Ho-Ri Prototype and Production

I bet he sits in front of History Channel all day, and believes that the Tiger 1 was never penetrated frontally, and that it could win an 1v1 against any modern MBT most of the time.

You call yourself a Japanese main and you don’t even know the historical performance of Japanese tank guns.

Like you said yourself as well
Why does a specious Chi-To with lighter 6.6kg shells right in the turret have longer reload than Panzer IV with 6.8kg shells in the hull.

I think its reload should be 5.9 sec just like the rest of the 75-76.2mm armed tanks.

As for Russian bias, you clearly haven’t played top tier. The fact that all AP rounds are underperforming at 60 degrees and have absurd chance of bounce is another indirect buff to make T-34’s, T-44’s and T-54’s better than they should be.

Pfft even 2 pounder little John can penetrate Tiger I

…I cant say that i love pizza if i dont know how to make one?


Played. And? Russian bias is an absolute strawman

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Read through this and you’ll understand much better than I can explain right now

As for Russian bias

I proved it here without a doubt

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So what is with top tier?

Well soviet AP has very good angle pen.
OMG russian bias confirmed.
Oh wait, they have designed their shells that way… Interesting isn’t it?!
What’s for the “know the historical performance” argument then?

Actually the Soviet blunt nosed shell should have same slope modifier as sharp nosed AP.

However gaijin is using a flawed set of slope modifiers which make the round do crazy stuff at low T/D ratios, but at normal T/D ratios it’s actually missing sloped penetration

Let’s say you have AP version A and AP version B

They both have same penetrator size and velocity and they both penetrate
100mm at 60 degrees. But shell B has blunt nosed and therefore at 0 degrees has worse penetration.

Shell A (Sharp Nose)
240mm @ 0m at 0 degrees
100mm @ 0m at 60 degrees

Shell B (Blunt Nose)
180mm @ 0m at 0 degrees
100mm @ 0m at 60 degrees

If both shell A and B have same penetrator weight and velocity (same kinetic energy)

Does shell B have better sloped penetration performance than shell A, or it’s just a trash round which suffers at 0 degrees?


Also i can imagine that you cry about russian top tier ammo not blowing up…

You didn’t read the post above did you about giving Russian top tier tanks realistic armour protection, did you…
The fact you’re unaware in which way Russian top tier tanks overperform just displays a huge lack of knowledge in n your part and you shouldn’t be lecturing me about penetration performance

The fact Russian top tier tanks don’t spall after penetration is just a secondary issue, not the big major one.

No proof at all lol

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You don’t understand what i am talking about, do you?!
I asked about the russian AP angle pen, not the top tier stuff.

I am not sure who used tanks.gg for penetration calculation before, but i suspect it was you…
Also i would not say russian tanks overperform, it is just that they have a hughe amount of tanks that can you use, compared to smaller nation’s with less tanks. Also strong (but not OP) SPAA and skycancer.

On the other hand, i actually looked at your stat in game, and you are a level 2 player, so what is going on?
Do you just watch WT videos, and then try to be smart on the forums with literally 0 game experience, or you just borke the EULA, and have multiple accounts?

The fact you think I used tanks.gg for penetration proof again makes me wonder wether it’s because you didn’t read the post properly or wether it’s an IQ problem.

At this point I feel like that no matter how I prove anything, you just won’t understand

Why you just don’t give me the proof of the AP shells? I literally dont give a fuck about the moderns stuff, and i was not talking about that. Stop the strawmaning.

Ok let me show you 90mm T33 APBC calculation first which gives me a matching result to real life source.

Then I will use this same method of calculation for Chi-To Tokku Kou AP shell?

Is that agreeable to you?

I asked SOURCES. S O U R C E S.

Unfortunately Japanese never recorded penetration at 60 degrees for their guns hence why it has to be calculated instead but here


Tokku Kou AP at 850m/s could penetrate 200mm of Cast Steel. This is source from Japanese archives.

If we use British 2 pounder AP as reference to calculated penetration against Rolled Homogeneous armour

If 2 pounder AP can defeat 90mm RHA at 792m/s
Tokku Kou AP can defeat
185mm RHA
Or according to the archive
200mm of Cast Steel

Still not what i was asking for

It does prove something…
Your crappy Panzer IV H has 143mm pen whilst Chi-To has 185mm penetration power

More than Tiger 1 and basically on par with Panther

Panther shoots 6.8kg APCBC shell which has like
5.8kg penetrator at 935m/s

Chi-To shoots 6.615kg AP shell which has
~6.6kg penetrator at 850m/s

Panzer IV H shoots 6.8kg APCBC shell which has like
5.8kg penetrator at 770m/s

If you still think that Chi-To in game having roughly same penetration as Panzer IV is historically accurate then there’s no hope for you