as an reason to leave…but you believe the other players that do it “ruin the match”. I hate to break it to you…but you are the person you are complaining about…
I really dont know how to better explain the problem…and why you are not on the ourtside…

Actually no…you are saying that there are things in the game you don’t like…and you think it is correct for ODL unless they fix those…AND if they dont fix what you want, you actually says this is a reason for ODL.
When you say ODL ruins the game…are you aware that ALL ODL players use the same reasoning, eventually with different motives? Any reason why yours are better?

Leaving after two deaths is not the same as leaving after one death.

It is not contradictory to say that one-death leaving is a problem, but also state that some problems / reasons leading to ODL are understandable and need fixing because they do.

And I’m not saying that my points are correct or the right way to go; these are just criticisms and suggestions.

I’m not insisting that these things must be implemented. If someone fairly critiques them, provides counterpoints, and the arguments are convincing and make sense, I am open to changing my opinion accordingly.

But often, no one does that. Instead, it’s almost always just ‘Doesn’t make sense’ (with no explanation why), ad hominems or whatsoever.

Actually it is. You are saying your reasons are better that the others…while you say ODL is very bad!
As a metaphor…it is like someone saying speeding is a crime, but they should be allowed to speed because they (think they) are better drivers.

No, I don’t, and if memory serves, I never did.

Those also aren’t ‘my reasons,’ but overall reasons why people ODL.

As a metaphor… I’m saying speeding is a crime. I never said I’m allowed to speed, but I see/understand the reasons why people (not just me) speed, and they need to be addressed, and something needs to be done about it.